Best Staycation In Austin

Best Staycation In Austin – Recent changes in travel with COVID have us taking a closer look at vacations and long weekends. In states and countries requiring mandatory lockdowns, we looked at what’s in our backyard for living in Austin. With our health in mind, we didn’t want to fly anywhere, so I did a little research on what was nearby. To my surprise and delight, this guest house in Austin was only 30 minutes away.

Peter and I live in Austin, Texas. We love this city! But the truth is that we haven’t discovered beauty in our own backyard! We researched the best Austin vacation spots and Austin getaways and discovered Lake Austin Resort.

Best Staycation In Austin

After finding Lake Austin Resort, I dug deep and checked out awards, photos, philosophy, and online reviews. I booked this resort to celebrate my birthday and decided to book a vacation.

Downtown Austin Staycations

If you’re looking for the best vacation spot in Austin or need a spa vacation for your body and soul, I think you’ll love this resort.

If you’re staying at a Lake Austin resort, I know you’re wondering if it’s worth the money. I thought the same thing! So I researched and debated this place for several weeks.

This vacation in Austin was the perfect luxury for my birthday and we took some of our budget for our summer trip to France and used it for this amazing luxury vacation. Let me tell you, it’s 100% worth it!

Here’s everything we experienced and some great photos to go with it if you’re thinking of staying at this resort!

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Note: This blog post is not sponsored; We had booked to stay at this resort. This review has all our honest opinions about the location, food, spa and activities.

Lake Austin Resort and Spa is located at 1705 S. Quinlan Park Road, approximately 35 minutes from downtown Austin. We live downtown as of this writing, so we know what to expect if you’re traveling through downtown Austin.

The resort is located at the end of Quinlan Park Road, next to which is Quinlan Park, where you will see many people pulling their boats to enter the lake. You will pass the Steiner farm and all the home developments in the area.

The resort is located in front of a large nature reserve, there are no houses or commercial establishments, just a beautiful hillside covered with green trees and other greenery. One of my favorite things about this place was the relaxing view!

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The property includes a total of 40 rooms and the resort’s magnificent grounds. Garden library, treehouse room (my favorite design), living room, yoga and stroller deck, boat deck, and a beautiful spa! You can relax in any of these rooms and enjoy the sights or sounds of nature.

My in-laws sent me a bottle of lovely champagne for my birthday and we enjoyed it on the boat deck and enjoyed the view. In summer, this is the coolest place in the resort, and if you’re too hot, you can jump into the lake and cool off. This boat deck was also one of our favorite spots on the property.

Since it was a birthday party and a salad for body and mind, we ordered a package with a spa credit for each guest. We took full advantage of the spa! We have a daily spa service. My husband and I booked our services at the same time so we could do other activities together.

I also enjoyed a complimentary massage as I was at the resort on my birthday. When we booked our stay over the phone, the lady who helped us gave us the Monarch Club tip and the birthday that came with it!

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I did two body scrubs, one facial and two massages. I would love to have different spa services as I have never pampered myself like this. The scrub was amazing and my skin felt so soft after the service. I had the Fresh Citrus Squeeze and the LakeHouse Lavender Scrub. If I had to choose one, I would recommend LakeHouse Lavender.

Before and after each spa treatment, you can relax in the blue room, a spacious and beautiful room to calm the mind before a spa session.

There is also a spa pool that we each enjoyed before our date one day. This resort has many small areas that you can call your own. What I love about unique resorts and hotels is that they take the time to decorate the entire place inside and out.

In addition to enjoying the location, there are various activities that can be booked during your stay. Some have an extra charge, but this wakeboard, etc.

Staycation Near Austin

You have access to hiking, aerobics, water yoga in the pool or lake, nature walks, strength training, various forms of yoga, AquaFitness, artistic sailing, cooking demonstrations, creative arts and other exercises for the mind, body and spirit.

If you want to do something health related, they probably have it. These activities help relieve the stress of life. The activities were another big reason we stayed here in Austin.

We ordered and practiced yoga, aerobics, water yoga, mandala painting on board. We tried all kinds of water sports, including kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, pedal boating, and jet skiing (with a surfboard and ladder).

One of my favorites has to be the creative meditation mandala painting class. This kind of painting and meditation was something I didn’t know before. I like to draw, so I will continue to draw.

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Austin Resort and Spa is an all-inclusive resort. This includes most of the activities I mentioned above, plus breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some meals and snacks in between.

My husband and I like to consider ourselves foodies. We love good food and always look for the best restaurants when we travel. So all inclusive resorts are where I go. To my surprise the food was amazing!

Every morning I had vegan pancakes (it’s amazing!), migas, superfood muffins, or a fruit smoothie with greens and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Everything is delicious.

Lunch is a combination of bowls, salads and small plates. My favorite was the good karma bowl, I bought it twice!

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Finally, dinner! Lunch was my favorite meal here. There were specials every night and dinner every night was delicious! Everything was fresh and healthy. with a different dessert each evening. not only that! They always had two options for dessert!

Along with main courses, they have afternoon snacks and delicious food for any occasion. They also had different flavors of Pro Yo every day! Talk about a way to your heart! Well, if you love a fan, that is.

And you can order room service at a time convenient for you. I was very skeptical about the food, I won’t lie, but we were satisfied with our experience.

Finally, the rooms! We booked the Premier Jacuzzi Cottage. It was a little private cottage with a front patio and a hot tub in the back yard! Yes, the bathroom is for all of us!

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At check-in they provide you with resort sandals to wear and keep around the property! Fragrance-free and lavender-free cosmetics! And their lavender body lotion is absolutely amazing and smells amazing.

The bed was comfortable. They have the biggest pillow I’ve ever seen! Like big, it was so big that I had to mention it in this post! 🙂

There you are! If you’re looking for a relaxing and revitalizing Austin vacation spot, this resort is at the top of your list.

It is especially important to take care of your body and mind during this difficult and difficult time. Give yourself a mental break and really relax.

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Staycations are a great way to experience vacations without breaking the bank, and they give you the opportunity to play in your own city and discover new things about the place you call home!

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