Hotels With The Best Pools In San Antonio

Hotels With The Best Pools In San Antonio – The pools and lazy rivers keep us coming back to this resort again and again. I have to tell you that we L-O-V-E lazy rivers more than we think. We even had a full nap with a 6 month old in laps around a lazy river at a resort. Along with some pretty fun sunbathing, it provided us with some of our best family memories. We have now developed an appreciation for kiddie pools, slides and splash areas. We love everything about resort waterparks and appreciate their uniqueness as they provide a unique experience at each of our Texas family resorts. We hope this information helps you decide which resort is best for you and your family!

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Hotels With The Best Pools In San Antonio

River Bluff Water Experience is the resident water park at the JW Marriott San Antonio. It offers multiple pools, a lazy river, 4 water slides and a sandy beach. The pools are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. They warm up to the high 70s/low 80s, but the lazy river and slides close if the temperature outside drops below 55 degrees. Each room includes 4 entrances to the water park.

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The lazy river at JW San Antonio is the longest of our top resorts, at over 100 feet. It heats up to 75-85 degrees (summer!) but only if the temperature outside is below 55 (weird!). The river lacks natural shade, but is surrounded by beautiful regional vegetation, giving it a gentle hilly setting. There are some sprinklers and showers, but less than other resorts – a plus for me! There are single and double tubes, but no baby tubes. *Suggestion – Bring your kids tubes/floats from home!

A sandy beach area leads to a separate pool that is family friendly and slightly more secluded than the main activity pool. Beach toys can be purchased at the resort or you can bring them from home.

This resort won the award for best water slides! Both have 2 tube slides and 2 slides with beautiful mountain views from the top!

Relaxation areas are clustered around each pool and along the lazy river. There are more sunny areas than shaded areas, and the Earth will warm! Spots around the kiddie pool and shed go fast, and you’ll want to grab them early if you want to go. Private cabanas are available for rent around the main event and sandy beach pool. Cabanas include: sectional sofas and recliners, refrigerators, safes for valuables, flat screen televisions and shaded areas with towel service. The cabanas surrounding the main event pool also include poolside seating, which can be seen in the main event pool image above.

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Dry Falls is the Hill Country Hyatt’s water park and pool. It offers plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained all day with a lazy river, sandy beach and numerous pools with slides and simulated surfing. The pool is open every day from 8 am to 10 pm. The pool and lazy river are heated, but the adult and kiddie pools feel that way, especially on a cold day.

Ramblin’ River Lazy River at the Hill Country Hyatt is 950 feet. It’s technically considered “hot”, but with its large volume, it can feel chilly even on a busy day. There are plenty of shade trees and native plants, giving it a very lush, relaxing feel in the middle of a resort. There are waterfalls that you can walk under or admire without splashing on that side of the river. As mentioned above, the lazy river connects to the main activity pool, but it doesn’t connect directly to the adult or kiddie pools, which is probably for the best! There are single, double and baby tubes. There are sandy beaches along the lazy river. My one complaint about this lazy river is that it gets very shallow as it passes through the beach area. If you don’t ride on top of the tube, you’ll have to walk across the beach with the tube in knee-deep water. Other than that, it’s a pretty ideal lazy river experience!

How about a sandy beach that just says V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N? Kids and parents alike will enjoy building sand castles while watching the tubes slide down the lazy river. If you want to relax on the beach all day, there are resorts in the area. Bring beach toys from home or you can buy them at some resorts.

One slide available to guests is a very light 22 foot slide that is not scary. Does not flow into a pool/lazy river. We honestly haven’t ridden it so I can’t give any personal insight, but the sounds of excitement and giggles from guests going down the slide is amazing!

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The Florida Surfing Area is a unique feature of the Hill Country Hyatt that sets it apart from other Texas resorts. It’s described on the Hyatt website as “a combination of wakeboarding, boogie boarding, skiing and surfing” and I think that’s a pretty perfect summary! It is not included in the resort fee and costs about $25 for 2 hours. It’s free to watch.

The rest area around Edge Falls is really nice. I love that they are spread out over a lazy river, several pools and a beach area so it’s not just a sea of ​​chairs. Whatever you’re looking for in a resort – sun, shade, close to bars, tranquility – you’ll find an area to suit. Lounge chairs are first-come, first-served, but the grill can be reserved ahead of time and guarantees a great place to relax. Cabanas from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. start at $200. Cabana rental includes 2 sunrooms, 4 seater patio table, flat screen TV, refrigerator, safe deposit box, ceiling fan and electrical outlets.

Refreshments and food can be ordered from the poolside waiters, who offer food from Papa Ed’s Poolside Grill or Vince’s Waterhole Pool Bar and Grill.

La Cantera Resort has 3 pools and 2 water slides for guests and day pass holders ($45/adult, $15/child 3+). The pool is heated.

Db San Antonio Resort & Spa

All three main pools have cabanas for rent (10 cabanas at the adult pool, 2 cabanas at the resort pool and 4 cabanas at the children’s pool). Cabanas include TVs, refrigerators, and safes. Pool cabanas for adults also have Bluetooth.

Adult pool guests enjoy Topaz’s poolside service (think: steamed edamame, grilled cheese, grilled ahi salad), while spa or kiddie pool guests enjoy poolside service at the Vista Grill. One looks luxurious and the other has deep spots.

Bend River Water Park at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort offers hours of fun with several pools, a lazy river, slides, and a sandy beach. All pools have direct access to the lazy river, so there’s no need to get out of the water! The pools are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The adult and children’s areas are heated when outside temperatures are between 55-75 and the main activity pool and lazy river are cool.

The lazy river is 1,000 feet long and connects all the pools and slides. It also has a swimming pool that sets it apart from other resorts. There are large, beautiful trees that provide natural shade and a very relaxing atmosphere for your trip along the river. There are some splashes, but if that’s not your thing, it’s always an option to avoid them. Single, double and baby tubes are available. It doesn’t heat up, so it stays pretty cool in the colder months, even if it’s in central Texas!

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The beach area is directly accessible from the main event pool. Bring your own beach toys or purchase some at the resort. There are rooms with umbrellas. From the beach area you enter the main activity pool, which then leads to the lazy river on the opposite side. Direct entry can cause sand and silt to enter the pool

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