Best Tattoo Shops In Long Beach

Best Tattoo Shops In Long Beach – Do you have an idea, style or budget for a tattoo? Los Angeles has something for everyone. These stores have the best artists and a reputation for doing just about anything. Whether it’s your first tattoo or another addition to your collection, any of these shops can provide you with a unique experience that will last a lifetime!

Sullen Clothing began under the influence of Southern California beach culture and tattoo-inspired art. They combine ideas from tattoo culture with the latest fashion trends to create their own unique clothing.

Best Tattoo Shops In Long Beach

Look at the black box. Upload a custom design or choose from hundreds of existing designs, they’ll print it as a full body tattoo so you can try out your new tattoo. Now, they are offering users a link: Custom Tattoos – Buy 5 at Inkbox 40% off!

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Located in Mid-City, this local store can cater to just about anything. Come What May has several talented artists with a variety of styles, from small line tattoos to large portraits.

Located in Los Feliz, don’t forget to meet one of the three resident artists. Although they have different styles, most of the work in Incognito is drawn to large pieces.

Great on a budget, minimum purchases start at $80 and welcome to enter. Generation8 is located in Melrose with over 10 different artists in residence and a regular roster of guest artists.

RicRok specializes in custom tattoos, offering a wide range of styles. The store’s minimum starts at $100 and they charge by the piece, not by the hour.

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Although their primary focus is traditional American tattooing, alchemy artists can accommodate a wide range of styles. The store is available with a minimum of $ 80, it is possible to enter. Best of all, the studio doubles as a gallery space.

Opened in 2010 with the intention of being a fearless space for tattoos, Dark Horse has expanded its business with many different artists. They specialize in traditional American and Japanese tattoos as well as coverings.

With six different artists, Bob Robert’s style ranges from subtle lines to black and gray to traditional Americana, suitable for everyone’s needs. Bob Robert offers flash sets as well as custom work by appointment.

Located in West Hollywood, owner Zoe Taylor specializes in custom paint and geometric pieces. The store itself has private rooms for all purposes and offers a wide variety of styles that focus more on fine workmanship and color.

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Ink Ink Tattoo, opened by Karina Mayorga and located in Venice, is one of the oldest women’s tattoo studios in the country. The shop’s specialty ranges from black and gray designs to custom colored tattoos.

This Studio City tattoo parlor is proudly artist-run. Although an appointment is usually required, The Dolorosa hosts half-hour tattoo days (cash only!).

The Outer Limits Long Beach venue, which consists of two locations, has won numerous awards for its artists. No matter what store you set up, Outer Limits is guaranteed to test the limits of your creativity. In 1952 or 1954 (depending on who’s telling the story), Bert Grimm purchased a business located at 22 Chestnut Place in Long Beach, at the corner of Chestnut and Ocean Boulevard. The small square below an apartment complex built in 1921 was at the center of the Pike, a legendary stretch of promenades, novelty shops, restaurants and seaside relaxation that attracted all of Southern California.

But Oregon-born Grimm wasn’t here for such beauty. A middle-aged man with black hair and tattoos on his arms, Grimm had just moved to Long Beach from St. Louis. Louis, where he established himself as the best black slinger in the Midwest. But business dried up, so Grimm did what generations of Americans who had passed through the West Gate had done before.

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When the Navy stationed its ships a short distance from the Pike, the strip turned from a regular playground into a tattoo paradise. Their saloons were kept open 24 hours a day, so that sailors, who lined the block, waited noisily, to get the parts they wanted, often sacrificing hygiene and safety, to get as many eagles, anchors, hearts, and they drew their daggers. Pike already boasted one of the world’s first official tattoo studios (which opened in the back of a photography shop in 1927, the same space Grimm had just purchased), and was sometimes accompanied by some of the oldest tattoo legends. like Lee Roy Minu and Owen Jensen and his wife, “Dainty Dotty,” a 600-pound fat woman in the circus when she wasn’t tattooed.

But then Grimm came along and brought with him an encyclopedia of pictures. An entrepreneur and tattoo artist, Grimm soon owned several other shops in and around the Peak. Many of the country’s first tattoo artists moved their business to Grimm’s Kingdom instead of shopping in different cities, creating the first tattoo scene in the United States. Here, the tattoo first became mainstream and retained its countercultural roots. From Sailor Jerry’s apprentices to black and gray godfathers, nearly every tattoo design and style traces its legacy to Bert Grimm’s famed tattoo studio, created, practiced and perfected by a tree of learning that spanned the stars. and young people. people today. day

Phil Sims, who worked for Bert Grimm from 1972 to 1980, says, “I think it had more of an impact on the tattoo styles and where they came from.” , and people build on top of it. It looked like a tattoo parlor. “All the style and influence came from California.”

The Pike has been eroded, torn down and renovated over the past 20 years, now housing luxury apartments and trendy shops. Not Burt Grimm, which closed in 2002. But the 22nd Chestnut location is still open as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from Tattoo World.

Meet Kari Barba Of Outer Limits Tattoo In Long Beach

It’s now called Outer Limits Tattoo and Museum, run by Kari Barba, who bought the place in 2002 with partners. The sad boys’ club of the past is long gone, and Barba’s shop has moved on from traditional American Grimm designs, the simple, bright and bold style that dominated America for decades. But as evidenced by the museum’s nautical theme and half-empty Vaseline drum (which hasn’t been used since Barba bought the space), Barba understands the importance of location.

“I always try to remind people where they are,” he says. “A lot of young tattoo artists don’t know the history and the tradition, so I have to learn that history and recognize where they work. They have to keep those traditions.”

Rick Walters leans back in his black chair. He sits in his shop, aptly named Rick Walters World Famous Tattoo Parlor, just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach. On the walls are old prints and designs from some of the biggest names of Pike’s time: Bob Shaw, Grimm’s nephew and Bert Grimm’s owner after Grimm’s retirement in 1970; Dave Gibson, who took his skills from Pike to grow San Diego’s tattoo scene; and several others, including a tattoo artist known only as Snickers, who was also a major player in the punk scene in the 1970s.. Even more impressive is Walters tattoo of Hot Stuff the Little Devil on his shoulder to his left is one made by Owen Jensen himself. ; most artists are excited to own one of the legendary artist’s signature car models.

One of the few tattoo owners over 70 years old, Walters himself is part of the history of this art form. He already had 13 years of professional experience before going to Bert Grimm around 1977, where he would spend the next 25 years until that store finally closed.

From Bert Grimm To Outer Limits, This Long Beach Tattoo Shop Remains The Oldest In The World

“I was tattooing at a shop in Gardena, but in my spare time I’d take the Pike just to learn,” Walters says. “I’ve been tattooing for a while, but I knew it was here. I wanted to have fun and tattoo so I could learn from him. That’s when I got tattooed by Bob Shaw, Owen Jensen, Hong Kong Tom, all of those guys.”

By this time, Grimm had already retired and returned to his hometown outside of Portland. But his legacy was guaranteed. Born on February 8, 1900, Grimm’s tattooing skills or vision were not as impressive as those of Jensen or Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, but his influence was just as great. Long before he switched to Pike, Grimm was billed as “the famous Bert Grimm” or “the best tattoo artist in the world.” It was this kind of entrepreneurship and self-promotion that helped the World War I veteran make tattooing a respectable profession and also paved the way for today’s famous artists.

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