Best Suburbs In Adelaide For First Home Buyers

Best Suburbs In Adelaide For First Home Buyers – The most affordable and livable suburbs for first-time home buyers have been highlighted in a new report, which takes into account price growth, local amenities and investor attraction.

In Sydney, the city’s southern suburbs, including Miranda, Peakhurst and Riverwood, were the top choices, while in Melbourne, Greensborough in the north-east and Briar Hill made the list with Milgrave in the south-east, the PRD According to cheap. and livable property guidance, first half of 2022.

Best Suburbs In Adelaide For First Home Buyers

The rankings focus on suburbs within 20 kilometers of the CBD with positive or near-neutral price growth, average or below-average rental yields, a high pipeline of new development projects, low crime rates, amenities within 5 kilometers and has average unemployment.

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It comes as the housing market is slowing from its post-pandemic boom as buyers brace for rising prices and adjust to new home loan rules introduced last year that lower maximum borrowing capacity. done

PRD Real Estate Chief Economist Dr. Diasuti Mardiasmo said some first-time home buyers may have an option to buy now that the market has slowed and government support is on the way, noting that buyers are considering a “diamond in the rough”. have dropped

“Too often, first-time home buyers are stuck in neighborhoods where they’ve lived their whole lives,” she said. “This report urges you to cast your net wider.”

She said when buyers think of affordability, they associate affordability with it, but an affordable suburb may lack transport links or amenities. And while the report’s criteria are “very basic — we’re not verifying that there’s an entertainment center or art gallery nearby,” the rankings offer a few suggestions that shoppers might not be so familiar with.

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For buyers looking further afield on the Gold Coast, the report suggested Oxenford, Carrara and Mudgeeraba; in Brisbane, Tingalpa, Geebong and Luta; and in Hobart, Warren, Mornington and Clarendonville.

Mardiasmo warned buyers in the market that rising interest rates could reduce affordability, which could lower property prices but also reduce the amount they can bid at auction.

Peter Green, co-director of Lang + Simmons Miranda, said his neighborhood has always been the one that attracts first-time home buyers.

Miranda offers low-cost train services to central Sydney. Photo: Highland Sutherlandshire and St George

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“Miranda has the amenities of Great Westfield, it’s only a 10-minute walk to the beach, and you have transport with the train station,” he said.

He recently noted that many investors are selling their properties to first-time home buyers, though he added that this has reduced the inventory of rental properties and driven up rents.

Sales prices are falling slightly, he said, with townhomes and two-bedroom villas starting around $900,000 and entry-level three-bedroom homes ranging from $1 million to $1.1 million.

“There’s definitely a trend where prices are coming back, they’re stabilizing – definitely a good opportunity for first-time home buyers to get into the market now,” he said.

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In Melbourne, Darren Jones real estate director Ashley Kroll has also found early buyers in and around Greensburg.

“A large percentage of [buyers] are residents who grew up in the area and chose to shop in the area where they grew up,” he said.

“We welcome a number of first-time home buyers from outside the area because given the infrastructure and our location it’s still good value I’d say.”

Proximity to town and rail links are plus points, as are sought-after schools and a family-friendly quarter.

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“We have a lot of our customers who sell who have been there for 30, 40, 50 years.”

Townhomes start around $700,000, he said, while entry-level homes will cost between $800,000 and $900,000, depending on the condition of the home.

He said: “People will always have to buy and sell for personal reasons, so there will always be buyers and always sellers in the market.”

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Best Suburbs For First Homebuyers To Purchase A House In Australia

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