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Best Veneer Dentist In Miami – Financing options – no interest and no credit check options. You can apply and be approved before your appointment. Everything is done through online counseling

Our prices are so low that some patients consider it a scam. To quote one patient: “Before I saw all your wonderful comments, I thought it was a scam.” We have 4.9 stars on Google (over 200 reviews) and 5 stars on Facebook (over 60 reviews), 5 stars on yelp. We have an Instagram page, a Facebook page, a Google Company page.

Best Veneer Dentist In Miami

A $100 deposit ensures that we can serve you the day of your arrival. When a new patient makes an appointment at Mission Smile, they must first receive a free consultation at the clinic. Depending on the program, Mission Smile may or may not have same-day treatment. The patient may need to return on another day. A deposit is not required but highly recommended. We are a busy clinic and there is no deposit, you may have to wait a few days after your consultation to be seen

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It takes 2 business days to make Mission Smile veneers. For example – if you start on Monday, you finish on Wednesday. Saturday is considered a working day, but Sunday is not. So if you start on Friday, you finish on Monday. If there are any issues or problems, we strongly recommend returning at least one more day (4 days in total). It hardly takes an extra day and most people use it to enjoy Miami!

Yes, we accept maintenance credit as well as many third party financing programs such as Alpheon, Ally, Lending Club and more.

Yes, it always has been. We usually have a few people from out of state in one day! We now have patients flown to us from over 35 countries.

Mission Smile’s goal is to increase Americans’ access to quality oral care. Approximately 26% of Americans have untreated tooth decay. How to design a smile in Miami? How much? What details increase or decrease costs? Why do some people travel from other states in the US to Miami to get a smile plan? If you’ve browsed our site today, you may have asked yourself all of these questions. Read on as we are here to clear all the doubts you and others have about this very popular teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry procedure. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are almost an expert in this field.

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Today, when people hear the word, the first thing they ask is, “What does smile design mean?” It sounds interesting at first, but people always prefer to know what they are made of before choosing a beauty treatment. Also, if you live in the Magic City, you might ask, “Is it possible to smile in Miami?” We answer all these questions.

When we talk about “smile design”, we mean a cosmetic dentistry procedure, which may include the well-known veneers or teeth whitening, but it can be much more. This procedure, called “smile shaping” (or smile reshaping), is a combination of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic procedures designed to beautify the smile by changing the position, shape, size, or color of the teeth, although it may include cosmetic lip or gum surgery. method.

Designing a smile is not always done in the same way, as each prosthesis requires some of the above methods and not others. Some smile designs are very simple, while others are more complex and detailed. Therefore, the cost of a smile makeover varies from person to person, clinic to clinic, and geographic region.

A dentist’s professional judgment is important when deciding which procedures to apply to a particular smile design. However, as with any cosmetic treatment, patient expectations are very important. This is why more than a few cosmetic dentists encourage their patients to show them pictures of the smile they want. With such a variety of flavors, sometimes it’s better to turn to a photo, because as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.

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After the patient has decided what kind of smile they want, the dentist decides what is needed, which procedures are useful, which should be avoided, and how well the smile design meets the patient’s expectations and dreams. For this, dentists do not only have to start with the patient’s natural smile, but also take into account the patient’s face shape and facial features very carefully. In this way, new smile designs can be made as natural as possible using X-rays, computer-aided design and sometimes tomography.

To achieve the most natural smile design, it is important to consider the patient’s face shape. A cosmetic dentist knows that you should combine the design of your new smile with:

In all cases mentioned in the points just seen, cosmetic dentistry may require an interdisciplinary team of specialists in the field, such as orthodontists (specialists in orthodontics), periodontology (specialists in periodontics) and dental tissue, such as gums. Orthognathic (maxillofacial surgeon) and maxillofacial (mouth, neck and head specialist).

As we mentioned in the previous section, smile design is not always done the same way. Providing what is needed to beautify the patient’s teeth is always done logically (that is, at the discretion of the cosmetic dentist) or based on the patient’s own expectations. Because of this, it is impossible to determine advance prices for smile makeovers in Miami or anywhere else. However, expect average prices or prices.

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Smile makeovers in Miami can cost anywhere from $3,500 (the simplest) and $10,000 (standard) to $15,000 or $20,000 (the most elaborate and complex). As you can see, that’s a pretty wide price range, although they’re certainly not the highest in the US. This difference in price is because in some cases a smile makeover may only require teeth whitening, while in other cases it may involve some cosmetic surgery.

Some dentists and clinics offer discount packages that include payment options and discounts that include everything (initial exam, x-ray, porcelain or composite veneers, clinic visits if needed, etc.). But you have to find these deals yourself, research the clinics, either physically or through their website. In this case, prices can drop significantly.

Cosmetic dentistry is never cheap, not only because professionals need to be at a professional level to perform such treatments, but also because of the cost of the materials used and the advanced technology of the equipment. That said, you can still find smile design in Miami at great prices, which explains why many people from out of state travel to Miami for smile design procedures. We discuss this issue in more detail below.

In the United States, smile design prices range from $1,000 (for very simple cases, such as: smile designs that only require teeth whitening) to $50,000 (for the most detailed and complex cases, such as dental implants or cosmetic surgery).

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However, almost no one is in one of the two extremes we mentioned earlier, but in the middle. Therefore, the average cost of the most common smile design treatment in the US is between $10,000 and $20,000.

As we all know, moving from one state to another in the US is different. Each is almost a nation, and each is a separate world rather than a federal entity. Therefore, the figure given for the total cost of America’s Smile Plan is only a rough average. If you are considering smile design, we recommend that you inquire about current prices in the country where you live or receive treatment.

In fact, the average cost of a smile makeover in the United States can vary greatly from state to state, both lower and higher. That’s why, as we said above, it’s not just some patients who consider moving from state to state for smile design. Even with travel, accommodation, etc., smile makeover programs can be cheaper.

Because of what we say, some patients often travel to Miami for a smile makeover. When you check the information

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