Best Youth Hostels In Rome

Best Youth Hostels In Rome – Unlike other major cities, Rome does not have a large inventory of hotels. In fact, there are less than 40 hours on Hostelworld. So, to help you find the best place to stay, we checked all the hotels to bring you the list of the best hotels in Rome.

Most hotels, regardless of quality, start at around 25-35 EUR/night in the summer. You can find something around €20/night, but it’s hard to come by. The cheapest hotels cost around 18 euros per night – but don’t expect too much.

Best Youth Hostels In Rome

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Note: All prices listed below are the cheapest options available during busy (ie expensive) seasons. During the slow season, the price is usually more than 20% cheaper.

The yellow has been the most popular hotel in Rome for several years in a row – it has received a high score in almost every category. They have private kitchens, comfortable beds, luxurious bathrooms, in-house restaurants, roof terraces, modern amenities and great locations.

This is a very social hotel. In addition to everything else, they also have a bar and a disco on the ground floor, so you are never far from a party. That being said, if you are looking for peace and quiet, this is not for you.

Papa Germanogets has excellent reviews of its friendly staff and hospitality. They go out of their way to welcome you and keep the hotel clean and comfortable.

Four Seasons Hostel Rome

Papa Germanofo feels a bit like a hotel in that most of the rooms are private ​​​​so they are for two people, but they have several bedrooms for four. So it doesn’t have the best “hotel” vibe, but it’s not a bad choice if you’re just looking for a clean, comfortable and affordable place.

The interesting Roman Palace looks like a hotel, so don’t expect too much atmosphere – i.e. it’s not suitable for travelers or people looking to meet other people. Having said that, Funny Palace Rome is in a good location, has free breakfast, clean, comfortable, quiet and cheap.

Hostel Des Artistes is a modern and discreet hostel, clean and ​​one of the cheapest – don’t expect to meet many tourists because there are not many public areas. It has a dining area, but not much space for self-catering. On the other hand, the hotel only accepts those aged 18 to 30 years in the hotel, and those over 30 years must reserve a room.

The Alessandro Palace & Bar is one of the most popular hostels in Rome. It has a bar that serves reasonable drinks, a restaurant, a lounge and a roof garden.

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It’s a really lively hotel, so it’s easy to meet new people – and they organize lots of fun social events every week. So, if you are a solo traveler, this is a good option.

There is no free breakfast, but there is a simple kitchen to cook yourself. Like most hotels in Rome, this one is close to Termini station.

Hostel Alessandro Downtown is right next to the train station, so you don’t have to drag your luggage far. It has a private kitchen, but no free breakfast. The place is very social because they host happy hours, cocktail parties, pizza parties, karaoke, beer pong and more.

Freedom Traveler offers an evening happy hour with complimentary wine and snacks. They also have a cool outdoor area and other seating areas – which always helps to enhance the ambiance. That said, this is not a party hotel, so you might as well get a good night’s sleep.

Global Hostel 247, Rome, Italy

Hotel Mosaic in Rome, but about 30 minutes walk to the “center” of the city – which is not bad. They have free breakfast but no self catering.

Overall, it’s a clean, comfortable and quiet hotel, so don’t expect too much excitement, but have a good night’s sleep.

Palladini Hostel Rome is very close to Termini Station, so you can reach most of Rome in a short walk. There is a private kitchen, but no free breakfast. They have laundry (which is a big benefit).

Dreaming Rome Hostel is known for its good location because the owners really make you feel at home (at least in the hostel) – get pasta or pizza for dinner.

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It’s not a party hotel, but it’s lively, fun, and recently completely renovated. There is a kitchen, free breakfast and laundry.

It is close to the main attractions of the city and is close to the metro station. Overall, it’s a good choice, but on the high side.

Wiki Hostel & Green Village is actually about a 30 minute train ride outside of Rome, so if you want to crash at your hotel, this is not the place to stay. However, everything in this hotel is the best – clean rooms, swimming pool, sauna, kitchen, bar, laundry, pizza and pasta night and more. If you are looking for a Roman party, this is the place for you.

Orsa Maggiore for Women Only is a great place for solo female travelers or women who feel comfortable in a women-only hotel. The real hotel is in the old 16th century convent in the very cool Trastevere neighborhood – lots of good bars and restaurants. It is a quiet hotel, so it is a quiet place to relax after a long day.

Hostella Femaly Only

Staying in a hotel presents some unique challenges, so I’m here to help by sharing some of my must-haves. Check out my home directory for the full list, but here are the must-haves:

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It is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, which provides a way for websites to earn advertising fees for advertising and linking to Rome has thousands of years of history, incredible sights and attractions, and great bars and clubs. But you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on living. So how do you do Rome on a budget? The answer is simple: hotels.

Rome has plenty of options for budget-conscious travelers looking for a place to stay, but which hotel is the best? We have put together an overview of the best hotels in Rome so you can find the one that is right for you. So, if you are looking for backpackers with a budget, a good place, a hangout, or a vacation spot for couples or families, you can find it on this list. The good news is that the hostel environment in Rome is very competitive, which means lower prices and more options for all of us. All roads lead to your Roman hotel (sorry, I can’t help you).

So, let’s begin. Here is our list of the best hostels in Rome for all types of travelers.

This is by far one of the most popular hostels in Rome, with over 10,000 reviews giving this place a high rating. Hotel Alessandro Palace is ideal for travelers looking for a comfortable place to meet everyone, thanks to its excellent location, friendly staff and activities, close to the Termini train station.

Best Hostels In Rome For Solo Travelers, Party Or Chill In 2022

It is known as a party hotel, so plan to spend some time getting to know your friends. It has its own on-site bar and satellite TV, and offers guests some great drink specials. Alessandro is also popular for its frequent pizzas, happy hours and events at home, which provide a great opportunity to meet other guests during the day or night and prepare your stay in Rome.

Alessandro’s architecture is amazing. It has a traditional Roman style and creates a unique and special place. The long list of amenities includes a rooftop garden area, self-catering facilities, en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, discounted breakfast in the restaurant and other offers. rice, wardrobes, Wi-Fi, etc.

Room options include dormitories and private rooms. All female dormitories are also available. Some dorms have private bathrooms, while all are private. The private rooms here are like hotel rooms, plus the camaraderie of the hostels is amazing.

As mentioned before, this hotel has more than ten thousand reviews left that give a good rating. One reviewer said: “A great hotel in a great location just a few blocks from here

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