Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant Sc

Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant Sc – There is always something to look at and explore in Mount Pleasant. Whether you’re looking for tourist attractions, off-the-beaten-path destinations, outdoor thrills, or indoor adventures, you’ll find one on our list of the best things to do in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Just mentioning Shem Creek conjures up images of succulent seafood, stunning coastal views and exciting pubs. But if you want to experience Shem Creek in its natural beauty, without the trappings of tourist attractions, Shem Creek Park beckons.

Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant Sc

Located on Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, Shem Creek Park is the perfect place for family peace and relaxation. Take a nice walk along the path and enjoy the wonderful views of the places around the historic bay. What you see depends on the path you choose. Fishing boats line the river, creating a picture perfect postcard.

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Short trails provide access to nearby wetlands where some of the coastal wildlife is found. Shem Creek Park is also a popular fishing spot, so bring your fishing tackle and reel.

Experience the charm of the Old Village District with its historic homes, beautiful oak trees, and waterfront communities. It will take you back to the 18th century, when the village was a summer playground for wealthy Charlestonians. It includes the historic Hibben House, one of Mount Pleasant’s oldest structures.

The Old Village is your ticket to a quiet and peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Pitt Street Bridge is a great place for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, and kayaking. If you want a great view of Charleston Harbor, this is one of the best places to hang out.

But that doesn’t mean time has stood still in the sleepy town. The shopping scene is alive and well as small independent businesses thrive in place of the big chain stores. The area has a strong small-town atmosphere, and local events are community businesses.

Thrilling Things To Do In Mount Pleasant, Sc

Shem Creek is full of water activities, from fishing to boating and canoeing. If you’re looking for a low-impact workout, there’s no better way than kayaking. Coast Expeditions offers kayak rentals for the week. You can explore this creek on your own, with a partner, or by canoe.

A 2-hour family kayaking excursion on Shem Creek is a great way to introduce your kids to kayaking while enjoying the sights and sounds of Charleston Harbor. The trip is not only about kayaking, but also about local history and getting up close and personal with dolphins and manatees when they appear. This swimming expedition is synchronized with the tide and will be the most fun for the whole family.

If you want to witness the restoration of the Crab Bank Seabird Park, you can join the Crab Bank Community Kayak Tour. Visitors can visit the important pelican nesting island for free and help promote their long-term survival by raising awareness.

Recognized as the number one plantation in the Charleston area, Boone Hall Plantation lives up to expectations with its stunning moss-covered live oak trees in evenly spaced rows. The garden features 100-year-old roses and a variety of butterflies in their natural elements.

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A 40-minute tractor tour around the 738-acre farm is a rich experience that will give you a better understanding of the history of the farm and how the farm still operates today.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the 1st floor of the 1936 Georgian designed farmhouse. The plantation is not only a symbol of Southern heritage, but also an opportunity to learn about the unique culture of the farm workers through a hands-on presentation. .

Mount Pleasant Memorial Water Park is a huge complex where visitors can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities and events. This beautiful park is located under the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and overlooks the Cooper River.

The park is home to the 1,250-foot Pleasant Mount Pier, which extends into Charleston Harbor. There is a pavilion where dance and cultural events are held throughout the year. The park has something for everyone. There are war memorials, modern playgrounds, cycle paths, picnic areas and fishing spots. Having a park under the bridge provides access to Charleston’s historic waterways.

Best Things To Do In Charleston, Sc In 2022

A park is a place to think rather than a place to hang out and enjoy nature. After all, it was built to honor the fallen of Mount Pleasant who sacrificed their lives to protect their country.

If your idea of ​​fun is sliding down a 200-foot water slide, head to Splash Island Water Park and bring the whole family. This water park is located deep in the tropical greenery of Palmetto Islands Mountain Park. So it’s like a secret garden within a park that can work as a water view for you and your kids.

With splashes, waterfalls, geysers and cyclone water rides, you’ll wonder if you’ll ever see the mainland again. We bet you’ll have a hard time prying the little ones away from the 16-foot otter slide. Water parks provide hours of fun and are a great way to beat the summer heat.

Whether you arrive by land or sea, you’ll enjoy your trip to Pitt Street Bridge Park. The park was once the only way to reach Sullivan’s Island Beach from Mount Pleasant. But now it’s your gateway to a place of natural beauty where you can rest, relax and unwind.

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The natural beauty of the park shines with lush greenery, blue water and spectacular sunrises. You can take a leisurely stroll and admire the surrounding marshes, the harbor, and the Charleston skyline. You can also go for a run, bike ride, or sit on a bench and meditate. The park is pet-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend along for the ride.

At the end of the Pitt Street Bridge is a fishing pier where you can catch blue crabs, sea bass, trout, crappie and other fish. If you want a more spectacular activity, you can take a boat ride around Charleston Harbor and take in the sights.

If you want a hands-on history lesson for yourself or your kids, the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum is the perfect place to explore and learn. The museum offers fascinating and engaging tours where you can learn about history, marine science, space and aviation.

Using the flight simulator, you can board the USS Yorktown and defend your country from enemies. The wet lab provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with the local fauna and explore the marine ecosystem in depth. If you prefer going to space, Journey to Planet X is a virtual reality space program where you can become an astronaut for a day and explore the universe and other worlds.

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If you dare to explore the shadows of the ship, put on your helmet and flashlight, descend to the bottom of the ship and discover the secrets that lie beneath.

If you want your trip to Mount Pleasant to be exciting and full of excitement, come and lock yourself in the prison of Elite Escape Games. We’re guessing your idea of ​​fun is surviving a zombie outbreak, breaking into a top-secret military facility, collecting a dinosaur DNA sample, or defusing a bomb on a subway train. You have exactly 60 minutes to finish the job or suffer the consequences.

Elite Escape Games offers four of the most realistic and exciting escape rooms that will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. It’s perfect for a fun night out, family reunion, corporate event or team building activity. It’s definitely a fun and memorable experience that you won’t be able to talk about.

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is a must-see in Mount Pleasant. Owned by Charles Pinckney, this 28-acre historic estate is reason enough to visit the remains of the Sney Farm plantation.

Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant, Sc

Although Charles Pinckney was the governor of South Carolina, his most important contribution was as the principal author and signer of the United States Constitution. The Pinckney House and its surviving buildings provide a glimpse into the founding father’s life. They also tell the story of what life was like for farm workers during one of the most important periods in American history.

Visiting this site is like stepping into a time machine and exploring history from a different perspective. This is an essential stop you can’t miss while in Mount Pleasant. Across the river from Charleston, the bustling town of Mount Pleasant is a quiet escape with food, scenery, and adventure.

Any visit to Charleston will include a trip across the Cooper River to Mt.

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