Best Vasectomy Doctors In Utah

Best Vasectomy Doctors In Utah – Urologists at the University of Utah Health offer expertise and surgical treatment for urinary disorders of the male and female urinary tract, as well as conditions of the male reproductive system.

Our urology specialists work with patients to develop individualized treatment plans that include both medical and surgical approaches for a wide variety of urological problems. Working closely with other U of U Health specialists also provides our patients with the most comprehensive care and enables the best possible outcomes.

Best Vasectomy Doctors In Utah

Restorative Urology Center Do you suffer from bladder or sexual health problems? The Reconstructive Urology Center specializes in conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to male incontinence, major surgery and urinary diversion. Get more tips on male infertility. Early detection and treatment of infertility can help expectant fathers to become parents. Find out more

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Urinary Tract Reconstruction Improves Quality of Life Utah man Pat O’Neill underwent radiation therapy when his prostate cancer spread. But the radiation damaged his ureters (the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder). He soon started having problems urinating. After trying other treatments that negatively affected his quality of life, he came to U Health for bladder reconstruction surgery. Read Pat’s story

Couple welcomes baby 10 months after vasectomy reversal Steve Tait had five adult children from a previous marriage. When he remarried, he and his wife discussed the possibility of having a child together. There was only one obstacle: Tait’s vasectomy. After exploring his options, he was referred to the University of Utah Health Care, where he successfully underwent a vasectomy reversal. Ten months after the operation, his wife gave birth to a son. Read Steve’s Story Fatherhood is a lifelong commitment that changes a person’s life forever. Whether you do not see children in your future or you have had enough, a vasectomy is one of the most effective methods of birth control. The respected urologists at The Ogden Clinic are proud to offer advanced robotic technology to perform any scalpelvasectomy that is minimally invasive. We perform minimally invasive vasectomy at our Ogden location and serve men throughout Utah. Only a few small incisions are required, which results in less discomfort and a faster recovery. There is no downtime!

The Ogden Clinic is proud to offer minimally invasive vasectomy throughout Northern Utah at our Ogden location. See why more than 500,000 men in the United States choose a vasectomy every year.

Drs. Tyler Christensen, Robert Wayment and Bradford Stevenson are board certified urologists at the Ogden Clinic. They are committed to providing quality and advanced healthcare services. Each of these experienced doctors here in Utah has performed many vasectomy procedures with very low complication rates.

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We offer one trip consultation and arrangement, so you don’t have to make multiple trips. Or, if you are unsure about getting a vasectomy in Utah, you can come in for a consultation and schedule the procedure for a later date.

Ogden clinical urologists provide 24/7 quality urologic care to the Wasatch Front. Our Utah urologists are locally raised, nationally trained, and committed to providing Weber and Daviess County patients with valuable, superior services and urologic care practices. With our focus on quality, we achieve the best results. We’ve helped people all over Utah get a vasectomy safely and affordably.

Ogden Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical practice serving patients since 1950. We accept almost all insurance plans and our urologists practice in Ogden, Utah at McKay Dee Hospital, Ogden Regional Medical Center and Lakeview Hospital.

This website provides detailed information about the professional services offered and operated by the above providers. Almost all insurance plans are accepted. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click the link and buy something we recommend. You don’t need extra money to click on these links, they help us run this site! Please see our privacy policy for more details.

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It was a surprise pregnancy and we lovingly named our little surprise #readsbonusbaby. And he lived up to it! He is a bonus in every way, such a good boy and the kids absolutely love it!

After baby #4, we considered a vasectomy and explored our options. After talking with countless friends about their vasectomy experiences, Dan was ready to select a clinic and plan the procedure. Three days later I found out I was pregnant with baby #5!

When our sweet bonus baby arrived, we started researching clinics again. Last week I was in Bountiful for a vasectomy clinic. I was intrigued by her claim “No needle, no scalpel, back to work Monday.”

After a telephone consultation, we arranged the procedure for the following weekend. Dr. Parkinson knew we were coming to check out the Salt project, but he didn’t know who we were or when we were coming, so our experience was completely real and authentic.

Reviews And Testimonials

We arrived on Saturday. In and out in less than 30 minutes. I took it easy all weekend and then went to work on Monday without a needle or scalpel! True to your claim! Dr. We were very impressed with Parkinson at the Bountiful Clinic. There was banter between him and his sister, we laughed the whole time!

Here’s what Dan had to say: “After hearing a few horror stories from friends who had the procedure done by other doctors, I put it off as long as possible, but I’m so glad I found weekly vasectomy! discomfort! schedule as expected. But wow!…Dr Parkinson was exceptional. My wife and I had so many laughs before, during and after surgery. We were in and out in 25 minutes. Amazing! I love it! recommend the guys to anyone! Thanks guys for making this potentially embarrassing and painful life event so much better than expected!”

If you call 1-844-snipped (764-7733) and mention “The Salt Project”, Dr. Parkinson will give you a gift card! Think of it as a little relaxed date.

Name The Salt Project, Dr. Parkinson’s will hook you with a gift card, just think of it as a weekend, a vasectomy and dinner, you can’t beat that!

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