Best Water Parks In Austin Tx

Best Water Parks In Austin Tx – Interested in getting away from Austin and taking a break from the sweltering heat? So a good solution is to visit the best water parks near Austin, TX. Spend a memorable day on your own or with your travel buddies at the fun parks that include large pools, high-rises, heart-pounding water rides, kid-friendly zones, water-wave performers, and more. So, beat the heat and pack your bags and gather your travel buddies to visit some of the best water parks near Austin!

Typhoon Texas is a family friendly water park just 24 minutes from Austin with lots of colorful attractions. No matter the age of your kids, Texas Storm has something for everyone. Your youngsters will love attractions like Gully Washer, a large play structure of almost four stories, with tall and short slides, suitable for toddlers aged three to twelve, and a bucket. great to throw! Meanwhile, your youngsters will enjoy rides like the Duelin’ Daltons, seven-story tall giant coasters.

Best Water Parks In Austin Tx

Kalahari Waterpark is one of the largest indoor water parks in all of America. It consists of three levels of excitement which are fun, peaceful, moderate and extreme. Here, you can enjoy a large number of fun and attractive rides available for all ages. And if you are an adrenaline junky and want to try extreme riding, you have many options; The Tanzanian Twister, where you spin through a flume at nearly 40 mph and then drop 7 feet into a catch pool, and the Sandstone, a thrilling 60-foot slide. And if you want a more relaxing experience, you can swim in the crystalline wave pool, float down a lazy river, or enjoy cocktails with your friends at the swim-up bar. You can even rent a private cabana for peace and quiet with a private swimming pool, television, seating, and safe.

Schlitterbahn Is The Best Water Park In Texas For Families

Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is an inflatable park on the pristine waters of Lake Travis. Here you can do a number of fun activities such as going through an obstacle course, going down slides, jumping from jumping towers, jumping on trampolines, and more. And if you’re a little hungry, or in need of a semi-delightful snack, Lake Travis also has an on-site cabana bar and food trucks serving up delicious options.

Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark is a lakeside aqua park with rides, pools, beaches, and other attractions. Some of the best attractions are the Roadrunner, which includes many high and high-profile slides, and the Sidewinder, which is a fun tube. They even have a beach where you can enjoy working on your tan, building sand castles, playing sand volleyball, and more.

Quest ATX is truly one of the best water parks in Austin. It contains many attractions to entertain you during your visit. There is a ton to do; go through an inflatable obstacle course, rappel down 85 feet, swim ropes and jump into a lake, and more. It is also a good choice when looking for affordable water parks. Includes all combo prices and special prices for cheaper options. To make the most of your day, you can also enjoy other activities like paddling and sleeping. We all know it can be very hot in the summer….or any time of the year for that matter! Remember the days when you would float down the river, or go to the nearest water park to cool off? Good thing for you, we have a list of water parks in and around Austin that are pure joy for any goer.

1. Hawaii Island is just down the road from Austin and is full of water activities!

Central Texas Water Parks Perfect For Cooling Down

3. Schlitterbahn is all Texas! The lines can be crazy compared to the water rides, but it’s worth it!

4. Six Flags over Texas in San Antonio and Dallas connects all the fun with its own water park to complement other attractions.

6. Bahama Beach Waterpark is located in Dallas, TX and rivals other waterparks in Texas when you look at all the fun they offer.

7. SeaWorld has amazing views as you soak up the sun and float down the waterways.

Best Water Parks In San Antonio, Texas (for 2022)

8. Texas storm opens in Katy, TX with tornadoes and crazy water!

Phew! We are just dying to go to one of these water parks to cool off in the heat. 10 Central Texas Water Parks Perfect for Cooling Off There’s plenty of summer left to enjoy at these fun spots.

We are a bit far from any beaches in Austin and the closest is Galveston, which is very rough (Why is the water brown?) and about a four hour drive. But fear not, Austinites! We’ve compiled a list of fun water parks nearby so you can beat the summer heat without spending most of your time in your car’s AC.

A multi-million dollar renovation was recently completed at Round Rock’s Rock ‘n River Water Park to expand its facilities. Complete with a revolving food truck park that will save you from irresistible theme park food, a rock wall perfect for first-time climbers because of its proximity to the water, and a “Recreational Lagoon” with swim-up food service and television. . , the park offers a lot of fun for adults and children. And the best part? Tickets cost no more than $10—one of the cheapest in town.

Best Natural Swimming Holes Around Austin

While Volente’s rides may not stand out from other water parks, the backdrop of Lake Travis and its robust schedule of events make it a fun summer destination. In addition to the weekly happy hour and “Wing Wednesday’s” at the park’s restaurant, Beachside Billy’s, the calendar offers a variety of events including this month’s Jaws on the Water series with Alamo Drafthouse.

With water, land and air attractions, Typhoon Texas offers visitors the chance to capture every sight of the landscape. When you’re done with the water slides, try your hand at the three-story obstacle course or grab the family and hit the Family Adventure Trail. For a bird’s-eye view of the entire park, check out the 70-foot, 1,500-foot zip line. The park remodeled Hawaiian Falls Park earlier this year to make it more familiar to locals, but the new company is adding more rides and has pledged to invest $4.5 million in the park over the next two years.

Roller coasters are fun and all, but all those twists and turns, gravity-defying drops, and dangerous lifts are sure to kill you. So if you can’t take a 20-story drop, head over to the Fiesta Texas water park and cool off

Twist and turn. Still feeling rushed? Try the Thunder Rapids Water Coaster and see what it’s like to travel through two parts of the world in one day. Or, depending on how far from the theme park you go, you can spend the afternoon relaxing in the Texas wave pool.

Best Swimming Spots In And Around Austin

The Aquatica water park at Sea World San Antonio offers guests a fun and educational experience that is perfect for keeping children’s minds active and entertained as well. While you’re there, stop by Stingray Falls, an underwater tunnel that runs through a stingray tank. It’s a fun float and a great opportunity to see the secret life of stingrays and fish. If your child is very interested in birds, take or visit Roa’s Aviary and interact with more than 100 birds from 40 different species.

Perhaps the most famous name of all Texas theme parks, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is one of the largest and most extensive water parks in the state – so you have to ride the tram to get there just one thing in the park. another one. With more than 40 rides, you may not be able to enjoy every attraction in one day, but don’t worry: the park has accommodation on site, which ensures that visitors can have a good weekend. Schlitterbahn has cabanas throughout the park, so pack a picnic and camp for the crown jewel of your Texas adventure.

Morgan’s Wonderland Inspiration Island is the world’s first water park built with the unique needs of children in mind. Gordon and Maggie Hartman consulted with doctors and therapists before opening the park, inspired by watching their daughter Morgan play in the hotel pool. Inspiration Island – the aquatic section of Morgan’s Wonderland – offers a waterproof wheelchair, a unique revolutionary invention that the Hartmans worked with engineers at the University of Pittsburgh to build to suit the park’s needs. While Morgan’s Wonderland is more accessible to those with special needs and disabilities, it has been a fun place created for all children that has been a hit since it opened in June 2017.

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