Best Time For Redfish In Louisiana

Best Time For Redfish In Louisiana – This is the most common question I get from potential clients and my favorite answer is… Well, when can you be here? This is certainly not the answer they are looking for. So I thought I’d go into a little more detail…

Fishing can be excellent year-round, but the “best time” depends on what anglers want to do or see. Some people want to target only red billfish, some want the ability to catch multiple fish regardless of size, some want black anchovies, jack crevalle, sharks, ice, etc. Other species like to target, some want to target the fish tail, some want to do it all. You see where I’m going with this… there are so many options and so many different situations. Let me generalize them a bit, but keep in mind that these are general and may change depending on weather conditions, tides, etc. Can play a role in changing everyday situations. The method of targeting specific fish species often varies in different situations. Your guide will take care of you and give you the best opportunities while having a great time on the water.

Best Time For Redfish In Louisiana

This is a great time to target large numbers of redfish in clear shallow lakes and ponds that are often hidden and hidden from casual boaters. Topwater can be a good time for redfish. The marsh grass turned green and the marsh began to bloom with new life. It’s also a great time to start spotting crocodiles and other wildlife that haven’t been seen much in the past few months. Simply put, it’s a great time to be in the marsh and the redfish are plentiful and eating! Oh and did I mention the big red fish are still around…? Big red fish!

Florida Redfish Vs. Louisiana Redfish

This is usually the best time to target redfish of all sizes. 5-15 pounds is a lot and anglers can catch a lot of fish. There are also red fish that crawl in swamps and are often found crawling and walking on their tail, back and belly. Large black anchovies can be numerous and seek tails and stand up when feeding in shallow water. Jack Creole is starting to appear and make you money! Crocodile gar can also be found swimming and can quickly provide a fun challenge. It looks like the weather is becoming more predictable and the wind may calm down. Interested in top water fishing? Now would be a good time. This may be my favorite time to fish and be on the water!

Red Bull and Jack Creole schools are more popular. Calm days can bring many opportunities. You’ve seen all the Red Bull and Jack Creole videos on the water, like my 29° NOLA movie, right? Well, now is usually a good time for it. This is the busiest time of year and dates usually sell out well and quickly. It is almost impossible to get a last minute charter at this stage. And if circumstances don’t permit we can target students, we can accept singles and small groups.

This is usually a great time to aim for red snapper in clear water. There are certainly other opportunities and we will sometimes have to change based on the weather, but the focus is usually on redfish. It is also a very busy time of year and reservations go quickly.

And of course, throughout the year, your teachers can do their best to provide you with extraordinary experiences and opportunities. I’ll leave it at that. There is much more to this fishery that could be discussed here, but we just have to show you!

Best Months For Louisiana Fly Fishing

Please note that the above information is a very simple generalization. Louisiana has one of the largest fisheries in the world for a wide variety of species.

Each season presents different opportunities and challenges, so if you want to come at a specific time or you can only come at a specific time, contact us and we’ll make it work. His knowledge and experience to give you the best opportunities. Fall and winter may be the busiest and therefore most popular, but don’t miss out on the best fishing opportunities in the spring and summer. It’s one of our best kept secrets, but not for long! Spend some time on the water with Southern Fly Expeditions any time of the year and have a great time. This is probably still the most asked question by anglers around the world. The answer can be quite long, but mainly because there are so many different conditions and I have to explain how amazing the fishing can be every month of the year. Below I have provided a very quick and very general summary for each month!

January can be a great time for fly fishing in Louisiana. Like every month, Mother Nature might have something to say about it. But if you avoid booking your dates in advance, someone else will pick them up and you’ll probably have a great time that you might otherwise have. January usually has very low tides and pretty clear water. Large redfish, black anchovies and sheepshead also congregate in deeper waters and roam the flats in search of their next meal. You can meet fish alone, in pairs, in small groups and sometimes in large flocks.

February can be another great month for fly fishing in Louisiana. February is often very similar to January in terms of weather and great fishing. If conditions permit, we may also see larger schools in rural areas. This month usually marks the beginning of New Orleans’ crab and beef festival season. It can be a fun time in town and on the water!

Redfish Dynasty Fly Fishing

March is another great time to fish in Louisiana. It could be as early as January and February and start our transition into spring. Mother Nature can be a little distant at times and make fly fishing a bit more difficult, but the opportunity is still there, especially on calmer days. I can say the same for most months of the year. If the fly fishing conditions aren’t great and you’re ready to drop your rod, the results can be crazy! The weather is a little different in March every year, but you should go. This could be the best fishing you’ve ever had!

As the weather warms in April, so does the fishing. April is usually a bit higher than what we see in the winter and we can go into standing water where we target lots of beautiful redfish that move and swim in the water. Clear shallow water. Some of them are so orange/copper that they look like they’ve been swimming in a swamp! And we can still go out to sea and pull some giant redfish and black anchovies out of the water, usually with the tail and back. During the years when the water grass was thicker in the backwaters, I spent more time out in the swamps where the giants lived. The upper water movement may begin to warm around this time. The swamp is home to all kinds of wildlife, including crocodiles. Crayfish season is also in full swing, so you can get a true Louisiana experience. You can also join Jazz Fest!

You guessed it… May is another great month for fly fishing in Louisiana. As in April, we caught red snapper, black anchovies, etc. Out in the swamp along with the standing water. is our goal. Red oxtail and black anchovies are more commonly seen. There are lots of shrimp, crabs and bait fish around and the fish are eating! My most memorable days also happened during this time.

Are you starting to see a trend here..? June is a great month here in the Louisiana swamps! It’s getting pretty warm, but the fishing is heating up. June is like May, but often steroids are used. The wind is generally calm, redfish are sometimes caught in schools and small groups, as well as large single fish along the beaches and flats. Redfish, black drum, alligator gar, tripletail and jack crevalle are the targets. The water process at the top also starts to warm up a bit! How many moons can there be in a Louisiana swamp!

Sarasota Pumpkin Patch: Redfish Fall 2021

July… It’s hot and humid, but you can go through the frantic motions and battles of your life. Of course, red fish is still on the Target menu, as are black anchovies and the like. But the star of the show may be Jake Creole! July is usually when they start to show up in large numbers in large schools that really get into a feeding frenzy. We can also fish.

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