Best Stock Portfolio App

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A stock portfolio tracker is software that allows you to collect all your investments in one place and monitor their progress.

Best Stock Portfolio App

In addition to tracking your stocks, Portfolio Tracker allows you to get a broader, more holistic picture of your investment portfolio. This allows you to understand and track all your positions in relation to each other at a glance.

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There are many such trackers, each claiming to be the best stock portfolio tracker, and many of them are paid services.

In this article, I will list the top 3 stock portfolio tracking apps and software.

With any of these 3, you can quickly see the performance of your entire portfolio, drill down into individual positions, integrate research into your investment software, and perform deeper stock analysis.

I’ll also cover the price of each investment portfolio monitor and who it’s best for, so you know exactly which one to choose to make better investment decisions.

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Morningstar was founded to provide quality investment research to everyone, not just finance professionals. The company strives to make investors successful and achieve financial security for its users.

The company’s commitment to independent, object-oriented, data-driven analysis is evident throughout its site, from individual stock and fund research to its newsfeed.

Morningstar is the trusted resource for thousands of financial advisors and many individual investors just like you and me. Their commitment to their users is evident in all of their products.

While Morningstar offers many of its services for free, a Morningstar Premium membership unlocks some of the most useful features.

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Premium members have full access to analyst reports, investment recommendations, research articles, screeners, and portfolio manager and portfolio x-ray tools.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager provides basic data on all your investments, including current price, daily changes in value and portfolio weights. It also gives you portfolio performance data, shows monthly and annual returns and compares them to a benchmark of your choice.

Portfolio X-Ray evaluates what you have from every angle: asset allocation, sector weighting, fees and expenses, stock statistics and more. It also identifies possible overlaps in your portfolio that show poor diversification.

This type of information is truly unique and makes Morningstar Premium my top pick for the best investment portfolio trackers and apps.

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Who it’s for: If you’re serious about your investments and want a tool to help you manage your portfolio, keep up with all the changes, get unique insights and get the latest financial news, Morningstar Premium is for you.

If you want to track your investment portfolio (and your overall financial picture) for free, Personal Capital’s free tools are your best bet.

Personal Capital’s Financial Dashboard is a free tool that makes it easy to add all of your financial accounts in one place, including credit cards, checking and savings accounts, loans, and investment accounts:

Personal Capital also offers educational resources and guides on retirement planning to ensure you are prepared for the future.

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Their free mobile app offers investment analysis tools that aggregate your asset allocation and overall portfolio balance across your investment portfolios. There are also recommendations on how to better tailor your asset allocation to your needs:

Personal Capital also offers a paid wealth management plan that includes automated tools and human management by financial advisors. Each user has 2 dedicated financial advisors who can help with retirement planning, college savings, stock option plans and more.

Like many financial advisors, the wealth management plan has a minimum initial investment of $100,000 and charges a management fee of 0.69% to 0.89% (a very low fee for a financial advisor):

In my opinion, Personal Capital’s free tools (like the dashboard and mobile app) are the best services they offer.

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Who it’s for: Personal Capital’s free tools (particularly the dashboard) are for anyone looking for software that gives them greater control over their finances, including their investments.

Like other services, it has all the tools you need to make investment decisions: financial information, news, earnings logs, proprietary tools (like your quantitative assessments, market analysis and stock filters), dividend forecasts and earnings, etc.

However, what sets Seeking Alpha apart is its library of custom stock research from thousands of contributors.

These staff are well researched and know how to sort through the noise. Their insight and in-depth analysis can quickly inform you of any stock to buy and sell. There are many different contributors with different opinions, giving you a global perspective on each investment:

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Searching Alpha’s portfolio is one of the easiest ways to stay up to date on the stocks you follow. Their portfolio tool is free, but upgrading to premium allows you to use all of the portfolio tool’s advanced features (mainly ratings and investment research):

There is also a mobile app version which I think is the best stock portfolio tracking app in 2022, especially if you go for a premium app.

Simply put, no other website offers what Seeking Alpha offers and you can start a free trial of Seeking Alpha Premium below:

Who it is for: Search Alpha Premium is best suited for intermediate and advanced investors looking for additional peer research.

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It’s important to have a place where you can quickly see how your investment portfolio is performing. If it’s not easy to understand or useful, don’t use it.

And considering you’re investing thousands of hard-earned dollars, I personally think it’s worth investing in a tool that will help you achieve your investment goals faster (and easier).

These investment portfolio trackers can provide unprecedented insight into your asset allocation, risk exposure and a holistic view of your financial health.

My favorite stock portfolio tracker is Morningstar Premium. The portfolio manager tool has a ton of features that make it a phenomenal tool for investors at every stage of their journey.

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For a free tool that covers more than just your investment portfolio and helps you budget, save, and make better financial decisions in all aspects of your life, I love Personal Capital.

Finally, for a stock portfolio tracker with a huge community of like-minded investors and loads of stock research and analysis, Search Alpha Premium is a solid choice.

Lincoln is an investor, marketer, and YouTuber (depending on your definition). He has worked for financial advisors and institutional investors in a publicly traded fintech company. Lincoln holds degrees in finance, economics and accounting. A stock portfolio tracking app allows you to monitor your holdings without constantly checking your brokerage account. These apps also come with smart analytics and suggestions to help you find good stocks and weed out the bad ones.

Below we look at some of the best apps to track your stock portfolio in India.

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INDmoney is not just a stock tracker, it’s an investment portfolio tracker. It allows you to track and consolidate multiple assets/asset classes in a single dashboard.

And best of all, most of the tracking is automated. Unlike any other app in India. Most other apps, including those listed below, require manual entry, but INDmoney does most of the tracking by connecting to your email account and pulling data into your PAN number.

INDmoney probably has the best stock tracker too. Update stock prices and your portfolio value 15 minutes after the market opens and continue updating on a regular basis.

While you get a consolidated view of your portfolio, INDmoney also shows your net worth. It’s calculated by subtracting any liabilities (such as credit card debt) you have from your total portfolio value.

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You can connect INDmoney to Zerodha or UPstox and your stock portfolio will be automatically synchronized. If you use another brokerage platform, you can easily upload NSDL/CDSL statements and track your wallet through INDmoney.

If you join Zerodha or UPstox, you can also apply for multiple IPOs as they are launched directly from the INDmoney app. If you have bonds like SGB linked to your Demat account, INDmoney will automatically list them under the Bonds asset class.

INDmoney also offers premium membership plans to receive investment advice. With this subscription you can unlock a feature called INDynamo.

INDynamo tells you which stocks in your portfolio are safe to buy, hold, or sell, all with A.I. and their own calculations.

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Best of all, INDmoney delivers news about your stocks as soon as they come out. It even marks the sentiment of the news as positive, neutral, or negative. Each time a dividend is announced, you will receive a notification with the dividend yield, the expected date and the amount of dividend you will receive in your bank account.

It is essentially a platform for analyzing stocks and gathering financial data of listed Indian companies. With TickerTape you can see