Best Scotch Bars In Nyc

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Looking for the best whiskey bar in town? NYC has plenty of peaty options, from bourbon barrels to scotch pits.

Best Scotch Bars In Nyc

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the world of wild whiskey—or just want to drink some lowballs from the dark stuff—you might be looking for the best whiskey bars in NYC. Whether you want to chill in Bushwick or go high on the East Side, whether you want a straight up bourbon whiskey or an Irish whiskey cocktail, these are the best whiskey bars in NYC.

Chic Bars Across The U.s. For Whiskey Lovers

As the weather changes, the spirits darken: floral gin is replaced by smoky Scotch, and rum gives way to spicy and strong rye. Autumn’s dark slugs are more emotional than summer’s light sips and are more complex: the percentage of moss, the type of grain and differences in the soil can change the taste of the whiskey. . It is very dangerous to trap an expert, let alone a novice, in a chocolate bottle. Luckily, Copper & Oak on the Lower East Side has whiskey aficionados covered like barrels.

Get Southern comfort food—like roast pork and chips—at this Carroll Gardens bar at Char No. 4. The light bar offers selected houses. More than 200 bourbons.

Drinkers in town frequent this library, so we can only imagine where alcohol lines the wall. Drink list the size of the short story list of spirits and 100 cocktail options, among them Corpse Reviver (gin, lemon juice, Lillet Blonde, Cointreau and Pernod) and Jarnac Ginger (cognac, bitters and ginger beer). If you pay $13 for one of them, you get a free basket of gougères (hot cheese puffs).

There is no shortage of black liquor merchants in Williamsburg (Post Office, Brooklyn Whiskey). But in this important innovation, whiskey meets a new epicurean favorite – boiling potatoes. Student drinkers can choose from 225 options, including George Dickel Old No. 8 Tennessee Whiskey, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Old Potrero 19th Century Straight Rye Whiskey. The old club, named after the former Brooklyn canal, has a ceiling, pine cones and lamps made of amber vases.

Best Bars In New York City 2022

Two different types of drinkers will flock to this Village bar: those looking for PBR in cans, and those looking for a large selection of Scotch (more than 30 single malts, including Islay Bruichladdich 15 years old). Come early to grab a corner booth or table, and stave off late-night hunger with the best burgers (served until 4am).

This stunning office marks the arrival of the iconic Scottish boutique in NYC. The view is that of an urban art gallery: the furniture includes a stag’s head and the staff wears a handsome tartan tie. Scotch is what it is – enjoy from a collection of 100 whiskies, or try one of the smart cocktails, to provide the perfect introduction to the spirit. We love Blood and Sand citrus, made with 12-year Highland Park, Cherry Heering, orange juice and bitters. Gastropub dishes are also worth tasting: lamb sausage rolls with harissa aioli are a top-flight snack.

More than 400 types of whiskey line up in this bar from night producers Tommy Tardie and Miguel Aranda (Bar Masa, Apotheke). Check out the old floor (the 100-year-old table is reclaimed wood) while you dine on cured meats, cheeses, oysters and ceviches and enjoy evening jazz activities.

When it opened in 1995, this pioneering beer inspired memes today, with most NYC breweries still operating on Miller and Coors. Beer lovers who crave European classics as much as the home microbrewery du jour will appreciate the 20-deep selection ($7 total): You can get Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier orange from Germany with New York beers such as velvety Southampton. Imperial Porter. And for those looking for an up-to-date whiskey maker, dig into the great whiskey offering d.b.a. it’s not often you can chase craft beer with Glenrothes Select Reserve ($18).

Popular Nyc Irish Bar The Dead Rabbit Announces Cross Country Expansion

Whiskey novices can explore a wide selection of American, Irish and Canadian whiskeys through Whiskey Tour’s Lower East Side bar, where you can choose three ounces of whiskey for $18.

Upper East Side regulars can get a taste of the Highlands at this Scottish pub, which serves 180 varieties of Scotch and other whiskeys. Along with dark spirits (Glen Garioch, Old Pulteney and Caol Ila), Scottish suds – including Bellhaven IPA and Fraoch Heather Ale – are served in sparkling wood. If the maps and tartan flags hanging on the walls aren’t Scottish pride, the menu of sausage rolls and Scotch eggs will do.

Whiskey lovers will find a new twist at this small Hell’s Kitchen bar, which has more than 80 different spirits. If you don’t have starters like Redbreast 15-year or Ridgemont bourbon 1792, you can choose from 60 bottles of beer. Brick exposed dark and narrow, and most of the seats in the parking lot, the best way to appeal to the ears of bartenders and geeks out of the dark chocolate liquor.

When it comes to the best cocktails in New York City, it doesn’t get much better than the Manhattan.

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© 2022 Time Out England Limited and its affiliates Time Out Group Plc. All rights reserved. Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out Digital Limited. What better way to end a fun day on the town than with a glass of whiskey? As always in New York, there are plenty of options out there. So if you want to enjoy your favorite spirit, check out the best whiskey bars in New York.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s neat, with a splash of soda or on the rocks, you’ll enjoy whiskey if you go to one of the best whiskey bars in New York. Even Mark Twain thought, “Too much of anything is bad, but the best whiskey is not enough”, so you should try everything during your visit.

Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog has always been a member of New York’s best whiskey bars. The bar is owned by Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry, both well-known in the New York wrestling scene. The selection of good Irish whiskey at The Dead Rabbit is huge! What I like about this whiskey bar is the unique furniture. Walking here is like traveling back to the 1900s.

The Brandy Library is on our list of the best whiskey bars in NYC because of its wide selection of rare and unique whiskeys. The name “library” is a fitting name for this watering hole. More than 1,000 bottles adorn the whiskey bar, really evoking the feeling of a warehouse. The Brandy Library is sure to make any whiskey lover’s heart skip a beat. In addition to selection and decor, the Brandy Library hosts events to learn about bourbon, cognac and other spirits.

Some Japanese Whiskies Aren’t From Japan. Some Aren’t Even Whisky.

The term “Angel’s Share” refers to the percentage of whiskey that is distilled during cask aging. If you like whiskey, you probably already know that! We like to pick names, but we’re fans of the spirits served here. This is a cozy hole-in-the-wall behind a Japanese restaurant off the beaten track, so it’s one of the best tips if you ask us about whiskey that’s still very good in New York.

Another great place to enjoy fall whiskey in NYC is the Flatiron Room, which is close to one of the city’s top attractions, the Empire State Building. Here you can sip whiskey while listening to relaxing music. The Flatiron Room offers 600 different types of whiskey for you to drink. Always ask the bartender for advice. What you need to know about this whiskey bar is the “Bottle Keep” gift. If you like one of the whiskeys here, you have the option to buy the whole bottle. The bartender will mark it and save it until your next visit.

Compared to the Flatiron room, the stone selection of around 400 whiskeys in the first period, the quality of this bar should not be underestimated. This is one of the best whiskey bars if you are looking for an exotic whiskey. Bartenders are known for their knowledge of whiskey and can be your personal sommelier for scotch, bourbon, malt or rye. The synergy of excellent service and unique drinks makes On the Rocks one of the best whiskey bars in New York.

Connolly’s Pub is as authentic an Irish pub as you can imagine. A beautiful large wall with colorful prints will indulge you with the taste of local shops, even if you are surrounded by a big city. said Steffen about this store

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