Best Therapist In Katy Texas

Best Therapist In Katy Texas – Sara Soto is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor and EMDR Certified Clinician. He is an emotional keeper and a professional secret keeper. As a therapist, she works with individuals, adolescents and couples. She is an advocate for the LGBTQIA community and a multiculturally sensitive therapist. Sarah’s special interests and professional interests include helping people through life transitions, trauma, abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD management, relationship issues and other things we face every day as humans. He is an advocate of the mind-body connection and believes that growth and healing occur through a combination of cognitive and emotional processing and awareness and physical control. Sarah is dedicated to mental health and the health movement and believes in using modern treatment techniques based on effectiveness. She strives to be on top of her healing game and enjoys continuing to research and learn to provide the best service to all of her clients.

Sarah is enthusiastic and passionate about helping you connect with you and who you are and fit into every part of your life. He is invested in helping “good” people become good. He said, “If it works?” His question was inspiring. He is invested in helping you discover and be honest with what you already know but may be afraid to believe or follow, and he is passionate about his calling; Offer a way of life, hope and relief to those who suffer in silence.

Best Therapist In Katy Texas

The change can be expressed through your growth, the emotional experience that you see. Not seeing, gaining understanding, small and large victories and personal transformation. Change is the achievement of your own goals and ideas about your potential; Change feels like a moment of relief, gaining understanding and realizing it. Sarah believes that change is smooth and continuous and hopes that you will allow yourself to help. She goes where she wants to be. Because healing is both a science and an art, and because we deal directly with people, the set of things necessary for change to occur is complex. A strong counselor-client relationship is essential for change to be seen in treatment. Sarah is genuine, modern, kind, knowledgeable, accepting, patient and skilled. Sarah is a professional who keeps your secrets and guides you in healing and developing your best self. She is flexible and creative in developing and implementing evidence-based treatment plans. She has a combination of patience and determination, knowing when you might benefit from a gentle treatment.

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Sarah works in combination and eclectically; It uses a holistic, humanistic, people-oriented, decision-oriented, cognitive, behavioral, language approach. He believes that using only one theoretical framework limits the therapeutic tool. She uses her personal awareness and client’s physical symptoms in every session to help create a deeper connection between the mind, body and emotional responses. Sarah also practices Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a unique therapeutic solution for stuck areas in your brain, body and spirit. It is a tool that can help you release and heal emotional wounds, big or small. It is a way to help feelings or reactions that are too numb or overwhelming. EMDR helps the brain process and heal from trauma by simulating REM sleep, such as eye movement, while gently focusing on memories, feelings and thoughts. EMDR can help with trauma, PTSD, childhood issues, anxiety, depression, performance issues and more. Proven to be an effective treatment method for existing clients. Sarah received EMDR therapy as a client in 2011 after a car accident. For him, the accident is the hot point of the life story that suppresses and suppresses all the injuries and wounds he faces. Until now, he had been unconsciously running on autopilot that was grinding his teeth, arousing his muscles, and causing headaches. If you ask him, he will say “good”. Shortly after receiving EMDR therapy, she experienced a heavy weight being lifted off her shoulders. I don’t know what I’m carrying. It’s like losing 100 pounds of stress instantly; Like waking up from a long, foggy sleep. Here is the explanation. Her personal experience with EMDR was so healing, relieving and transformative that she soon decided it was her calling to bring this relief and healing to others.

In the session, Sarah starts with people, energy, problems, intuition, information and goals. Sarah believes in treating each client as an individual and knows that people do the best with what they have. Sarah appreciates the resilience and courage that every client needs to imagine and experience their own best. As a therapist, it is important to understand what someone needs, where they are coming from, what they are struggling with and what they are looking for. Then he used what he knew best to help; If he doesn’t know, he investigates, asks and learns. In the treatment room, Sarah seems to be out of it. Despite his best efforts, he doesn’t sound like a traditional counselor, but he does occasionally wear a chief counselor cardigan. He often sits cross-legged during meetings and he speaks with his hands. Sessions are professional and relaxed. He is willing to sleep with his clients (with permission, of course) to teach deep breathing or meditation. He’s a visual learner, so when he’s explaining something or teaching a new technique, he might as well draw. Sarah believes in the holistic nature of the healing arts. She believes in non-judgmental, humanistic, targeted, person-centered, integrative and eclectic therapy. He believes in authenticity in life and meetings and always tries to practice what he preaches. He never sets or expects anything from a client that he is not willing to challenge himself. Sarah believes in the art of healing and is grateful for the honor and responsibility of sharing people’s lives and stories. He believes that humor is one of the therapist’s best tools. He believes in intimacy and participation in meetings. She believes in the power of understanding where you come from and your style, and recognizing and creating the life you want for yourself. He believes that therapists and clients are constantly changing and life’s rhythms and opportunities, and the practice of therapy should reflect that creative instability. He believes in self-expression and strives, no matter what Yoda’s state is, even as he learns to make peace with his current state.

Sarah moved into the consulting industry after endless twists, premonitions, battles with fate, and the ultimate luck of the stars. Sarah also holds a BA in English and Radio, Television and Film. Sarah’s love of storytelling in books and movies translates into art and deepens her new career, listening to the extraordinary stories of her clients’ lives. Sarah enjoys trying new restaurants and eating with her loved ones; He tries to enjoy going to the gym. Sara lives on equal footing with pets and humans. He cares about his family and likes to take pictures. Sarah is an extrovert and ENFP. Sarah loves big rugs and adventures (which may include things like checking out new grocery stores). He loves to travel and is easily entertained and excited.

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Sara Soto is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas, license #73862. Has a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling and Mental Health. Sarah brings a wide range of experience to her treatment practice, including experience working in addiction treatment facilities, in the private sector and in higher education. Sarah has attended training in EMDR, addiction, queer and gender nonconforming issues, sexual trauma, substance abuse and DBT. Sarah has experience working with high and low income clients, millennials, teenagers, couples, professionals, parents, college students, queer and gender nonconforming residents, low income, high income and multicultural clients.

I love my therapist. I found him easy to talk to and very helpful. I’m so glad I found it. Are you struggling with a life transition? Are you shocked, stressed, and worried about who you are, where you are, and where you want to go? Finding your identity as a child, teenager and young adult can be confusing and difficult, especially when there seems to be so much change around you. I can help you separate these feelings and emotions.

Parents often have to overcome their own obstacles as their children transition into adolescence and young adulthood. The stages of childhood to childhood, adolescence to adulthood, and then the empty nest can create uncertainty in a person. These phases and transitions can lead to a variety of negative emotions such as guilt, frustration, confusion and exhaustion.

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