Best Shows In Cancun

Best Shows In Cancun – Cancun, Mexico will always hold a special place in my heart. Since I was only a few feet tall, I traveled regularly with my family to explore this beautiful area and enjoy the all-inclusive resorts. Cancun may be a touristy place, but I can’t stand it!

In my 10+ trips to Cancun, I was lucky enough to experience some great activities when I was 7 years old! But I remember them like it was yesterday. I didn’t have a camera in my hand or a laptop in my bag back then, but I still enjoyed writing about my travels.

Best Shows In Cancun

After all this visiting, I decided it’s time to share my best things to do in Cancun! This list covers almost every activity I’ve ever done in Cancun (some are no longer available).

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When you travel to Cancun, you hear about its amazing nightlife, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and of course, delicious margaritas. But have you ever heard of swimming with sharks in Cancun? More specifically, whale sharks.

Although not technically sharks (in fact, they are the largest fish in the world), whale sharks are a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Cancun.

Unfortunately, you won’t find these beautiful creatures swimming off the coast of Mandalay, so you’ll have to take a boat to get to them. That means traveling is the only way to have this adventure!

This full-day whale shark will drop you off at your hotel, wherever you are in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or the Riviera Maya. This tour includes an expert biological guide who speaks both English and Spanish, making it the best way to interact with and learn about whale sharks!

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You will enjoy a delicious lunch on it and use swimming suits and life jackets. Best of all, lunch is served on the beach of Isla Mujeres. This way you can have two amazing experiences in one day.

Whale shark season in Cancun runs from May 15 to September 17, with the best time in the middle. At this time of year, whale sharks congregate along the north coast of Yucatan. If you are lucky, you can also see manta rays swimming with whale sharks.

Don’t let their size scare you. Whale sharks are friendly and harmless to humans; They have a strict diet of nothing but plankton!

Due to limited space, whale shark tours are available for $145. Pre-order for $!

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We all love beach clubs, but they’re a bit generic, aren’t they? A sailing trip is a great alternative to a day at the beach.

Excursions from Cancun are very popular and often include unlimited drinks, snorkeling, lunch and beautiful views. You can now book them through the resort if you want, but be prepared to pay a hefty premium. I paid over $120 for a half day trip to the resort in 2019!

Fortunately, there are other options these days. This half-day sailing excursion offers the chance to dive with turtles on Isla Mujeres for almost half the price! Isla Mujeres has blue waters full of colorful fish and many turtles. Swimming there is like swimming in a pool! This is one of the best things about Mexico.

Forgot your swim gear? Don’t worry, this tour includes snorkeling gear as well as an open bar and snacks. You will also travel to downtown Isla Mujeres where you can experience authentic Mexican island life, fun things to do in Isla Mujeres like shopping and more!

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Overall I enjoyed the cruise and it was one of the best cruises in Mexico (mostly because we saw turtles). There was plenty of room on the huge catamaran and the drinks never ran out! In addition, there is only cost. 80 dollars per person – what a steal!

If you don’t want to relax with a drink in hand and spend the day on the ocean, don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do in Cancun. Cancun is famous for its nightlife and great clubs. And as I grew up, I learned that very quickly.

Mandala Cancun, Congo Bar, and La Vaquita are great, but the hottest nightclub in Cancun is Coco Bongo. Partying there can be great because it’s such a fun show!

Coco Bongo is one of Cancun’s most popular nightclubs. Live music, acrobatics and a party atmosphere will keep you dancing all night long at this club!

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Everyone wants to go to this club, so getting in can be a bit difficult. For this reason, it is better to book tickets in advance. This advance ticket allows you to skip the line and includes 15 drinks! Plus, you’ll get a seat at the show (of course, standing around for hours won’t be fun).

If you really want to party, Cancun is a spring break hot spot from February to March every year. Although the party can get pretty wild. But remember, what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.

Related Question: Besides Cancun, another great party town in Mexico is Cabo San Lucas! 4. Relax on Cancun’s best beaches

Cancun is very quiet if you arrive first thing in the morning. At 9:00 the beach is full!

Things To Do In Cancun For Vacations

The first thing you do when you’re in Cancun is go to the beach. Cancun’s best beaches are within walking distance or just a short bus ride from the hotel grounds.

Cancun beaches have no opening hours and are free, so you can hit the beach from sunrise to sunset! But be warned, I got a lot of burns in Cancun!

Playa Tortugas is not a reading beach. There is a party, loud music and lots of people. It can get a bit crowded so come early.

The water here is calm, with only small waves, so it is a good place for swimming. You can snorkel or snorkel in the shallow clear water.

Best Things To Do After Dinner In Cancun

There are food vendors and restaurants on the beach. Grab a coconut to cool off from the heat. Most places do not accept credit cards, so be sure to bring cash.

Playa Chacmool is a hidden gem in the heart of the hotel zone. There are public showers and palapas on the beach, which are free. It is a very quiet beach where you can relax and take a book with you.

Playa Delfines is one of the most popular beaches in Cancun. The beach got its name because from time to time you can see dolphins playing on the beach (dolphins means dolphins in English).

The beach is huge and here you will find the famous sign of Cancun. The beach has many shades (palapas) to hide from the sun and although the waves can be strong, they have lifeguards.

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Public toilets are free, but there are limited services at this beach. If you arrive early, you might spot giant iguanas basking in the morning sun.

Playa Gaviota Azul is one of Cancun’s busiest beaches and is right in the middle of the hotel. You can’t get lost, there is a big sign at the entrance. Next to Mandala Beach Club you will find the entrance to the beach.

If you don’t want to pay for beach club beds, just bring your own towels and drinks. This beach has calm shallow water with white sand. This is a great place to relax.

An interesting place on this coast is Kubos, an artificial sea barrier made of huge concrete cubes. This is the perfect place for an interesting moment.

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One of the weirdest things to do in Cancun is to visit the underwater museum, Museo Subaquatico de Arte.

The museum was founded in 2009 to save life on the reefs near Cancun. Since the project began, more than 500 sculptures have been placed underwater to create this unique reef.

You can take a variety of tours at the museum, including diving tours or reef diving tours from Cancun, which attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year. Fortunately, this reduced the number of travelers on the natural reef and helped them survive.

Remember, if you go snorkeling, you will need an additional $15. Swimming in the ocean can be quite intense, so make sure you are a comfortable swimmer before booking.

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Rio Secreto is a protected natural reservoir

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