Best Sports Cards Packs To Invest In 2022

Best Sports Cards Packs To Invest In 2022 – Share your thoughts on Facebook and see more

Sports cards have been popular for decades, but as their rarity and value increase, the competition for certain cards has peaked. And it’s not just vintage rookie cards that create value. Modern cards have increased in value significantly over the past five years.

Best Sports Cards Packs To Invest In 2022

Choosing the best sports card to invest in can be difficult, especially for those new to the field. Therefore, we have selected 5 sports cards that we believe will have value in the future.

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Marcelo Mayer is the player most excited about in the 2021 MLB Draft. After being selected fourth overall by the Boston Red Sox, the 18-year-old shortstop ranked ninth on the MLB Top 100 Prospects list.

It’s not surprising, because scouts call him the best bat and glove of the draft. In addition to his talent, Mayer is also playing in the big market, so all the attention he is getting makes him 10 years old, no doubt. That the value of his card will increase.

Most sets won’t be released until late 2022, so there aren’t many cards available right now. However, we recommend getting the Bowman Chrome #BDC-174 2021 Marcelo Mayer Signed Rookie Graph release in mint condition. They can cost around $200!

The Tops Living Champions League kit has all the classic elements. The final print count will be determined by the number of artworks sold during the 7 day period prior to withdrawal.

Hottest Ufc Trading Cards

There are only 3,512 copies of the famous Lionel Messi card, making it an excellent investment for the future. Currently, they cost about 90 dollars per person.

Jordan Lawler, who is only 18 years old, is expected to play in the minors for some time. However, as he grows up, he expects to achieve great things.

The youngster is 6’2″ tall and has both power and speed on the field. As you know, collectors and scouts alike love power and speed.

Lawler’s first card can be purchased for a few bucks, but expect the speckle version and chrome option to be worth more. But if you want one in the future, look for a limited edition Aqua Card – only 199 are available – expect to pay $800 for one in perfect condition.

Most Valuable 1980s Baseball Cards

For Carmelo Anthony, the 2021-22 NBA season will be his 19th year in the league. His rookie season was 2003-04.

Combine those two factors and collectors may go crazy for his rookie card after he retires. But be aware that a Carmelo Anthony 2003-2004 Prizm Rookie card currently costs over $2,000.

Justin Herbert’s height, arm strength and athleticism make him unique. Herbert is not afraid to push the ball into the end zone and is very efficient.

Herbert’s Rookie Prizm is one of the best NFL sports cards to buy in 2022 and one of the best rookie quarterback seasons ever. Best of all, you can get a card in perfect condition for under $100.

Panini Premier League Adrenalyn Xl Cards Starter Pack!

You should buy sports cards as an investment only if you can afford to lose that money. No one knows what the value of the card will be. Especially in the age of reprints, counterfeits, NFTs and collectors.

However, if you are lucky and buy the right card at the right time, you can make a profit on your investment.

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