Best Whiskey In Colorado

Best Whiskey In Colorado – The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), one of the world’s leading spirits competitions, has announced the 2022 the results of the assessment of spirits. A total of 85 judges, mostly based in the UK, judged more than 4,000 entries in a dozen main categories.

In total, six whiskeys, five bourbons and one rye whiskey received the coveted gold medal in the American whiskey category. Winners ranged from well-known brands like Knob Creek and Larkenny to lesser-known brands like Distillery 291, one of Colorado’s leading craft distillers.

Best Whiskey In Colorado

The IWSC is an annual wine and spirits competition founded by Anton Massel in 1969. and has grown into the largest competition in the world. Spirits are rated on a 100-point scale and are awarded Gold (98-100 points), Gold (95-97 points), Silver (90-94 points) and Bronze (85-89 points).

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Aspen Stave Finished Barrel Proof Single Barrel from Colorado Whiskey Distillery 291 is one of America’s leading craft whiskeys. It’s technically an American bourbon, but the aroma and flavor profile is very different from regular Kentucky bourbon.

The company describes its whiskey as a Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Spirit aged in deeply charged American oak casks. and then fill the bowl with deep-wound Swiss chard. The result is an exceptionally smooth and delicious whiskey

Full-bodied with a wonderful richness that charms with chocolate and toffee on the nose. A bold spice with a nice rich flavor that gives a pleasant and strong chili taste.

It is a growing distillery with more than 10 different expressions. Despite its young age, it has already won dozens of medals in international distilling competitions. If you’re interested in American whiskey, a whiskey tasting at 291 Distilleries is a must.

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Knob Creek and John E. Fitzgerald’s Larceny are two historic brands whose whiskeys are known and distributed throughout the United States. Both brands are exceptionally affordable and their entry-level expressions represent exceptional value. In recent years they have also been releasing more and more premium whiskey expressions

Knob Creek won for their 9 YO Straight Bourbon Whiskey and John E. Fitzgerald, Larceny won for their Barrel Proof Very Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Toffee apple, cinnamon, chocolate and almonds shine beautifully on the nose. Enjoy notes of cereal, vanilla, tea and golden syrup intertwining with fresh menthol on your way to a bold and persistent finish.

Juicy honey, sun-kissed apricots fill the nose, while raisin raisins and subtle spicy oak add intensity to the mouth. This is a very refined, interesting and complex bourbon

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Straight from the cask, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is another gold medal winner. The brand was introduced in 1984 when Elmer T. Lee introduced the world’s first single barrel bourbon. Cask expression is the third method of whiskey. It follows Blanton’s Original 93 Proof and Blanton Gold 103 Proof.

Blanton’s is now part of the Buffalo Trace/Sazerac American Whiskey portfolio, the most impressive collection of American whiskeys from any of the world’s major distilleries.

The demand for this brand has increased dramatically in recent years. It regularly sells for two or three times the price and is impossible to find.

A wonderful nose of intense spiciness, warm blackberry and sunny tar combinations leave a juicy taste with sweet ginger notes.

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In 1792 One of the oldest distilleries in Bardstown, Kentucky, the self-proclaimed bourbon capital of the world. The distillery dates back to 1889. It operated until 1920, when American prohibition was lifted. The distillery passed through several hands until 2009. became part of the Sazerac American whiskey portfolio.

The whiskey is made using larger rye mash from the distillery, which is aged for 5-7 years in a newly charred oak cask, followed by two to five years in a secondary cask that holds the port.

Fruity sherry nose, clean and fresh, minerality and depth with complex earthy notes; There is warmth and spice in the mouth and a nice burst of citrus that lingers

There was a rye whiskey that won the gold medal Redemption 10 YO Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey is a classic American rye whiskey from a distillery that is a perennial winner of American rye whiskeys and a constant pioneer in the rye whiskey market.

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A delicious fruity lager full of nutty and sweet herbal notes, anise and mild spices. But there’s plenty of progression on the palate, culminating in wonderful ripe fruit

We’re Living in a Golden Age of American Whiskey American whiskey didn’t offer the variety, complexity and quality available today These six whiskeys are part of today’s American whiskey offering. They are definitely exceptional, the best, and the best introduction to American whiskey It’s no secret that I’m a big bold bourbon fan from the Lone Star State advocate. I’m a Texan after all, but I also jump at the chance to sample specialty whiskeys from other parts of the country. And you know which state has consistently exceeded my expectations when it comes to the art of whiskey making?

Similar to the distinctive territoriality of Texas and its expansive climate, Colorado’s borders have several factors that set this whiskey expression apart from the rest of the United States. Everything you need to distill the country’s most diverse, complex and delicious juices. And it all starts with H2O

Generally speaking, water is the least important component of whiskey, and this is where Colorado thrives. Rivers and streams run through the state, fed by Rocky Mountain snow. This beer has been around for decades, and the distillers are taking care of it in 2014. founded TINCUP Whiskey buys juice from Indiana-based Midwest Grain Products (MGP), but they still distill. to taste their whiskey with fresh Rocky Mountain spring water.

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“I started distilling back in 1972, believing that Colorado water and its distilling traditions made great whiskey,” says Jess Graber, founder of TINCUPI. “The Platte River, the Arkansas River, the Rio Grande River, and the Colorado River all have headwaters. And start your journey here at the top of the mountain. I think this is the best water in the world.”

Colorado’s altitude is also integral to the overall character of the state’s whiskey. All of the state’s whiskey distilleries are located at least one mile above sea level. Breckenridge Distillery is at 9,600 feet and Derhammer Distilling Company is at about 8,000 feet.

“Our whiskey is influenced by the dry climate and temperature and atmospheric pressure,” says Lenny Eckstein, Derhamer’s founder and head distiller. This is unique to our state compared to traditional whiskey producing regions in the US. “

Owen Martin, distiller of Strahan’s Colorado Whiskey, added, “Our altitude in Colorado leaves a uniquely angelic side. This is the amount of alcohol and water that evaporates from the barrel. Due to the dry climate at this altitude, we lose more water than we do when maturing whiskey at sea level – creating an extremely resistant robust and complex flavor profile.

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With all the unique elements of the Century State, it’s no surprise that local distilleries are creating some of the county’s most exciting expressions of whiskey right now. To get you started, we’ve listed our favorite Colorado malts, bourbons and rices with tasting notes.

In 1999 founded by brothers Scott and Todd Leopold, the distillery is one of the few craft whiskey pioneers in the country. Bottling is new to Leopold Bros. addition to the portfolio, aged for five years in American white oak chard casks, described by the distillery as a “warm Dunnage-style bonded warehouse”.

Your nose is greeted by a strong but seductive trio of oak, rye and fine cocoa. The rich toffee flavor blends with the hint of spicy cinnamon to create an ethereal experience with black pepper. The finish is creamy in the mouth, bubbling with warm, dark chocolate notes.

Most people love chocolate; But not me, that ending made me love dark chocolate; That’s what I’m here for

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At 9,600 feet above sea level, the Breckenridge Distillery bills itself as “the highest distillery in the world.” A barrel of rum

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