Best Snorkeling In Costa Maya

Best Snorkeling In Costa Maya – Costa Maya snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in this international tourist destination. This is especially true for travelers visiting us through the Costa Maya International Cruise Port. The coral reefs of the Costa Maya are part of the largest underwater formation in the Americas and the second largest in the world, and the colorful flora and fauna of the ocean is an attraction to enjoy in its crystal clear waters.

Travel: International cruises depart from El faro restaurant at the start of the fishing village, 1 mile from the port. The tour is a cruise on a comfortable panga boat and will pass by the fishing village called Mahahual, in a special place rich in marine flora and fauna, different kinds of fish, stingrays, butterfly fish, rays, leopards, crabs, Sharks, sea anemones, different coral species and plenty of turtles.

Best Snorkeling In Costa Maya

Breed snakes for turtles? Yes! There are plenty of green sea turtles in the area, and they can be seen eating seagrass on the seafloor, and you can swim freely from a safe distance so as not to disturb their feeding habits. This will add value to the event

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Meeting point: eVoucher has instructions (except a Google Maps link on how to get there).

How far is it from the port of Costa Maya? R: We depart from Big Mama restaurant (9 minutes from the port)

A: Find the main port exit, find a taxi ($3 per person) and tell it to take you to “El faro restaurant”.

We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we assume you are satisfied with it. Inside the Riviera Maya is the second largest coral reef in the world, known as the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, so you can find many different places. Go snorkeling along the Riviera Maya.

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Not only that, but there are many coves and small beaches with coral reefs, and their beautiful colors are perfect for visiting. There’s a lot of coral here too, but there are beaches where turtles live all year round, and it’s a great place to see these amazing creatures without disturbing them.

Of course, this was our itinerary, the Riviera Maya Snorkeling Tour. Puerto Morelos is known for having a National Marine Conservation Park in front of this magical city on the Riviera Maya. Pass through this marine park to see the second largest coral reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, perfect for viewing a variety of marine life including fish, rays, some turtles, coral, leopards and crabs.

Some coral can be seen from the beach, not much, but you have to be careful as there are navigation channels through which boats pass.

At Akumal Turtle Sanctuary, turtles are seen flying from the shore every day. You can also see coral and fish, but mostly turtles, which is what you see in Akumal.

Snorkeling And Beach Combo In Costa Maya

Akumal is not far from Playa del Carmen and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cancun.

Xcacel is a small cove in the Riviera Maya and its protected beaches, since this is where the turtles come every year, there are limited numbers of people per day, and it is less crowded or sometimes closed during the nesting season.

Xcacel has very nice coral formations close to the shore, the corals are not big but spread out, which is really nice because it is shallow and you can swim and see a lot of different fish and corals. To snake here, you have to bring your own teeth as there are no shops.

You can get some really great snacks in Playa del Carmen, but you’ll have to spend the night here because the reef isn’t so close to the coast.

Places To Snorkel In Riviera Maya And Cenotes

Just like the Riviera Maya snorkeling tour, if you do a snorkeling tour in Playa del Carmen, you will have a guide who will take you to different areas of the reef to see the best coral formations and fish.

Growing snakes in the fields is a good thing. It is unusual to visit the Cenotes Snorkeling Tour, but there are similar tours that take you to some activities in the jungle, you can bring your own equipment and enjoy the cenotes.

When you dive in Synodin you will see long very nice rock formations and you will see some really nice caves around you.

Depending on the dives you do, you may see more or less fish than you would see in the ocean.

Costa Maya Beach Resort

This is a small paradise beach in Riviera Maya, not too big, you can walk from the shore to see the coral and fish, not really part of the coral reef.

Pamul is a beautiful beach on the Riviera Maya, bring your RV like a camper where you can hang out at the beach club and, of course, snorkel!

The snorkeling in Palmur is great, there are some rocks and coral formations on the shore, so bring your snorkeling gear and see the beautiful fish and coral formations off the shore.

Like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya snorkeling tours are also available, where you have to work your way through the rock formations in front of the coast, but not within swimming distance.

Snorkel Tour In Banco Chinchorro Costa Maya Mahahual

In Tulum, you can take a pre-arranged tour or just go to the beach and have people take you on an excursion to visit the coral formations of the nearby Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. These tours tend to be cheaper because they’re not too far from the coast like Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen. The disembarkation takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes by taxi (not included, approximately USD 8 each way) to your departure point.

Recommended Clothing We recommend that you wear your swimsuit with comfortable wet clothes and shoes. Hats, sunglasses, towels and sunscreen are recommended.

Restrictions Guests must be able to disembark and disembark. The minimum age to participate is 10 years old. This tour is not suitable for wheelchair users.

You’ll enjoy incredible marine life and colorful coral reefs as you float in the water, before returning to the beach to relax on the beach.

Top 10 Things To Do In Costa Maya, Mexico

This Caribbean cruise takes place inside the Hatta Rock Camp, the part of the ocean between Hatta Rock and the beach. There are patches of seagrass and sand, scattered with a few coral heads, mostly coral. Your Costa Maya snorkeling trip will take about an hour in the shallow waters of Hata Rock Camp. Coral reefs are the most diverse and beautiful of all marine habitats, so you will experience the most spectacular underwater scenery in the Costa Maya.

After snorkeling, your boat will be ported before returning to the dive shop so you can stroll along the warm sands of Mahahual Beach.

Today, because Hatta Rock is protected by the government, there are fewer tourists than other destinations such as Cancun, so snorkeling in the Costa Maya is ideal. Enjoy a fun and authentic Caribbean experience under the sun, book now!

We enjoyed it. We are very helpful and helpful tips. The whole experience was the best overnight trip we’ve had in years. I highly recommend them.

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We love our experience here! The staff are great. My brother can’t swim, so a staff member helped him get around with a flotation device and rope. The trip was very relaxing. Staff will help you if you need it and let you go if you don’t. The facility is also across from the beautiful beach so we had a chance to hang out on the beach and order some food from the attached restaurant. Great service, great staff, great food and great experience!

What a beautiful reef area! time spent in water. The area around the dive shop is full of shops, chairs, bars, waves, restaurants and everything you need. They gave us water and a barn to sail. The tour guide is good. The rowing is a little lacking, but the kayaking is worth it.

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