Best Views In Edinburgh

Best Views In Edinburgh – As a photographer born and bred in Edinburgh, I am 100% biased… But this city is hard to beat. Full of old-world charm, Edinburgh has no shortage of lively photo spots. You rarely find mysterious streets and stone houses covered by cliffs, waterways and mountains anywhere.

It’s a city that will keep photographers busy for years. There are many subjects and scenes to choose from, not to mention the changing weather and the many opportunities that each sunrise and sunset brings to your composition.

Best Views In Edinburgh

Plus, whether you’re into landscape or street photography, Edinburgh can do it all. In this article, I’ll cover the best photography locations in Edinburgh that you don’t want to miss.

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It is also a postcard that represents the city. This hill overlooks the entire city, including Rua Princesa, which is the direction of the castle. In view of the monument to Douglas Stewart, which makes a great picture.

Calton Hill is particularly impressive at sunset. You won’t want to miss that perfect view of the sun setting behind Edinburgh Castle as day turns to night.

Dean Village is only a short walk into the city center but feels far from the hustle and bustle. The village offers a mesmerizing and impressive sight of colorful buildings that look like something out of a fairy tale. A true place that time forgot.

Hawthornbank Lane is the road leading to Lee Water. It can be recognized by its beautiful streets and yellow buildings. Across the river is a 19th century bridge that carries traffic to and from it, and if you follow the stream long enough, you’ll come to a waterfall.

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If you want to capture some super Instagrammable content, you need to stop by Circus Lane. Despite being central, there is a sense of escape when you walk around.

Circus Lane, just a few minutes from Stockbridge, is a cobbled old street with beautiful cobbles on either side. Nice picture here across the road from St. Peter’s Cathedral. Stephen. In the summer months, there are many beautiful plants and flowers that decorate the streets.

Princes Street Gardens are located under Edinburgh Castle. The gardens are a large public park that runs parallel to Prince’s Street, divided east and west by the castle mound.

Before it became a park, Nor Loch was a protective lake. A lake did not sit in front of the castle until the 18th century. Unfortunately, it is a very dirty lake thanks to the medieval sewage and garbage of the time.

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Today, Prince’s Street Gardens offer a tranquil and beautiful aesthetic, hosting the castle and Ross Fountain for your photographic pleasure. The gardens are particularly photogenic during the New Year as fireworks go off over the castle to celebrate, but the gardens are well worth a visit for the atmosphere at almost any time of the year.

The Royal Mile is one of the most famous streets in Edinburgh. It runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is just under a mile away. There are also five streets that converge instead of one straight street.

There are plenty of photo opportunities here that you won’t want to miss, including White Horse Close, the castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official home of the Queen of Scots. You can take pictures from outside the castle and the palace gates, but it’s better to buy a ticket and see it up close (and a tour!).

Scott’s monument is situated above Princes Street Gardens and on Princess Street. This monument is dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, and is the largest monument ever dedicated to a writer anywhere in the world.

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The monument has a lot of painting potential. You can use the curve of the arch to frame the statue of Sir Scott or the surrounding trees to frame the entire monument. In front of the monument, there is a fair with rides, games and Christmas lights, which provides a great opportunity for a long exhibition.

The Salisbury Crags are located in Sacred Heart Park, a large royal park to the south of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. From here you will find endless vantage points, not to mention the amazing view of the city.

You will find three lakes, an extinct volcanic peak called Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags. The Crags are a series of 150ft columnar basalt cliffs that offer a spectacular view of the Edinburgh skyline. You can tell that sunrises and sunsets will give your photos the magic they need from here.

Victoria Street is probably the most colorful of all the streets in Edinburgh. Victoria Street curves around the Grassmarket, taking you from the highest point in the city to George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile.

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Above and behind the colorful shops on the cobbled streets are the old stone buildings of Edinburgh, creating a beautiful contrast in your photographs. Victoria Street is also believed to have been the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.

The Vennel Steps form a path between the two buildings leading to Edinburgh Castle. It takes you from the Grass Market to Heriot Place, away from the castle.

However, if you turn around from the top of the stairs, you will have a unique view of the castle, equipped with an alley. It’s a great place both day and night, but it’s especially photogenic at night under the street lights.

Blackford Hill is south of the city center and is home to the Royal Edinburgh Observatory, an ancient fort and great views of the city. If you want to get that perfect postcard photo of the whole city, including the Castle, this is where you want to go.

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Any time is suitable to photograph Edinburgh from Blackford Hill. However, the sunset provides a priceless glow as the city begins to light up. The sunrise is also spectacular as you capture a quiet moment at Arthur’s Seat against the backdrop of the city.

Edinburgh is a very famous city. If you are planning a trip there, make sure you have enough time to explore and bring the right equipment to capture the most memorable moments.

There is no shortage of great places to take photos in Edinburgh. Did I miss your favorite? If so, leave a comment below and I’ll check to add it to the list.

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Corporate events can be a valuable marketing tool to showcase your company’s achievements and ideas while helping you build strong and lasting relationships with your stakeholders and target audience. Planning… Edinburgh is nothing short of postcard perfect when it comes to the city’s beautiful skylines and stunning views. However, it helps to know where to go when that mind is filled with a good dose of amazing sights in mind. From panoramas and rooftops to bird’s eye views and out of this world, discover the best places to see Bonnie, Scotland’s capital.

The beauty of Edinburgh’s historic hilltop, Arthur’s Seat, can never be overstated. Climb the cliffs and the church of San Antonio until you reach the summit. From there, look out across the city and jump for joy as you get used to the amazing 360 degree view. Find the Castle, have a good nose at the Palace, explore the Houses of Parliament and see the Highlands and Forth Green.

Edinburgh Castle offers some of the best views of the city © Ian Rutherford / Alamy Stock Photo

Take on Castle’s continuing role as town overseer and discover the power of vision. Look down and get a great view of people in the form of dots buzzing around the city during the day. View Prince Street from a different angle and look further back to see the sea. From the Old Town to the New Town, admire the historic cobbled streets and ancient buildings that have seen many curiosities.

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Those prone to vertigo or afraid of heights should think twice when visiting the Scott Monument, a monument completed in 1844 to commemorate Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott. A tough effort, climbing the 287 stone steps as if from a storybook. However, once at the top of the tower and seeing your own appearance, the energy expended and the breath taken seem worth it. Suddenly, the city seems like a fantasy, because you see things from a different perspective. The most monument dedicated to writers around the world, the Victorian Gothic masterpiece is a standard house that is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the city.

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