Best Walks In Leicestershire

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The county of Landlock in Leicestershire has a few large towns but is mostly rural. Three of the county’s most famous dishes, Stilton cheese and Red Leicester, and Melton Mowbray pork pie, the fruit of its rich agricultural heritage, are delicious.

Best Walks In Leicestershire

As well as delicious food and plenty of open green space, Leicestershire has plenty to keep you enthralled. There’s plenty of culture and events to enjoy throughout the year, from comedy festivals to the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India and The Bakr’s Art Hub.

Historical Autumn Walks In Leicestershire

But what if you went for a day out with your dog? Well, there are so many great places for sightseeing and walking in the county. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite dog walking tracks in Leicestershire so you and your pooch can try them out for yourself.

On the outskirts of Hinckley, Burbage Common is 200 acres of woodland and pasture that you and your dog will love to explore. In the spring the meadows come alive with hundreds of wildflowers, there are usually a variety of paths and you can spend hours walking through the woods and fields with your dog

If you’re planning a few days of walking, the Leicestershire Circular Long Path runs through the park. At just over 102 miles, it’s certainly a bit longer than the average Leicestershire afternoon dog walk.

There are shared facilities with a visitor centre, toilets and a cafe, so you don’t have to go far to refresh yourself after your walk. If you’ve traveled in search of hearty meals, you and your dog will be welcomed at the nearby Acorns Cafe.

Of The Best Day Trips From Leicester 2022

Battlefield Country Park is a popular spot for hikers and walkers, as well as a place for long dog walks and sightseeing of famous battlefields. It’s a great day out and the location is dog-friendly, so your dog can join you on your adventure. The only places where puppies are not allowed are the gallery and the tea room, otherwise they are free to roam wherever you are

The Short Battlefield Trail is great for families and history buffs as you enjoy audio and visual information about the battle and the scene. Not to mention the wonderful views of the countryside

If you’re feeling more adventurous, walk from the visitor center and through the area where Richard III is believed to have been assassinated, along the Canal and the Eastern Railway.

The Battlefield Visitor Center has several sites, so you can easily wander the scenic area and learn about the historic battle that ended the War of the Roses. You can also stop by the Sutton Wharf Cafe, where muddy boots, family and friends are always welcome.

Pocket Pub Walks Leicestershire & Rutland

The road takes you between Nipton and Branston, passing beautiful bodies of water on your way. You’ll pass charming cottages in the villages and as you reach Branston you’ll have wonderful views of the River Devon and Reservoir. The walk is a lovely short walk through countryside and villages which can easily be extended by walking around Belvoir Castle and the surrounding estate.

Remember to keep your dog under strict control in the village. Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to take the lead off the field when you step onto The Manners Arms in Nipton, a friendly dog-friendly pub and hotel. and your dog will be welcomed. Alternatively, the Wheel Inn in Branston is a quaint country pub that caters for you and your dog.

Fortunately for any Leicester local (and their dog), the city has many beautiful parks and open green spaces. Abbey Park is one of our favorite places to walk your dog in Leicester

There is plenty of space in the bush to relinquish leadership and enjoy a game of fetch while you both escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while. The River Tyre runs through the center of the park and allows you to enjoy a picnic by the water, just put your dog in front so it doesn’t try to chase the ducks and wildfowl that live there.

Dog Walk At Swithland Woods To Rabbits Bridge And Beyond · Leicestershire · Walkiees

If you prefer a more leisurely, cultural walk, cross the river and explore the ruins of Cavendish Abbey and Manor. But if your kids are also in the tower, they’ll probably find the boating lake and petting corner more appealing.

The garden offers many facilities and activities, including table tennis tables, a sensory garden and a lavender maze. There’s also the Pavilion Café, which also welcomes dogs

This gentle circular walk through the English countryside usually starts and ends as a hobby and is sure to delight you and your dog. The landscape here is delightfully undisturbed, and near Ragdale Hall you’ll have plenty of vantage points for sweeping, fantastic views all around.

Your dog will have plenty of opportunities to go off-leash during this near-total walk around the grounds. The paths are well-marked, clear and marked in a way that makes it easy to follow the trail, but be aware that there may be field cattle in some places, so keep your dog under control if you see cattle nearby

Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Leicestershire And Rutland Wildlife Trust

After a walk through the countryside, stay at the Blue Bell Inn, a great alfresco in Hobe. You can park your car here before or after your walk to take care of yourself, which is very relaxing to rest your feet and paws and enjoy a drink.

This long circular tour is the perfect opportunity to explore the north west of the county with your dog. It’s a long journey, so make sure you both have enough stamina to make it through a few hours. You’ll also pass through several villages along the way, so you’ll have a chance to rest and recharge before continuing your adventure.

This is a great walk to sample long stretches of the Leicestershire countryside and let your dog run free through the fields.

About halfway you will reach Worthington, so this is a good opportunity to stop at the Malt Shovel for a break. Just remember that the pub in Wilson, the village after the walk, is now permanently closed, so you’ll have to remember to stop for a break elsewhere.

Best Things To Do In Hinckley (leicestershire, England)

In 2012, the jewel of the national forest, the Diamond Jubilee Tree, was planted in honor of the forest. More than 300,000 real trees have been planted on this site, and the area of ​​the forest is very small

The forest has a bird hide and a lake, a great place to see wildlife. Your dog will probably be more interested in trying to get into the water on his own. If you have kids, be sure to stop by the pool afterwards. You and your dog can help them spot the various black marks scattered throughout the forest

The facilities here are close to everything, but the trails are nice and gentle through the green fields, so you can really appreciate the maturity of these woods. Ashby de la Joche is just a short drive away, with castle ruins and a historic market town to visit.

If you and your dog need somewhere to cool off, stay at the Queen’s Head or the Crown Inn in nearby Coyleville.

A Walking Jaunt To A Favourite Haunt: The Leicestershire Round

On the doorstep of Leicester City, Charnwood Forest is an important natural site with ancient woodland and an abundance of wildlife. There are many hiking trails in the area and you and your dog can easily spend time here exploring the woods and marshes.

There are many shorter routes, but for those who like a challenge, walk the summit of Charnwood. The route takes you to the four peaks that define this high forest, Britain’s oldest rock formation and historic deer park. This long drive will certainly tire your legs, but thanks to the beautiful views and picturesque surroundings, it will make for a great day out in the fresh air with your faithful furry friend. You can even look at alpacas at their nearby farm

The Bradgate in Newtown Linford is a dog-friendly family pub, the perfect place to relax after a long walk through the woods and hills.

Neighbors make martens from pear trees and burhus

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