Best Zipline In Monteverde

Best Zipline In Monteverde – Everyone should visit Monteverde, a rainforest in Costa Rica where they can deeply connect with nature. In fact, CNN recently named Monteverde one of the 25 most beautiful places in the world, along with Ciudad Perdido in Colombia, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, and other wonders.

I have visited the adventure park several times because I love nature and do eco-tourism. I know most people visit Monteverde for activities such as post trips and shopping, so I wanted to include a little guide on this blog. Based on my experience, I can recommend 3 options including the best zip line tours in Costa Rica.

Best Zipline In Monteverde

Canopy or zipline tours can be very exciting, especially if you go to the right places with excellent service. Basically, zip lining involves sliding down one or more cables attached to a tree to see nature’s bounty from above and experience butterflies in the stomach from the speed and height.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Just being in Monteverde is a great experience, so no matter which park you visit, you’ll have a great time. 100% adventure zip line or canopy circuit offers good service.

Nine covered power lines cross each other, 1 km of which can be overcome in Superman’s position. The biggest attraction at 100% Adventure is the Mega-Tarzan swing, which is popular in adventure parks, but the one found here is a little bigger. Here are also the cheapest offers. For all these reasons, 100% Adventure is third in my recommendations.

This is one of the most popular adventure parks in Monteverde. Sky Trek Monteverde offers a good experience, especially for those who want a short gondola ride before going on a zip line or canopy tour that other parks don’t offer.

If you decide to visit this park, you will cross 8 cable cars and you won’t have to walk much during the trip. Their security measures are perfect and their staff are very helpful. This park is not my first recommendation because the price is a bit high. Although they have a gondola, they don’t have a Tarzan swing, which is an experience not to be missed.

Selvatura Park: The Adventure You Deserve To Experience In Monteverde, Costa Rica

You can fully experience Selvatura Park. As they say, “all the adventures in Monteverdo can be found here”. The zip line or hawker tour includes 13 cables, some of which are 180 meters high. You can also see the canopy on the Tarzan swing and cross one of the power lines in superman pose.

The last cable you cross with another person is over a kilometer long and it’s beautiful because you’re high above the valley,” one visitor wrote in his Lagarto Rojo blog.

Although I have enjoyed other zip lines, none have been as exhilarating as this one due to the length of the journey and the spectacular views at this height. They also offered the best service.

Selvatura Park leads the way in terms of price and quality. For less than the aforementioned parks, you can go on a full zip line or self-guided hike on the covered circuit and suspension bridge. I decided to pay a small fee for a guide, which was a great way to get to know more of Monteverdo. I took a breathtaking selfie on those bridges, which are considered the highest in the nature reserve.

The Best Ziplines That Visitors Can Try In Costa Rica

The best thing about this property is that it offers a variety of options to take full advantage of the zip line. Here you can visit herpetarium, hummingbird, butterfly garden and swing bridge. No trip to Costa Rica is complete without some sort of zip line trip. You’ll find a handful of people participating across the country, but it’s hard to beat Monteverde’s power grid experience.

Monteverde has the best ziplines in Costa Rica and some might say it’s the place to go if you want to fly over the jungle. Not only can you take part in the Monteverde Power Run, but you can also take part in Water Drops, Superman Power Slides, Tarzan Swings, Bungee Jumping and more!

This guide provides an overview of what the Monteverde zipline experience is all about, detailing my time at Extremo Park, one of the region’s top options.

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Amazing Biggest Zipline In Costa Rica Trip

When it comes to Costa Rica ziplines, you’ll find a different zipline tour in almost every city you visit. It’s one of the most popular activities in the country, and Costa Rica offers plenty of opportunities around the world.

Since most of Costa Rica is made up of rainforest, ziplines offer visitors a unique way to see this diverse landscape from above (and get an adrenaline rush along the way).

Many cities across the country offer mail-order tours, so you may be wondering which city to choose first. This is where Monteverde comes in.

Many would say that Monteverde is one of the best options, if not the best. This is because Monteverde is located in the jungle and is more than 5,000 meters above sea level.

An Incredible Monteverde Ziplining Experience

Flying through the jungle with views all around is something Monteverde does not disappoint.

If you’ve decided to enjoy the power grid experience in Monteverde, the next decision is which tour company to choose. There are several options in this area, but here are the main four (click on the link to book today! -> Note that some may include additional experiences):

100% Aventura Park -> 10 Zip Lines (including the longest in Costa Rica), Suspension Bridge, Superman, Tarzan Swing

As you can see, it’s a bit more than a regular zip line. Zipline courses are extensive with many additional offers along the way. It’s hard to choose between them, but whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great experience.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

I recommend reading some reviews on Google or Tripadvisor to better understand what people are saying about them

If you want to go on the longest ride (almost a mile), let me tell you, Aventura Park is 100% for you. If you know you want to go bungee jumping, only Extremo Park has it for you.

As you can imagine, it can get competitive between different parks. Because of this, you will not notice the difference between the standard price of the zip line. The reason the Sky Trek is more expensive is because the automatic braking system is built in instead of being broken in manually.

For the rest of this guide, I’ll talk about my full ziplining, Tarzan swing, and bungee jump tour at Extreme Park. Don’t forget to read till the end of the article where you can find out about the video experience.

Monteverde Park At The Cloud Forest

Although the area of ​​Monteverde is not that big, the hotels in this area can be a bit more spacious. Many resorts have acres and acres of land to relax in, so some areas have a sense of more seclusion and privacy. Below are three great options to choose from based on price and availability.

It has a large garden with a heated outdoor pool. Guests can also enjoy the indoor butterfly garden. Rooms have forest and park views. Upstairs and downstairs there are hot solar showers, in-room safes, coffee makers, alarm clocks, ceiling fans, reading lights, hair dryers and laundry bags.

The El Jardin bar and restaurant on the square has a bar surrounded by a fireplace. The menu features traditional Costa Rican and international recipes based on local ingredients. Monteverde Lodge & Gardens can organize tours, excursions, horseback riding and bird watching. The property has professional guides who are able to organize day and night wilderness tours.

Camino Verde Bed & Breakfast Monteverde has a beautiful terrace with views of the jungle and surrounding mountains. It offers free breakfast. Rooms at Camino Verde Bed & Breakfast Monteverde are simply furnished. All rooms have a private bathroom with hot water.

Visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica

The staff can organize trips to the Monteverde Jungle and provide information on telegrams and trips to Costa Rica. Free maps and luggage storage are available from the front desk.

El Establo Mountain Hotel has a beautiful location in the middle of beautiful gardens and offers rooms with balconies overlooking the Monteverde Cloud Forest. This family hotel has 2 restaurants,

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