Best Shoes To Fish In

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The Under Armor Micro G Kilchis Fishing Shoe is a water shoe built to withstand a variety of conditions. They are designed for use on boats as well as on shore and in the water. Sneaker styles are versatile.

Best Shoes To Fish In

For a closer look at the UA Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes, Amur sent us a pair to review. After testing Kilchis shoes on the beach and river while fishing, here’s what we learned:

Under Armour Kilchis Fishing Shoes Review

They’re much nicer shoes than the spartan description suggests, and the photos you see online would lead you to believe, so the manufacturers sent us a pair of shoes to test.

Especially for the Kilchilar, I was hesitant to try them because when I fish for trout, I cover a lot of ground in rivers and rough terrain.

I also wear water shoes for white toe rafting, kayaking and paddleboarding, and I like my shoes to be comfortable in the water.

If you look at photos of UA’s Kilchis products, the strap looks like an elastic strap with a closed loop. Bungee cord systems usually don’t cut it for me – I need to lock my feet in place to prevent water from slipping inside the shoe when my feet are wet.

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So the laces are actually traditional laces – they don’t have elastic and you can tie them! Sometimes people at product photography companies do weird things with the straps to make the photos look neat and clean and hide them, and I’m sure that’s the case here. . . There is no way to tie a lace behind the tongue. Someone has cut the cords to get rid of the extra online photos, which means a completely different cord system for online shoppers. not cold

The best evidence for me is in the rivers and beaches of Idaho and Washington. I can run on a variety of terrains, including slippery rocks the size of bowling balls, as well as wet rocks, wet mud, dry mud, and dry sand.

I knew the UA Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes were the real deal when I went fishing on a hot spring day. I was hoping to turn into flying fish boots and shoes. . . But with the unseasonably warm sun and high, rushing water, I figured I might as well stay close to shore in my shorts and water shoes.

First, you get a stable base that handles rough terrain. I could easily walk up steep hills. Once in the river I got in and got a good grip on the bottom and relatively slippery rocks. (At this time of year, there aren’t many piles of mud to fight the rocks, but they’re still slippery.)

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Here’s what went through my mind: I hooked a big trout and was busy fighting with my trusty 5-weight Orvis Recon fly rod. I had to follow the trout downstream as the water was high. Descending from the rocky ledge, I walked down a steep, flat cliff toward the river. When I did, I immediately saw my mistake: existence

Moment because I expected my feet to slip out from under me. I thought for sure he was going to the river. . . But I didn’t. Kilchis endured the sun.

The thing is, I will never walk on that rock again with the intention of trying on shoes. It was a stupid move, but the keys stood up. All in all, on less dangerous terrain and water, the Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes are amazing.

All great water shoes have great drainage. The best water shoes usually have drainage holes in the shoe that allow water to drain quickly from the inside of the shoe. The Micro G Kilchis fishing shoe has 8 drainage holes that drain water from the inside of the shoe to the medial and lateral sides.

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Additionally, the exterior is made of quick-drying mesh that wicks away water as you walk.

All those drainage holes are fine, but what about the sand? Sand gets everywhere. You can’t keep all the sand out of your water shoes, but you can minimize the problem. The insole of the UA Water Shoe is basically a comfortable mesh that helps keep sand out of the drainage channels and into the shoe. The same goes for the multi-woven outer mesh.

The collar fits well around my ankle, but it’s not a sock, so you can get sand and debris in your shoes when walking on the beach. You can use more sand in neoprene water shoes like the NRS Backwater Wetshoes, but you lose the comfort of a classic sneaker style. For this reason, I prefer tennis-style water shoes, recognizing that sand is sand.

Fitness is great. I have a narrow foot and the lacing system allows me to adjust it. I think a medium width leg would fit just fine. I don’t know for sure about wide feet, but I can tell you that there may be enough flex to hug your upper leg without your being too wide.

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The midsole is made of Under Armour’s Micro G foam which provides a stable and responsive ride. Micro G Kilchis I found amazing by catching fish by foot.

The main feature of the UA Micro G Kilchis Fishing Shoes is what sets this shoe apart from most water shoes.

The rear of the cleats is shaped to hug the heel and reduce heel slippage even in wet conditions.

Some competitive water shoes have excessive heel slippage, which is bad if you’re actively walking around in non-water shoes. The Kilchis Fisherman’s shoe has a forward-sloping heel that provides some form of fit, but also has two pads that provide contact at the top of the heel and the bottom of the Achilles tendon. The result for me is better than I expected and the fitness that can handle the rougher terrain than I expected.

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It’s not like water shoes, they’re not. They are delightfully light and airy. If you’re looking for super durable shoes, go with the Sims Flyweight Wet Wedding Shoes.

Burning Man’s closest competing water shoes are also the Columbia Drain IV Water Shoe and the Chaco Torrent Pro Water Shoe.

The Columbia Drainmaker IV shoe looks a little more cross-country than the UA Micro G Kilchis shoe. The Chaco Torrent Pro shoe looks like a shoe and is designed more for water play than fishing. All three are versatile full coverage water shoes.

Overall, I’m surprised to like the Micro G Kilchis fishing shoes. They are lightweight, quick draining and have comfortable padding to protect your feet from rocks. The non-marking design isn’t particularly aggressive, but works well on slippery rocks. When I arrived in Yucatan, Mexico on my first tropical saltwater fly fishing trip, I was loaded with new gear. Lightweight, sun-protective clothing, quick-dry pants with zippered legs, gloves, flat boots and more. Although my outfit had never seen water, I must have made a relatively wise choice when I climbed the Palometa Club Pangas that first morning in search of a flat hosting permit. .

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It wasn’t long after we cut the outside of the panga and started gluing that the guides saw clear water ahead and we tried to cast. The fish came from the north side of the sand bar and we had to walk in hopes of throwing them from the bow to shoot them. We were instructed to put on our shoes. I managed to get myself out of my Sims flats and was excited to catch my plane to Cancun.

“Do you have a pair of shoes?” – asked our guide Fabian. After confirming their presence, Fabian nodded and indicated that he should continue. That’s what I did. i understand

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