Best Spa Days In Birmingham

Best Spa Days In Birmingham – Nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa – and luckily for us, Birmingham has plenty of places to indulge in pampering. It is not easy to find time, but we hope that with this collection of spas, you will find time to treat yourself. There is a type of spa for everyone, from guest rooms to floating spas and luxury spas. So find the one that suits you best, make an appointment and forget your worries.

When we’re looking for a truly luxurious and relaxing experience, we head to Spa Poseidon at the Grand Bohemian in Mountain Brook. The sml spa has four treatment rooms (including a couple’s massage room and a steam bath) offering relaxation and privacy. The spa is open to both hotel guests and non-guests.

Best Spa Days In Birmingham

The Poseidon theme includes funky decor in shades of blue and turquoise, and a lounge where guests can enjoy tea, sparkling water or mimosas before and after their treatment. Treatments at the Poseidon Spa are truly bespoke, from massages to personalized skin care. For example, a signature massage includes the guest’s choice of aromatherapy or reflexology, with various enhancements that can be added to the massage for a small fee, such as hot stone, massage Moroccan SCP, or collagen eye mask. Therefore, these improvements are given to the fascia and other treatments.

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Exclusive diving treatments at Poseidon Spa; these include toxins and toxins that specifically target the skin. One popular item is Rita’s Eternal Beauty, which includes a hot stone massage followed by a green tea body mask. Then you have to wrap it in a thermal towel that improves the skin and put it on the mask – a tribute to the thermal stones and antioxidants that improve the skin.

“We try to make the whole body look beautiful and feel good,” says Spa Director Vanessa Pearson.

As such, the spa offers seasonal treatments that use herbal medicine in accordance with the season. Summer treatments, which run until the end of July, include coconut foot massages and coconut wraps. Flower treatments starting in August will include the Southern Peach treatment, which includes a massage using peach oil and a back and foot massager with Southern Peach.

The spa has special products that you can bring in and use in your treatments. One of their signature lines is Privai, a natural skin care line with a helping foundation; A percentage of the profit is given to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the international group “Women for Women”.

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In addition to signature treatments, you can visit the Poseidon Spa for manicures, pedicures, waxing and hydrotherapy. Lunch can be ordered from the spa and Habitat Feed & Soci on the roof and enjoyed in the lounge. You may not want to leave! But if you decide to join a spa group program that offers premium treatments and other benefits for a flat monthly fee, it may not be necessary for you.

It’s the newest addition to our spa, and it’s one of our favorites. Located in a renovated old house in Ironde, the spa is run by Molly Flora and Cindy Pinger. The theme of the spa, which focuses on l-natur treatment, is “From the farm to the face”.

Flora and her husband moved from Austria to Alabama when her husband was offered a job as an elephant keeper at the Birmingham Zoo. The couple and the elephant used to work in Austria, but Flora wanted something different. She received massage lessons in Thailand and Austria, so she decided to enroll at the Birmingham School of Massage. After working at many other entertainment venues in the city, he wanted something more special.

“None of the spas I worked at had the feel I was looking for,” Flora says, “I wanted something with an outdoor vibe.”

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Flora grows some herbs and flowers that are used for healing activities, shops for others in Pepper Place, and has a little girl who provides some household goods.

“We use what’s in season,” says Flora. “Rosemary is good for your skin; peppermint, lavender … there are many good products. We want to bring that.”

Their signature feature is the poultice massage. A poultice is a bunch of warm herbs that are rubbed on the back during a massage to help the herbs penetrate the skin. The dogs in the retreat were filled with herbs and flowers. Therefore, they apply poultices and other organic products to the fascia.

“We appreciate the natural world, we just want to share it,” said Flora.

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The setting only adds to the natural spa effect. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the house stood alone, surrounded by trees. Just one farm across the road with sheep, donkeys, donkeys in sight. Flora Reilly wanted people to feel like they were running away from her.

“I don’t want to turn 80 people out of here every day,” he said. “My favorite people are the ones who sit and we have a glass of wine on the deck while we watch the sheep.”

If there’s one thing Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa has accomplished, it’s the art of relaxation. Located just 20 minutes from Birmingham, Ross Bridge Spa seems to offer every spa service you could possibly want in one place – from massages to facials to the treatment of the hair, face and nails.

The extensive spa menu includes many variations of each treatment. Massages include Swedish massage, hot stone massage, baby massage, couples massage, hydro massage; Facials include cooling facials, men’s facials, microdermabrasion facials, and anti-aging facials. And the list goes on…

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We’re not sure how to choose, but if we had to recommend a few treatments, the 75-minute Lavender Dreams Body Treatment offers a little bit of everything. It starts with a full body workout, followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage with lavender oil and hot stones, ending with a foot massage and scp acupressure.

“It’s a combination of many individual treatments,” says Taylor Fields, the spa’s treatment director. “It uses miners from all over the world.”

Known for its advanced anti-aging facial treatments, which use the BABOR Re-Youth Time Reversal Complex to support and extend the life of skin cells, regenerate the skin’s own natural processes, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The Spa at Ross Bridge Rely is the perfect place to just spend the day pampering yourself. In addition to the many treatments on offer, the spa also has steam and therapeutic baths. In fact, the spa offers one-day spa access for $35 for hotel guests and non-hotel guests who prefer to use the spa facilities without booking a treatment.

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To really enjoy the spa at Ross Bridge, block out an entire day in your rental, book a few treatments, have lunch at the spa, and relax by the pool to end the day.

Imagine floating weightlessly, with no distractions, no noise, and no worries. At Elements Float Spa, you do just that – nothing more. The pod floats in 10-12 inches of warm water filled with 1,000 pounds of English lily. You enter the capsule, set the LED light of your choice, and float for 60 minutes. Swimming is easy – the high tide makes it impossible to sink, so don’t worry if you can’t swim on the way ordinary.

You may be wondering what a floating point is. Many people swim for pain relief, while some swim for the purpose of meditation – a sense of insensitivity.

“It creates a stress-free environment,” says homeowner Victoria Robbins. “You can’t get that environment any other way. When you create a low-level environment, people can be quick.”

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Robbins decided to open the spa after hearing from friends who used to use floating water as a treatment, and when he realized that there was no one in Alabama, he knew it was time to bring the idea to Birmingham. It has only been open for a year and is the only floating place in the state.

The pods were invented by doctors in the 1950s and became popular in the 60s and 70s as insensitivity tanks. They were discontinued in the 1990s, but are becoming popular again as their pain-relieving benefits are considered. Bucky is very popular with pregnant women with back pain. They often swim on their stomachs (as opposed to their backs – standard

After five sessions on the water, you will be provided with a shower and a room to dry your hair and freshen up. The Robbins warn swimmers not to wear their favorite bathing suit because the rods may not come out. In fact, many people choose

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