Best Time To Overseed Lawn In Alberta

Best Time To Overseed Lawn In Alberta – Dear Helen: Some time ago, you wrote about a new type of clover that is perfect to replace lawn grass in our climate. We want something that respects the environment and requires less water and fertilizer.

Micro-clover lawn grass is an attractive addition. Like legumes, clover fertilizes itself naturally by fixing nitrogen with its roots.

Best Time To Overseed Lawn In Alberta

Dear Helen: Some time ago, you wrote about a new type of clover that is perfect to replace lawn grass in our climate.

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Are we going to change the grass? When is the best time to plant clover and attract deer?

I am sorry to say that the part of my boulevard where the micro-clover care built a green lawn was visited daily by the local deer. I suspect the same will happen when native deer have free access to clover.

I chose to gradually maintain the established pastures with micro-clover. So far I have had the best monitoring results in March, when the rain is still heavy and the soil starts to cool. September is another good time.

Over seeding worked well when I gave the lawn grass firm and mulched before seeding, sieving lightly and pressing the seeds. Use a rental roller for large areas and a flat spade for limited areas. . The seeds need to be in contact with the soil in order to germinate and grow properly.

The Best Grass Seed For Overseeding Of 2022

In this year’s catalog, West Coast Seeds has a “Lawn Solutions” page with information on replacing lawns with sustainable options.

Of all the grass types, tall fescue is the most attractive to chafer beetles for egg laying. Clover grass fertilizes itself naturally by absorbing nitrogen from the atmosphere in its leaves and roots.

West Coast Seeds advises that sowing in an open, freshly groomed area gives the best results with grass selections. I choose to take care of a dry lawn because the thought of removing all the grass and kissing the soil makes me want to sleep.

Dear Helen: In your last column of 2017, you wrote about an almost indestructible houseplant called mother’s tongue (snake plant, Sansevieria).

California Native All Purpose Grass

I have heard that these plants rarely bloom, but mine blooms regularly. Is this because the plant has roots? Should I cut the plant and move it between the two pots?

Under good growing conditions, a mature group of the variety you have (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii) will produce sprays of small, fragrant flowers. In one of my house plant guides, there is a picture of a plant similar to yours, with the same type of flower stalk.

These plants rarely need repotting. I have often been advised to repot only when the growth starts to break.

Mature tubers can be removed from the pot and divided into sections for individual replanting. Clusters of offset leaves can be cut away from the base and planted.

Costco] Scotts Supreme Grass Seed 4kg (8.8lb) Bag $16.99

Dear Helen: While I was watering one of my houseplants, I was shocked to see small, pale worms crawling along the surface of the soil. What are they and what should I do about them?

Gantt larvae are white worms with black heads. They feed mainly on plants that are rotting in the soil, but they can also damage the roots of young plants. The eggs are laid in the ground where the adults hatch into flies – small, black flies that move around the plants and emerge when the plants are disturbed.

Not to mention we see flies around the plant. Their presence confirms that the mites are fungal larvae.

Springtails are very small, only up to half a centimeter, and usually light in color. They are often seen jumping or crawling on the ground after watering. Their presence often indicates overwatered plant matter and/or rotting in the soil. Like mosquito nettles, springtails can damage seedlings and young plants.

How To Aerate And Overseed Your Lawn

For strong trees, the solution is to reduce watering. Allow the surface of the soil to dry between waterings.

Remove the plant pot where the number of insects is high, wash the roots gently, and then mix again with a new clean cooking mixture that releases excess moisture freely.

Garden Notes by Helen Chesnut: Exotic clematis poses challenge to home gardeners November 23, 2022 5:01 AM Shelley November 22, 2022 10:00 AM Ottawa announces $250M in grants for homeowners . Heat Pumps 22 November 2022 3:06 Summer is officially here, which means spending more time outside enjoying the sun and taking care of your lawn. Maintaining a healthy and strong lawn involves more than watering and mowing each week. The key to a good summer lawn care plan is to approach it in three phases: early, mid and late summer which is the same timeline as your residential lawn care services in Calgary. Here’s everything you need to get a beautiful lawn all summer long, including a handy infographic you can print and refer to for your convenience!

Early summer or late spring lawn maintenance in Calgary includes fertilizing and treating your lawn to prepare for the heat. The general rule is to wait until the ground is warm and the grass is growing. If you fertilize or treat your lawn while it is dormant or partially dormant, it will not be as effective as waiting a while for the treatment to begin. Early summer lawn care includes:

Sherwood Park Lawn Care Services

In the summer, it’s all about taking care of your lawn and consistent mowing and watering. If you start to see brown patches or dry patches, you may need to call a lawn care service as it could be a sign of an insect infestation or another treatable problem. Summer lawn care includes:

After a few months of sun exposure, walking, and bug or bug activity, your lawn is done for the season. Remember that even though the summer months are coming to an end, taking care of your lawn is very important. When August rolls around, here’s what to do to maintain a healthy lawn: In the spring and summer, outdoor watering activities can increase your water use by 30 to 40 percent.

Save money on your water bill while keeping your lawn clean by following these lawn care tips. You can also check out our watering guide:

For information on watering during a water restriction, see Water Restrictions. For more lawn and yard care resources, visit YardSmart.

Key Things To Do For Your Lawn In Spring

Starting your yard from scratch can seem like a daunting task. Taking the time to properly plan your yard will help you create a concrete plan of action.

Find more plans, tips and tools to create a water efficient home and yard. Visit the Homeowners Water Guide.

Download our step-by-step PDF guide or click on the image below to learn how to create beautiful, low-maintenance garden beds that work in all areas of your yard:

A deep root system will grow and retain more moisture. Tall grass also keeps the roots cool and helps your lawn cope with drought and extreme heat.

B] Impressive Overseeding Results

Grass cycling returns nutrients to the soil, reduces weeds and conserves moisture. Lawn mowers are free fertilizers to help keep your lawn green.

Do not peel when wet or in the hot sun. Young plants can become stressed and sick in the heat of summer.

Avoid removing more than a third of the length of the grass with each cut. This will prevent cutting the crown of your lawn. Regular mowing will keep your lawn healthy.

Under the city’s Community Standards Act, private property owners must ensure grass is no taller than 15 cm (six inches).

Home Gardener 1kg All Purpose Grass Seed

Keeping a healthy and beautiful neighborhood means being a good neighbor and part of the community.

Your lawn needs to breathe and aeration can help. Aeration means removing small plugs or soil particles from the lawn.

As the grass ages or is used more, your soil may become compacted. Grass roots need oxygen to grow and absorb nutrients and water, and compaction reduces the total amount of air in the soil.

If you are not sure if you need air, take a core sample at least six inches deep. If the grass roots only grow the first inch or two, your soil may be compacted.

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Aeration is often done by over-seeding or composting – the spreading of grass seed or compost on the grass, which falls into the holes.

You can rent aerators from many garden or rental centers, and some landscape companies will do the service for you.

In Alberta, the best time for snorkeling is from May to June and again in mid-September. Soil particles are best left on the lawn for later work.

We do not recommend soil with stones, rocks or tree roots just below the surface. Heavy clay soils are also difficult to aerate.

Spring Lawn Care

The soil should be moist but not wet. Water two days before transplanting so that the plants go back deep into the soil

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