Best Restaurants In West Sacramento

Best Restaurants In West Sacramento – The city of West Sacramento, California is located across the Sacramento River from downtown Sacramento. In West Sacramento, you can watch the Sacramento River Cats, the AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, play at Raley Field. Although less well known, West Sacramento also has restaurants, bars, and breweries that are beloved by locals and visitors alike. You too can now enjoy the best restaurants in West Sacramento. Check out our favorites to see where you want to go first!

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Best Restaurants In West Sacramento

Born out of a food truck, this burger bar serves burgers and other comfort food the old-fashioned way, using only the best ingredients. A favorite is their Johnny Cash Burger, a hamburger topped with white cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, house pickled peppers, fried onion rings and house made BBQ sauce. But their menu also caters for vegans and vegetarians so everyone can enjoy Brodricks. Enjoy local beer, great food and good vibes here at Broderick’s.

Rooftop Bar In Downtown Sacramento

“El Charro burger with extra crispy garlic chips. You can’t go wrong with this order! I love the dive and rock music at this place. Easily the best burger joint in the entire Sacramento/West Sacramento area.” – Yelp reviews

Many believe it is the best Chinese restaurant in West Sacramento. They offer Mandarin and Cantonese dishes including Chow Mein, General Toe’s Chicken and Pork Fried Rice. The plates are

, to starve! Locals love the combo plates, so be sure to check them out as well.

“My favorite Chinese restaurant in California. Really delicious Mandarin and Cantonese food. Some recommendations are the chili steak, fried rice and coconut shrimp. They have a lot of fun. ” – Yelp review

New French Wine Bar, Restaurant Opens In West Sacramento

Pooja offers over 100 traditional Indian dishes with hand-picked fresh, quality Indian ingredients. They offer many vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes as well as dishes in the traditional tandoor – cooked at a high temperature in a clay oven. Some of our favorites are turmeric dal, chana masala and chicken makhani or “butter chicken.” They are more than happy to make your food exactly how you like it – small, medium or hot – or anywhere in between. Don’t forget to take some naan with you!

From spicy soups to fried noodles, this restaurant has every type of Lao and Thai food you can think of. Whether you plan to stick with Pad Thai or try something new like tom kha gai, a hot and sour soup with chicken, coconut milk, chili, mushrooms, lemongrass, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves and lemon. Sure to enjoy it. Don’t forget to check out their desserts, drinks and cocktails to add fun to your meal. The idea of ​​tea with Thai tea, soju, lemon and milk is to make your night even better!

“This restaurant is such a gem! If you like Laotian food full of flavor and spice, this is the place. I’m glad I tried this place because it’s hard to find a good restaurant in the neighborhood. ” – Yelp review

We thought we should bring another burger place to your attention because you can never have too many on your radar. Burger & Brew is a local chain that has been in business since 2007. All burgers are 1/2 pound all natural Niman Ranch beef with no antibiotics or hormones added to it. Sesame seeds with a side of mayo, lettuce, onion, pickles and your choice. Fries or spring mix salad, but there are 25 different types of burgers with different toppings and sauces to choose from. Be sure to separate the gladiator chips with the table, the roasted garlic chips with fried chicken, feta and Parmesan cheese and topped with Caesar dressing.

Best Mexican Restaurants In Sacramento

“We always get a good beer here for him and cider for me. We always have good service. The food did not disappoint me. Fire gladiator fries. We are not in the city very often, but when we are, this is where we can do the same. ” – Yelp review

This old school, family-owned restaurant has been serving American classics to the West Sacramento community for over 40 years. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can come any time of day for some classic American food, which you can enjoy in the dining room or outside on their patio. Check out their weekly specials, Meatloaf on Wednesdays, Ribs on Thursdays and Prime Rib on Fridays to make sure you get your money’s worth.

“I was very happy with this little restaurant and plan to come back. My lovely wife kept my coffee full without asking me and she gave me a choice of seats to make me feel comfortable. I appreciate the little details and this site is dedicated to them. ” – Yelp review

Manao boasts a menu of authentic Thai dishes, including your favorite Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Pad Si U. They recently moved to a bigger location, so it’s a great place for your night out. next with friends or your whole family. Check when Mango Curry with Salmon is on their special menu and be sure to stop by their lunch special for some great deals!

The Barn (west Sacramento)

“This Thai restaurant is amazing! I don’t know where to start… the food is so good. I thought this would be my new Thai restaurant and I wish I had pictures to share, but I caved. ” – Yelp Review

MOD Pizza is the first “super fast pizza joint” or, one of the first places where you can make pizza at the counter. It’s a chain, but a pizza maker that works hot and fast isn’t something you come across every day. We love that you can start with the size of your choice and build from there, choosing from over 30 toppings, different sauces, cheeses, dressings, meats and vegetables. They recommend finishing your pie with strips and a drink for a great meal.

“This is my new pizza! The service is friendly and the food is amazing. You can have bars where you can create your own style of pizza and not be charged crazy prices for multiple toppings. ” – Yelp review

Raku has been serving affordable all-you-can-eat sushi in West Sacramento since 2008. Not only do they have a large selection of signature and traditional rolls, but each roll is made fresh to order. In addition to sushi, Raku offers delicious dishes such as hyssop and gyoza, as well as small plates such as chicken teriyaki. They have a variety of Japanese beers, sake and other non-alcoholic drinks to go with your meal. We especially love the variety of vegetable sushi rolls. Get Pea with Inari and Red and Green Cucumbers!

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“I love this place! Raku was one of my favorite sushi restaurants when I was in college, but now it’s one of the last AYCE sushi buffets I know that has stood the test of the post-Covid era.” – Yelp reviews

Family owned and operated since 1935, this is an Italian restaurant in the West Sacramento area that you want to patronize. Many of the original dishes from 85 years ago are still served today. Two local favorites are the Homemade Ravioli and the Homemade Ravioli and Spaghetti Combined with your choice of beef and vegetables or cheese and vegetables. The Club Pheasant Special, topped with fresh beef and ravioli with American cheese is a dish we want to try! If you don’t start with something fried for an appetizer, you’re doing it wrong. There are fried ravioli, fried zucchini, fried chicken strips, onion rings and fried calamari. Choose your poison!

“Stay here for at least 40-45 years and eat a steak sandwich. The best of the meat from the filet and their garlic roll is delicious. I like the fried raviolis appetizer and ravioli dinner. Their fish is to serve die!!!” – Yelp reviews

Locals love this simple Chinese restaurant specializing in Cantonese and American cuisine. The head chef and owner, Eric Kuang, is a master of Cantonese and American Chinese cuisine, and not only does he offer dishes packed with Chinese American favorites, he has a menu thing.

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