Best Time To Surf In Costa Rica

Best Time To Surf In Costa Rica – Do a quick Google search for “best surf destinations” and you will quickly see a trend: Costa Rica almost always tops the list as a great place to catch a wave. Hot springs, beaches and easy access to swimming pools are not wrong. Not to mention the ease of traveling to and from the country and the warm and welcoming lifestyle “Pura Vida” (holy life) of the local Ticos. All in all, when you are looking for a destination, Costa Rica is guaranteed to be a great adventure that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Sure, you can spend months scuba diving in Costa Rica and still have a place to explore, but if you are like most people, you need a trip to Costa Rica that takes you to the best places in the world. Short. If you can spend 10 days away from work and at home, this is how you should plan your trip.

Best Time To Surf In Costa Rica

There are two major airports in Costa Rica: Daniel Odouberquiros International Airport, located just outside Liberia in Ghana Casa (Liberia Airport) and Juan Santa Maria International Airport, located just outside San Jose in Alanjo. San Jose). The best solution for a 10-day trip is to buy two tickets separately. The first is on a flight to Liberia Airport and the second is on a flight from San Jose Airport.

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There are many reasons for this. First, major airlines fly in and out of both airports, making it easy to find and secure tickets to both destinations. Ideally, flying in and out of two separate airports makes it easy to explore different surf spots as you travel south along the coast from Guanacaste to Puntarenas. This allows you to see more of Costa Rica while you spend maximum time on the water. In addition, Liberia Airport is small and convenient to travel, making it a great choice for those unfamiliar with international air travel. Flying to a smaller airport can help you have a more immersive experience.

When you book a ticket, go book a rental car as well. While there are many transportation options in Costa Rica, including private transfer, shared bus and taxi transfers, car rental will give you the flexibility to change your schedule to your liking. And while some of Costa Rica’s roads may be a bit bumpy, navigating using Waze or Google Maps is easy. A word to the expert though: It is best to rent an SUV based on the number of lanes you will drive and you should be prepared to pay “third party insurance” at the time of your rental – it is Required in Costa Rica is not covered by other insurance plans (such as your car insurance) or insurance provided by your credit card) and usually doubles the total cost of renting a car.

Many flights to Liberia Airport land between morning and evening, giving you plenty of time to pick up your car and depart during the day. Your first ski destination is Tamarindo, a popular resort town that is praised for its easy-to-start waves and easy access to the beach with bigger and harder waves. If you arrive around 4:00 or 17:00 in the afternoon, you will have plenty of time to check-in at the hotel before exploring the surrounding area.

If you like, there are plenty of attractions throughout the city and on the beach. It makes it easy to access restaurants, nightclubs and shops. But if you are a more budget-conscious traveler, look for a surf hostel or Iguana Surf hotel. The choices are endless and you can often find great accommodation from $ 25 per night to over $ 500, depending on the simple or luxurious experience you are looking for.

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After leaving your suitcase at the hotel, you have to make a decision. If you are an avid skier, you probably still have plenty of time to enjoy the board (rentals are available at shops along the coast, including Iguana Surf) and catch a few waves. However, if you are tired of a day trip, consider walking around the city looking for shops before stopping for a meal and sipping a beer or cocktail to watch the sunset. Tamarindo offers some of the best sunset views in the world, and a number of restaurants, including Ocho Bar, Chiringuito’s, Jolly Roger and El Vaquero, offer front-row seats to witness the magic.

End the night by checking out the nightlife in the area. Sports bars such as Sharky Evening Offers and Club Events like The Crazy Monkey and Lizard Lounge are great for those who love to dance and every night you can find live music at restaurants around town. Keep an eye on The Swell Dealer to see what is happening during your travel dates.

Playa Tamarindo is the perfect place to start your trip. If you are a beginner in sports or for a while since you caught the last wave, talk to a surf instructor at a local surf venue (Iguana Surf is always a good option) to find out when. The best is to beat the water. Then plan lessons based on their feedback. Even if you have been boating before, this two-hour lesson (semi-private or private group) can give you important reminders on water safety, basic skiing skills, and how to set up your popup to attack. Each. . They will also allow you to open conversations with local teachers who can give you feedback on the beach and vacation that is best suited for your skill level if you plan to go on your own.

After learning, rent a board and save it if you want to practice more on your own. Even if you decide you are too tired, you still want it for the 3rd and 4th day.

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The beauty of Tamarindo is its easy access to nearby surf spots. With your surfboard and rental car, you can choose to enjoy a more relaxing stay at Playa Grande, Playa Langosta or Playa Avellanas all in 30 minutes or less. Playa Grande tends to provide some difficult waves, although depending on the day Avellanas can be difficult if not more so. Talk to your surf instructor to see which places they recommend (they may also recommend you to different places on Playa Tamarindo, such as El Estero or Capitan Suiza) and when they think you should go surfing. . If you are a little careful in surfing yourself, see if you can afford a private surf lesson and have a tutor with you. After all, it’s just your second official cruise day – a little improvement won’t hurt.

Playa Avellanas is a great place for beginners to intermediate. You can take a ride with Iguana Surf or take a local taxi. The beach has amazing reefs and coral beaches and is home to the famous Lolas, which offers great restaurants and views.

Playa Nosara is about two hours from Tamarindo along a curve, mostly a beautiful two-lane highway. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at Tamarindo’s favorite food such as Breakfast Grinds or Breaking Bread, head south to Nosara and the famous surf of Playa Guiones. Remember that downtown Nosara is about 20 minutes from the beach. If you want to stay on the beach (and why not?) Be sure to book a hotel or AirBnb at Playa Nosara or Playa Guiones, not Nosara.

If you arrive around noon or a little later you will have plenty of time to check in at your hotel, take a walk along the beach and find a surf shop for rent, board time advice, top skiing time and hire a tutor if you wish. Need a little extra help. If the conditions are good, you may also want to board the plane for a few hours to feel the waves. Finish the night with a meal from a local restaurant such as Burgers and Beer (self explanatory) or Pacifico Azul (good for seafood) before bedtime. You may feel a little tired at this point and have a great day in front of you.

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Enjoy the next day by boat back to Nosara or explore Guiones if you are an intermediate skier and enjoy the famous ski resorts.

About 4 hours from Nosara you will reach the pleasant surf town of Pais Mall and Santa Teresa. The city stretches far and offers great restaurants, local bars, Airbnb hotels and great entertainment venues. Take a few days to explore the local area and ask locals about the best places to try. When to visit Santa Claus

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