Best Snorkeling In St Petersburg Fl

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With sunny skies and clear water, Florida’s best snorkeling is nearby. A diving destination, you can always find beautiful waters for diving.

Best Snorkeling In St Petersburg Fl

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced diver or a swimmer – Florida has it all. Dive into an underwater cave or swim alongside manatees. Walk through a sheltered lagoon or jump into the open sea.

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Florida is the only place in the continental United States with a subtropical climate. So you can dive here all year round! Even in winter in Florida, the water will still be quite warm if you travel south.

Most of the best Florida diving can be found in the Florida Keys, but there are notable exceptions on the East Coast. You can even snorkel in Florida’s northernmost natural springs, as the water is 72 degrees year-round.

Remember that the coral reefs you will see are protected. Don’t buy anything. Don’t touch anything!

If you haven’t had time to experience underwater fun yet, you’re missing out. Just grab your mask and fins and you’re steps away from some of the best snorkeling in Florida.

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Accessible by car via the Pinellas Byway, you’ll find some of the best snorkeling in Florida at Fort De Soto. Better yet, you don’t need to board a boat to get to the best spots!

While Fort De Soto has 11 kilometers of coastline, there are also several different beaches that you can explore. It is home to the best beaches in Saint Pete and Clearwater.

We also love Battery Bigelow, the submerged portion of the fort near the fishing pier. Diving into chest-deep water, we found tons of all kinds of crabs, live sand dollars, and even sea urchins.

Camping at Fort De Soto is so much fun! One of the best places to camp in Florida is an affordable and unique experience.

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With 238 family campsites and a pristine youth campsite, you can easily spend an entire day exploring the waters. Then retreat to camp for the night to rest until morning!

If you’re looking for the best snorkeling in Key West, look no further than Dry Tortugas National Park. Undoubtedly one of Florida’s most beautiful hidden gems, you won’t find a more beautiful place for Florida’s best snorkeling.

About 70 miles west of Key West, the Dry Tortugas are actually seven islands and historic Fort Jefferson. Here, nature, history and recreation come together to form something very special.

The only way to get here is by ferry or charter, so you need to plan your trip in advance. Dry Tortugas ferry fare is $190 per person. It includes park entry, free breakfast, lunch and snorkel gear, plus a visit to the Fort.

Pristine Places For Snorkeling In Florida

Expect to see tropical fish, corals, starfish and shells as these are some of Florida’s most vibrant coral reefs. Also, keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles! After all, Tortugas means turtles in Spanish. It is truly home to some of the best diving in the Florida Keys.

Don’t forget to look out for the historic coal piles, moat wall and coral heads. Rent your own boat and you can also snorkel at Little Africa Reef and Windjammer Wreck.

We recommend visiting from April to November when the winds are less strong. As a result, the tides will be less turbulent so you can relax and see the treasures of the water.

Perhaps the most famous of Florida’s natural springs, Ginnie Springs attracts many tourists for a variety of reasons. The big draw? It’s also one of the best snorkeling spots in Florida!

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48 minutes northwest of Gainesville, you’ll find a cluster of seven springs to explore. Open from sunrise to sunset, you can easily spend the whole day diving. If you stay at the campsite, you will have access to the springs 24 hours a day.

While snorkeling at Ginnie Springs, you will see many species of wildlife in the crystal blue waters. Look out for largemouth bass, mullet, catfish, turtles and bass!

You can bring your own snorkeling gear, but if you need to rent equipment, fear not! Ginnie Springs Outdoors can rent masks, snorkels and fins for just $12.

We recommend visiting during low season or on a weekday as Ginnie Springs can get incredibly crowded. Basically, if you do this, you’ll have the whole park to yourself!

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The Devil’s Den, located north of Ocalain Central Florida, is actually underground. Since Devil’s Den is Florida’s most prehistoric spring, you’ll find some of Florida’s best snorkeling here.

Visitors descend a wooden staircase into the cave, which seems to open into another ethereal world. If you are looking for a truly unique diving experience, Devil’s Den is for you!

Divers can descend 54 feet into the springs (120 feet in diameter) to view the crystal-clear water, which is always 72 degrees. Light filters through holes in the rock above to create a brilliant world to explore.

Each person needs gear, snorkel and fins to swim in Devil’s Den. You can bring your own or rent them for an additional $10. If you only need one of the three requested items, each item will only cost $4.

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When people visit the Florida Keys, they usually only visit the most popular beaches like Key West and Key Largo. We’re here to tell you that you can’t miss Bahia Honda State Park, home to some of Florida’s best snorkeling.

Here you will experience breathtaking views that bring out the beauty of Florida at its best. Palm-lined shores glisten with crystal-clear waters. The old and historic bridge remains a relic from yesterday.

You have two options for snorkeling at Bahia Honda: in the sea or on a guided snorkeling tour. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Bring your own snorkel gear ashore and you’ll see the sea grass and rocky bottom below. Here you will see lobsters, starfish and shells floating around.

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You can also take a snorkeling boat tour at Coral Reef Park Co. for the guided adventure of a lifetime. Here you can explore Looe Key National Marine Reserve! Depth can vary from 5 to 70 feet, perfect for all levels.

For snorkeling in Florida, why not head to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary? The only barrier reef in North America, this sanctuary is the third largest coral reef in the world!

There is so much to see and do here. With extensive mangrove forest and sea grass fields, you can also see many shipwrecks! 14 of them are nationally recognized historical places!

If you snorkel the sanctuary’s shipwreck trail, you can see nine historic ships buried several miles offshore. Their stories are incredible: why they traveled here and exactly what challenges they faced while navigating these waters.

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The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary does not offer snorkeling or diving tours. Instead, they recommend booking these trips with Blue Star operations to preserve the sanctity of the area.

This is because the sanctuary is surrounded by only designated research areas. No snorkeling or diving is allowed in them. In addition to research purposes only, it is important to avoid them.

Cancer season is also interesting! If you’re looking for lobster, visit the sanctuary from August 6 to March 31. By the way, the sport lobster season takes place on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July.

Three Sister Springs is one of the best springs in Florida, accessible from King’s Bay Park. About 90 minutes north of Tampa Bay, the waters are always crystal clear, clear and perfect for some of the best snorkeling in Florida.

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Three Sisters Springs is actually part of a larger network of about 40 natural springs called Crystal River. Known for its breathtaking scenery, Three Sisters Springs is the only place in Florida where you can swim with manatees.

Swimming tours take place at Three Sisters Spring, where manatee aggregations are most common. Before swimming with manatees, you will need to take a proper manatee etiquette course. Remember that you are a guest in your home!

Swimming access to Three Sisters Springs is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Springs can sometimes be closed during manatee season. This happens when there is a large population of manatees in the water.

Note that if you go snorkeling at Three Sister Springs, you will not have access to the popular boardwalk. To get there, you must stop at Crystal River City Services between 8:30am and 3:30pm and pay a small entrance fee.

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Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” but did you know it’s also home to some of the best diving in Florida? On the Emerald Coast, just west of Panama City Beach, head to Destin for the crowds

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