Best Wood To Burn In Fire Pit

Best Wood To Burn In Fire Pit – You can buy firewood at grocery stores, gas stations, and just about anywhere else, but are these little kits the best option or even the best value?

These small packages, which usually cost about $5.99 to $7.99, are mostly made of soft wood like pine. Soft woods burn more easily, making them more suitable for people who are not good at starting fires or just want to have a quick, occasional fire with friends and a glass of wine.

Best Wood To Burn In Fire Pit

Soft wood also burns quickly, which means you need more wood if you want your fire to last into the night. So, while firewood is great for starting a fire and you can easily pick up firewood on your way home from work, it is better to buy firewood from your local firewood supplier or logger, you will get good value for your money

Best Wood Burning Fire Pits For Your Backyard 2022

To help you choose the best firewood for your firewood use, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best firewood options available in Southern California.

Before looking at the best wood for outdoor fireplaces and fireplaces, let’s take a look at the types of wood you should never burn.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should never burn wood that has been painted, stained or pressure treated. Covered and treated forests can release toxic substances into the air when they are burned, so they should always be avoided. This means that old fences, reclaimed wood and pallets left over from pallet construction must be reused or otherwise disposed of. Some wooden pallets are not made from reclaimed wood and burn well, but you should make sure your pallets are untreated before breaking them up and throwing them in the fire pit.

Also, you should never burn wood, chipboard or plywood, as they can release toxic substances into the air when they burn.

A Guide To Fire Pit Burners

The EPA also states that you should never burn “wet, rotten, diseased or moldy wood” in your fireplace or fireplace.

It is generally recommended to avoid soft woods such as pine or cedar, which burn quickly from excessive smoke. While you can use these woods in a fire pit, go for more wood, and if you use them in a fireplace, you may end up with more creosote.

Side note: While this article focuses on the best wood for a backyard fireplace, it’s worth noting that if you’re going camping or traveling, there’s an additional rule to follow. You always buy wood from your place to use only in that place. Do not bring firewood from home to camp, and do not bring home firewood purchased from your destination. When you move wood, you may inadvertently move invasive pests.

Black oak is a finished hardwood that can be found throughout Southern California and is the best firewood if you want your fire to burn slowly and steadily into the evening. You want to use well-seasoned black oak, meaning dry for about a year. In some cases, you may find that you need to season another type of oak for two full years before it is ready to use, but it usually takes a year.

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Black oak does not produce ash like other oak species, so it is easier to clean.

White eyes are also common in southern California, which means you will have no problem finding this wood. It produces more ash than black oak and the other oak species mentioned above, making it a bit more attractive, but it burns long and hot, making it one of our best woods for fireplaces and fires. using the pit.

Splitting this hardwood found in coastal areas can be difficult, so if you have lost a Coast Live Oak on your property, consider renting a log splitter to split it yourself, or you can hire a log cutter. local tree. But, once cut to size, you will have a long log that burns without smoke. As with most oaks, you should make sure the fire is completely extinguished before retiring for the night, as oak logs can burn for hours.

Valley Oak is another California native wood that makes excellent wood for fire pits and patio fireplaces. Like other oaks, this oak season can last about two years. Once dry and ready for use, Valley Oak wood burns long and slowly. While oak options are more expensive than softwoods, you’ll use less wood and get more bang for your buck.

Outdoor Fire Pits And Fire Pit Safety

Walnut is another wood that is generally easy to find in Southern California. Walnut is a long-lasting option that does not produce much smoke, so it is a good choice for fireplaces in social gatherings and garden fireplaces. Once you start the fire, you don’t have to stop your party multiple times to add more wood to the fire, so that’s an added bonus for party owners.

Avocado burns faster than the hardwoods mentioned above and produces heavier creosote when used in fireplaces. This means you go for more wood and have to add wood more often in the evening. Because it produces more than one compound of creosote, it is better avoided in fire operations with chimneys and better used in fire pits. There are two reasons why avocado wood is on this list. It is good for starting a fire (and then increases the longevity of the oak), and it is very available for people who live near avocados or have trees, which are common in Southern California and Central California. .

This hardwood burns hot and slow and leaves less ash than most hardwood options. Madrone wood can be a little harder to find and more expensive than softwoods, but you get a long, warm fire. Like the oak, the madrone leaves coals that are still hot in the morning. It is a popular choice for people living in cold climates who use wood for heat. But for those of us who use it on the trails of Southern California, that means you have to make sure your fire is completely off at the end of the night.

Split this while it is still green, as it becomes harder and harder to split as it dries.

The Best Firewood For Burning

While some oak wood can take up to two years to dry, madrone is usually well seasoned and ready to use after one year.

Almond wood is usually harder to find than popular wood options like oak. However, if you live in an area with almond trees, you can afford this great option. It’s another hardwood that’s more expensive than your other affordable options, but it seasons faster than oak and allows for longer burns and less cleanup after the fire is out.

Bigleaf Maple is a hardwood, but has a lower BTU than options like Pacific Madrone or Oak. This means that it does not generate much heat. This will be important for people who want to use a fire pit or backyard fireplace as a heat source, but not for people who want to use it mainly for social gatherings or drinking wine by the fire with your partner .

Bigleaf maple wood is generally less expensive than oak or madrone. It is also easier to light, so while maple may not burn as much as oak, it is easier to start a fire and maple still burns longer than woods. It also ages faster than oak. 10 Pack Of City Bonfires ($16.99 Each)

Ash splits more easily and loosens more easily than many hardwood options. Another bonus is that you can turn it on when it’s green. Of course, it is better to wait until it is seasoned, but also burn well until it is completely dry. Ash doesn’t burn as well as oak, but it provides good heat without too much smoke, so it’s a great choice for outdoor fire functions.

There are many other woods that easily make the list of best woods for firewood, such as cherry, apple and hickory. They are not included here because they are not as widely available as wood options in Southern California.

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