Best Vr In Chicago

Best Vr In Chicago – Chicago is known around the world and nation as one of the most historic and culturally rich cities in the United States after and before the Prohibition era. This city has so much to offer, great food, amazing art and some of the strongest brands, institutions and schools in the country. Chicago knows how to make its mark, so why not make a mark at your next Chicago event with the latest and greatest virtual events. Virtual reality is no longer a lofty, far-fetched idea or an expensive product that sits behind wires at trade shows and fairs. VR has never been more affordable, more accessible and more engaging for our diverse range of gamers, innovators and consumers. VR is impacting the entertainment and event space beyond video games, now with pristine fully immersive experiences that can only be achieved through the use of VR.

Now you can bring almost any experience imaginable to your next Chicago corporate event, holiday party, summer picnic or school reunion. From incredible experiences to life like climbing Mt. Everest, exploring the world like never before in City VR, fighting zombies and even playing off-road racing in Dirt Rally VR for the ride of your life. Unlike most modern gaming experiences, VR has the ability to bring people together in face-to-face and even group experiences. With up to four players exploring the world of Minecraft VR, guests can bring their best basketball skills to the court with our NBA 2KVR experience. Guests can also enjoy a spin on the classic pictorial game, using our Google Tilt Brush to create any image scene you want to scale. The options are endless when it comes to virtual reality and entertainment.

Best Vr In Chicago

Virtual reality is now more relevant to events than ever before. By hiring a wide range of game and activity packages like virtual reality experiences or our LED game lounge, guests can indulge their love for all forms of gaming under one roof. Do you want to enjoy all the new and improved things in the world of virtual reality, but also have a blast from the arcade games of yore? Our catalog also includes an extensive collection of vintage arcade games that not only highlight decades of arcade gaming, but also make a great addition to any gaming experience. There are arcade classics like Pac-Man Battle Royale, various pinball machines, Galaga Assault, Ski Ball and even classics like Super Off Road. You will enjoy the best of both worlds. Our LED gaming lounge experience can be customized with vintage arches and VR add-ons, while displaying a variety of mid-lit classic games like ping pong, wrestling and more. Start the games and unleash your inner child at your next Chicago event.

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Bringing a new brand, service or product to an art show, conference, launch, presentation or sales and marketing event can be stressful and somewhat stressful for many people. With the constant need to push the envelope, turn heads, stay true to your brand and meet your budget. There’s a lot to showcasing your brand at these events, but our event planning team can help. Contact our corporate event consultants for any process flow, from planning your next client launch party, corporate event, networking event, corporate expo, trade show or large conference.

In addition to streamlining the planning process using our service, there’s another way to get everything you need for your next event, and it’s more affordable than you might think. Virtual reality can thus be incorporated into your sales, marketing and business operations and can also be used to sell and showcase your products, services and ideas like never before. Now, instead of renting additional conference room space at an event to display all your inventory, you can have potential customers and attendees visit our virtual reality store and browse all the inventory they want to show.

No time to set up inventory displays at conferences, no expensive inventory shipping to events, collect as many VR heads as you like and our team will take care of everything from delivery, configuration, technical support and maintenance. And finished now that’s innovative and that’s it! Invest your time and money in your next event and make heads turn while you do it.

Want to take your interviews and exposure to a whole new level? Our team offers a collection of domestic custom and automotive services in addition to rental manufacturing Need a custom attraction for your next launch or pop-up shop? Our team can bring your vision to life, free, set and broken. Create your own custom climbing wall to draw on any indoor or outdoor conference, exhibition or trade show.

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Check out this Instagram post for a fun project to make this custom LED shuffleboard for the LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Thanks @mcallisterhome for all your hard work. #custombuild #shuffleboard #vegas #thebook #LED A post shared by National Event Pros (@natleventpros) on Oct 30, 2018 at 5:52pm PDT

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When it’s raining, snowing, or just plain crazy, escape the weather with these fun activities in Chicago

You don’t need a bad weather report to ruin your day while having tons of fun indoors in Chicago. Don’t let pouring rain or snow stop you from exploring some of Chicago’s best museums during an afternoon at one of Chicago’s best movie theaters. If you’re feeling competitive, you can go bowling at Diversey River Bowl, pick up pinball at SPiN or Mes Balls at Logan Arcade. You can spend some time in front of Chicago’s best spas or in the main section of the Chicago Public Library, reading. Stay tuned as conditions clear up with some of the activities we’ve covered in Chicago.

Sandbox Vr (oak Brook)

You can spend an afternoon sitting in the dark at several movie theaters in Chicago, but the Music Box caters to anyone who loves independent films, foreign films, period films and documentaries. Grab a drink in the lobby and don’t forget to butter your popcorn (the real deal, not the fake) before taking a seat in the ornate main theater or small screening room.

If you stay at home for a while, you can make it a comfortable and luxurious experience. Inspired by Greek and Roman bathhouses, Aire houses six bathrooms in a West River building that once housed a factory. Guests have 90 minutes to soak in the bath as much as they like before enjoying a massage or pampering treatment (called a “ritual”).

Every time you visit the Art Institute of Chicago, it’s a pleasure to come back and see some of your work on display. Some seriously

Or the new contemporary collection in the modern wing can be as fun as the museum’s medieval and renaissance art gallery or room card collection. If you are inside the Art Institute in the afternoon, you can try to see as much as possible.

Vrar Chicago Supports Individuals And Organizations Virtual Technologies

Leagues and teams take over the streets in the evening, but the afternoon is usually a good time to leave a few street dances in these riverside alleys. Once you’ve picked up enough extras and you can grab a drink at one of the building’s two bars, where you and three friends can share a 100-ounce tower of beer before taking it home.

Escape the stormy weather by putting on your headset and enjoying a variety of virtual reality games at Redline VR. Ravenswood Arcade offers hour long crime games, single player and party games among similar titles

. Take your friends to a virtual reality escape room or put on a headset and drink cocktails paired with complementary visuals and audio.

Step inside this massive warehouse near Douglas Park and you’ll find yourself in the middle of one of Chicago’s largest breweries, producing thousands of gallons of beer each day. The Lagoon Tapestry Room hangs above the main floor of the brewery, surrounded by walkways that allow visitors to see the action below. Grab a smartphone and sign up for free

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