Best Town To Buy A House In Ct

Best Town To Buy A House In Ct – Tower Cottage was built in 1880 and is one of the finest examples of Queen Anne architecture in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The house was designed and built by Charles Bates Northrup, a carpenter and builder who grew up in the town. The house was eventually used as a summer retreat for Maude Bouvier Davis, who spent summers away from the big city in the house. In Ridgefield, Maud occasionally visited her niece, Jackie Bouvier (later known as Jackie Kennedy Onassis), the first lady of President John F. Kennedy. Maud owned the property until 1972 and the house has been lovingly preserved ever since.

Lewis H. Bailey (1818–1899) was a banker, merchant, and hotelier from Ridgefield, Connecticut. His stunning Italianate villa on Main Street was built before the American Civil War, a summer residence for wealthy New Yorkers to escape the cramped city life and polluted air. Bailey was well aware of the city’s boom in development when he first arrived. Build cities within cities, sell land and start building village roads. To accommodate short-term summer residents, Bailey built and operated the old Bailey Inn on land adjacent to his home. The inn was demolished in the 1920s. Because the dynamics of the city as a summer town began to shift with the increase of year-round residents. The Italianate-style villa is a lasting legacy of Bailey and his influence on the city. The palace, with its square tower and free-standing carriage house, is preserved and contributes significantly to the character of the main street.

Best Town To Buy A House In Ct

Although the house appears to have been built as a Greek Revival house in the mid-1800s, it was actually built nearly a century earlier as one of the oldest surviving properties on Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The house is located on the owner’s plot no. 20, on the site of the original building intended for the new town of Ridgefield. The house appears to have been built for Matthew Seymour (Seymour) in 1760 and now forms part of the house. Left) Seymour had a trading post in town and traded with the nearby local Ramapo tribe. Before the Civil War, a more formal Greek Revival style wing with a gabled roof facing the street was added to the house, and this configuration remains to this day.

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This old Georgian house was built in 1713 on the owner’s lot at 5 Main Street in Ridgefield. The house was built for Ridgefield’s first clergy and was first occupied by the 25-year-old Rev. Thomas Hawley (1689-1738), fresh out of Harvard in 1709. (also spelled Hauley) also worked as a school teacher and town clerk. The house uses Dutch Colonial details, from the gable roof to the portico extending over the front door, common to Dutch colonies in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

This gingerbread house on Main Street in Ridgefield next to Reverend Thomas Holly’s house (previous post) looks like something out of a fairy tale. The house appears to have been built around the Civil War (or renovation of an older house) and beautifully blends Italianate and Gothic details under one roof. The house was built on land owned by Holley’s descendants and was occupied by several families until the Holley estate was sold in the 20th century. The house was bought in 2002 by Gregory and Valerie Jensen, who restored it. Ms. Jensen is the founder of the Prospector Theater. The Prospector Theater is a non-profit cinema dedicated to providing a better quality of life for people with disabilities through meaningful employment.

Czar Jones (1789–1869) was a carpenter and judge who served in the War of 1812 and later became a partner in a local carriage company in Ridgefield, Connecticut. In 1818, Jones purchased a circa 1787 house on Main Street and modernized it to serve as his family residence. Modest late Georgian home updated in Federal style. Shortly after the Tsar’s death (his only wife died in 1851), the house was owned by New York publisher Albert H. Storer and his wife Sophie (founder and first-generation president of the local Ridgefield Garden Club) bought it. The couple divorced in 1915 and Sophie remarried before settling in California and moving to Europe. She remained in Ridgefield with her daughter and grandchildren and became Mr. Stoller’s primary residence.

Built in 1850, perhaps a late Greek Revival or Italianate style home, this property on Main Street in Ridgefield was completely “modernized” in the 1880s in the then-popular Queen Anne style. It was done. The house was originally built for Francis Asbury Rockwell (1818-1881). Francis Asbury Rockwell (1818–1881) was a tinsmith, winemaker, and inventor who married Mary Lee Everest. Everest also has deep roots in the area and was the daughter of a local Revolutionary War captain. The couple built a house on Main Street and raised their children there until the deaths of Francis and Mary in 1881 and 1883, respectively. The family home was inherited by his eldest son, Charles Lee Rockwell, who became a director of the First National Bank in the city. Charles updated the house to look like a Victorian Queen Anne today.

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After the Revolutionary War, Lt. Joshua King settled in Ridgefield and in 1801 built the King Mansion. It was a Federal style house that commanded part of Main Street. Born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, King fought in the American Revolutionary War near the borders of Connecticut and New York. After the war he settled in Ridgefield and married one of the most eligible single women in town, Ann Ingersoll. Annie was the daughter of Reverend Jonathan Ingersoll, pastor of the Ridgefield Congregational Church. After a long time running the business and supporting the family, Joshua died in 1839, a year after his wife’s death. The mansion was inherited by his son Joshua Jr. until his death in 1887. In 1889, a fire destroyed most of the house. When it burned, The New York Times described it as “the grandest old mansion in the village.” It was soon replaced by the current house. It was modeled after the original house, but was larger and set back from the street in the Colonial Revival style. A fire broke out again in the 1990s, and the current building was renovated and expanded between 2002 and 2004.

This stunning temple front Greek Revival home on Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut is an absolute dream! Built in the middle. The gabled roof of the house facing the street complements the gable, which is supported by a protruding portico of four massive Ionic columns. Spectacular Palladian windows in the gable add a lot of character to the facade. I love the classic house in front of the majestic temple!

About 1713, Benjamin Hoyt built a house for himself and his family on a second lot on a lot along Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The building was originally a one-room residence with a stone fireplace and no basement next to the David Hoyt House (aka The Fountain Inn). Years later, he expanded the property by building buildings around and on top of the structure, giving it the roof and shape it has today. More than 50 years later, in 1769, Hoyt’s son-in-law Timothy Keeler purchased the property. Timothy Keeler and his wife converted the building into an inn in 1772, just before the start of the American Revolutionary War. Keeler sided with the American Revolutionaries and served in the local militia. After the Battle of Ridgefield, the British opened fire on Keeler’s Tavern, as Keeler was the enemy. The cannon that was used to shoot at the inn is still standing on a pillar in the corner of the house. After the next owners, the Keeler family, the property was bought by the world-famous architect Cass Gilbert, who transformed it into a family summer residence in 1907. Around 1910, they built a garden house and added a sunken pond. Gilbert also designed a fountain as a gift to the city, almost opposite his family’s summer residence. The property was purchased in the 1960s and has been used as a historical museum ever since.

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