Best Walks In Hertfordshire

Best Walks In Hertfordshire – There are many beautiful trails in Hertfordshire. Whether it’s a short hike or a 7-mile hike, our county has a trail to suit everyone’s needs.

To help you choose, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Herts walks we think you’ll love. Some trails end at the bar, so it’s perfect on a sunny day.

Best Walks In Hertfordshire

We’ve compiled 38 hikes for you to try. So everyone has something. Let us know what your favorite hikes are, we hope you enjoy our selection of hikes.

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The Leigh Valley Walk follows the Leigh Navigation Towpath from Waltham Abbey to the Thames at Limehouse Basin. From here you can stroll along the Rhea River overlooking the magnificent valley.

The road is full of green meadows and various wildlife, creating an atmosphere full of peace and tranquility. Back in town, stop by the Swan Bar on the High Street to recharge after a walk.

The walk begins in the small town of Wheathampstead, before heading to Rose Lane, one of the area’s oldest roads. Continuing north, the road crosses the Roman road and passes through many fields. Then head to Marshall Heath.

Cross the Lea River at Lizzie Bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery there. The final road back to Wheathampstead will take you through beautiful fields that run parallel to the river, so you can enjoy both.

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The beautiful Sturt River flows through Bishop’s Stortford to Sawbridgeworth. Sailing on a canal boat, full of wildlife, is perfect when you need a break.

After your walk, stop at Coach & Horses for an afternoon tea. This beautiful bar has a quaint feel and an open brick fireplace. A cozy place to recharge with some favorite drinks and delicious food.

The route starts at Bishop Stortford train station. Then head to the city centre and follow the river promenade in front of the River Bridge. Outside of the city center, the riverside trail becomes very rural, creating beautiful scenery for you to admire and enjoy.

Along the promenade, you can see the former home of the famous playwright Bernard Shaw. It starts in the lovely village of Weathampstead and heads to the countryside.

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Start at the Wheathampstead East Lane car park and turn right onto East Lane. Then turn right onto Station Road.

Follow the uphill road until you reach an unused train station called Wheathampstead Station Platform. This is an oak sculpture of George Bernard Shaw, who used the station to travel to London.

Then turn right, take the first lane on the right, and follow the road on the left. Along this road, you will come across a series of stairs going down Sheepcote Lane. Go down the mountain pass, take the first road on the left, go uphill, and go through the iron gate. The route goes through farms and unused railways to Codycott Road through the bank’s metal kiss gates.

Cross the road and follow the driving lane into the road. When you reach the door of the old golf course house, follow the path to the right of the wall. Turn left at the crossroads towards Hertfordshire.

The Best Hikes And Walks In Hertfordshire

After Silver Kiss Gate, follow the road on the right and you will see the Lammer House driver. Go straight through the main entrance of La Mer Park Farm and go straight on the sidewalk on the right. Go right along the sidewalk, then turn left after 200 yards. Follow the path by the fence to Bibbs Hall Lane.

Continue 200 yards until you reach Shaw’s Corner on the right. After taking in the view, turn right again into Bibbs Hall Lane and take the left ramp after 100 yards. Continue to where you need to cross Cuddicote Road and take the Signed Hunters Bridge across the street.

Cross the field and find the clear path on the right. There is a tree under the mountain. At the top of the mountain, move the bear on the left side of the ground to the next set of trees. Cross Sparrowhall Bridge along the walkway marked with a small yellow arrow on stilts.

Go through the next square until you reach the floor. When you reach the stairs, turn right towards Lea Valley. Follow this road for about a mile until you reach the stairs to Sheepcote Lane and back to the pass.

The Hertfordshire Woodland Bluebell And Jasmine 3 Wick Candle

Continue in the driveway and then on the sidewalk on the right. Then you reach the playground and you can keep the field on the left.

When you reach the river, go left. Pass here and go to another lane. Continue until you reach the T junction, then turn right. At 100 yards you will see the entrance to the East Lane car park on the right.

Beautiful countryside walks worth exploring with medieval churches. It can be a little messy when it rains, but as long as you have a good tent, it’s not a big deal. The 5.5 mile route starts and ends at Wadesmill. You can enjoy plenty of refreshments here.

Park in Wadesmill town centre, cross the Rib into Church Lane and walk along the A10. 54 Head east on the Tandridge Stairs past St Mary and All Saints Church to the River Rib.

New Woodlands To Be Created At Panshanger Park

Continue east along the river to Bridleway 9 until you reach Cold Christmas Lane. Head north into Richmond Spring and follow Steere Wood and Sawtrees Wood on the southwest track from Barwick Ford to Aldek Spring. Return to Wadsmill via Youngbury Estate and rejoin the A10.

This route from Ware allows you to stand on one foot on either side of the Meridian without having to queue for hours in London. The Greenwich Meridian separates the Eastern and Western Hemispheres and sets the standard for time zones around the world.

Just outside Ware on B1004 is a stairwell, heading north past Widbury House Nursery. Walk along it and you should see fenced orchards on the left and farmland on the right. You must ignore the path to Ware along the way.

Bridleway should approach Wood Lane on the right and head east through the woods on the left. This is a meridian, so pause at grid reference TL378149. Unfortunately, no one has marked the line, but it’s great to know you’re standing on it.

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After that, continue the steps from Swades Farm to Newhole Farm. The road goes back to the B1004 road and you need to cross this road to the other side. Follow it and you’ll eventually see the Grey River running down a concrete path.

Take the pedestrian bridge on the right side of the river and enter the forest below the mountain. You will see the road on the right through the clearing in front of the forest to Yeosu, the river in the forest area.

Now move west and cross the meridian again at grid reference TL379137. Follow the wooded area to the southwest to the right, avoiding the road to the north.

Cross the pedestrian bridge over the Ashe River and follow the road heading southeast until you reach the bridge below the road marked Lee Valley Park. There are steps on the right and you have to climb up the concrete driveway to get to Holly Cross Road.

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Cross this road and follow the road next to the farm is the end road. It appears before a small crack that requires you to turn northwest and climb the slope to the top of Wedbury.

From here there are stunning views of the Hertfordshire suburbs. Go over the hill to the farm below, then to B1004. Turn left on the road to return to the starting point.

This 7-mile walk isn’t for the weak, but the bar in the middle is a great place to relax and recover before continuing. The walk begins at Hadley Wood.

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