Best Transmission Shop In Springfield Mo

Best Transmission Shop In Springfield Mo – All-American, Small-City Value Springfield, Mo., business American Transmissions LLC operates on the principle that the customer gets what they pay for.

American Transmissions LLC is a small town operation. Well, if you could call Springfield, Mo. , small town. To someone from Chicago or New York City, the city probably feels like a one-horse operation. But for someone of a true rural background, Springfield might be the closest thing to Chicago in their mind.

Best Transmission Shop In Springfield Mo

But “small town” refers not so much to the size of the city in which the company operates as it describes the principles that make it what it is. Sometimes “Small Town” is synonymous with “All-American.”

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When it refers to a particular way of thinking or behaving. American Transmission has the name “All American” so what does it do?

Owner Austin Dreyer said his father was a “tool head,” a trait he inherited. But before he cleared the way for the residents of Springfield, he collected ammunition, explosives, and other weapons during his ten years in the USAF.

“My dad was a gunsmith; cars, motorcycles, anything with a motor, I grew up racing motorcycles and motorbikes and working on cars. I don’t know, it only works in blood I think. My sister makes heavy guns. We got it all. After The time he spent on the air, “worked at CNH Reman Industrial for a short time.”

When he was in the military, Austin said, “I was in what was called a training program, but what it was was firearms. For the most part, what we did was make aircraft weapons: bombs, rockets, rockets, small and large guns from 22 bullets to 105 mm “.

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American Electric operates five elevators on five lines with a total of five employees. His team includes Stacy Hickman, Mike McKinnon, Zach Easley and Tim McKinnon. A total of six people if you ask the store dog Bonnie. Austin said the store does, on average, four to 12 jobs per week, but the number can vary depending on the size of the business. “It really depends,” he said.

Austin said the store has been in business for years, and two years ago former owner Larry Harris bought it. Austin had been working in America for six months before he purchased the surgery.

“I know this shop has been there since 1996, it was a problem, I got stuck on the road, I was working somewhere else but I was always on my bike, I didn’t know anything about the transmission but someone told me the American transmission was looking. “The owner worked with him for six months before I bought him,” Austin said.

Austin said that there is nothing special, in his opinion, that distinguishes the American transmission from other transmission shops. What makes the store special, he said, however, is the staff’s dedication to customer service above all else.

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“We are all consumers. You really get what you pay for. The customer needs to know the best steps to take.”

“There is no time to convince a customer to do something they are not happy with just to sell the job. We do a free inspection because for me a professional repair shop should be able to check the car properly and then go in and fix it We don’t just build the pipes and we actually come in and do the electrical work.

“We do solenoid repairs, we do valve body repairs. We try to help. That’s what it comes down to. My warranty price is probably the best in Springfield. It’s 2 years, 24,000 miles. We use OEM parts and so do I, you get what you pay for,” Austin said. “.

“I’ve used many opportunities in my life to serve others. We make sure the customer is comfortable; we make sure the customer understands what they’re seeing. No weird debts they know their value before they come to collect it. Before the job is done they know their value. Others. But in this part of the country, the income isn’t high. Most people don’t have the money to spend to fix these pipes, let alone some of those big, new trucks that know 5,000 to 6,000 construction jobs have been built.”

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Austin said his employees generally worked at other companies where they felt dissatisfied, and where they were given certain standards in their preparation that affected their ability to do things well.

Austin agrees to keep clients informed throughout the process. “The consumer needs to know the best way forward,” he said.

If you’re not, you won’t get more business, that’s for sure. We take our time with the diagnosis, not rush it. I don’t want a customer to come in and spend less than a lifetime fixing their car, only to have it disappear after six months. “

Austin said he does not believe in emergencies and tries to consider all electrical problems as part of a self-diagnosis before recommending repairs to a customer.

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Austin tries to please the customers, and says they can come from more than Springfield, since he has people bringing their cars from 70 miles away.

At the end of the day, Austin said, the store’s goal isn’t a lot of luck, but simplicity. “My buddies and I are not trying to be better. We really want to make a living, we want to feed our families, we want to feed our families, but that’s it. We want people to have a shop they can trust, which is rare these days,” said Mobile Auto RepairMobile. Auto repair, we offer you the store. Auto Internet and 911 Truck Repair Service Your car is an emergency vehicle on the go.

At The Mechanic with our auto repair services, we will come to your rescue and save you. We can help get you and your car back on the road.

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Have you ever needed a mobile mechanic in Springfield or a local Springfield auto repair center or had your car repaired on site, but didn’t have time to drop it off, wait or come back to pick it up? above? Everyone is busy these days and time is at a higher price, which is one of the main reasons why you should be looking for an auto mechanic that you can trust. Imagine having highly skilled technicians come to your home or workplace to fix or repair your vehicle. This is not a problem you should not worry and you should go to the mechanic yourself. It’s time to save money.

One of the best reasons to choose a portable mechanic at Springfield MO is the excellent service, which can all be flipped quickly. A quality auto repair service will save you hours or days of waiting for your vehicle to be serviced. You will simply choose an appointment, and they will be there to take care of your car, while not interfering with your daily life.

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