Best Restaurants In The Swan Valley

Best Restaurants In The Swan Valley – Although getting to Swan Valley often means connecting by car But don’t let that scare you away. A truly unique dining experience!

With talented chef Rohan Park at the helm, Old Young’s Kitchen has become one of the best places to eat in the Swan Valley, even the whole of Perth. A new restaurant has opened next to Old Young’s Distillery. Distillery and very beautiful – terracotta paintings, modern decor. and a long wooden table set beneath the howling vines at lunch. Know how to work with Australian ingredients. Popular dishes include kangaroo tartar, chorizo ​​crocodile and market fish served with home-made orange miso cream. Maids that will make you lick a plate Mix it up with a few tasty treats (our favorites), and you’ll wonder why you don’t go to Swan Valley more often.

Best Restaurants In The Swan Valley

Mandoon Estate established itself as a landmark in the Swan Valley and has always been. It’s a great restaurant called Wild Swan for lunch. But if you come in the evening, check out the Homestead Brewery, known for its pizzas, burgers and German beer. There’s also The Llawn, a great place for picnics and live music.

South Fork Lodge Restaurant

Bailey Brewing Co is home to beer and food that delights many. while the favorite dish is chicken parmigiana. Fish and Chips And the burgers are outstanding. You’ll also find chilli prawns, pizza, sea bass, curries and more, with a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails. I guarantee that it will be a cool afternoon for sure.

One of the most famous wineries in the Swan Valley, Sandalford Winery is one of the best. At Sandalford Bar and Restaurant, you’ll find a mix of modern Australian and European cuisine. as well as wood-fired pizza with lobster, lamb and handmade pasta. If you want to try something a little different Why not plan a wine tour? Depart from Perth in the morning. You’ll head to the Swan River and get on the boat. Very nice. Enjoy a delicious lunch in Sandalford before heading back to town.

Gaze out at Sitella’s lush green vineyards as you dine on high-quality dishes prepared by Chef Mike Price, prepared in London and Paris. Sitella’s menu includes a wide variety of meat and fish dishes. From lamb ragu to seafood stew and caramelized pork belly.

Lamont’s, which you might find in Cottesloe, CBD or Yallingup, is a fine wine with delicious food. His farm in the Swan Valley focuses on exquisite tapas such as fried halloumi, spicy buffalo wings and grilled exmouth shrimp. or choose a cheese plate And of course you’ll want to pair it with some amazing wines.

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Funk Cider’s second location is a great place for booze and booze. Think bright and colorful, perfect for summer. We dream of a long bar with 18 taps serving signature cider and craft beer. (both sulfite-free and preservative-free) in terms of food You’ll be satisfied with grub, classics or tapas.

Oakover Grounds, with its retro tips and industrial style, is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. After lunch of beef, squid or chicken snitty. Let’s ride water bikes, which can be rented for free. Now it’s something you can’t do in the city.

The Edgecombe brothers describe themselves as relaxed and comfortable. where you can dine under wisteria flowers Overlooking the beautiful lake while enjoying a delicious burger. Other dishes are also served, or you can eat on the patio full of cheese, olives, spices and fresh bread.

With a bird’s eye view of the Swan River and vineyards. Riverfront Mediterranean cuisine will keep you coming back for more. There is a menu section dedicated to fatty meats. but not so Order small plates to share, or add gnocchi, pork belly, or fresh fish. They’ve won numerous awards at restaurants and wine bars. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Modern British Seasons Restaurant At The Globe Theatre

Photo Credit: Bailey Brewing Co, Old Young Kitchen, Mandoon Estate, Sandalford, Lamont’s, Funk 2.0, Edgecomb Brothers, Riverbank Estate.

Coup organic food branded content news australia nightlife Auckland Store Health Sustainability Sponsored Content television and film famous students Now news is coming out that I’m leaving Perth. It’s understandable why I decided to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Swan Valley recently. We checked out at 11:30 PM that night (I just got off work yesterday) and decided to go to sleep. The last 24 hours of your stay in Swan Valley will not be spent.

Before trying all three Swan Valley dishes in one day, I decided to post on Facebook what everyone could do. If you try the same There was a very good response. I want to try them all!

So where have we been? To be honest, I don’t have the energy for 3 large meals in a day. But this is our best effort. And I’ve also included a list of Swan Valley Farms for you to consider!

The Sebel Swan Valley The Vines

We started at the beautiful Upper Reach Farm. The restaurant on this site was taken over by new owners and renamed Riverbrook Restaurant. as far as i know Chef and kitchen team are still the same.

Riverbrook serves breakfast from 9 AM every day of the week. It’s the perfect place for a hearty breakfast. on friday We had a great time browsing the vineyards and thinking about our time in Perth. Not to mention the Upper Reach Sparkling Chardonnay we had. The food and service were excellent. I highly recommend a visit. And if possible, do a weekend and stay at the Upper Reach Spa Cottage!

I’m full for breakfast! So we decided to keep the lunch light while meeting my best friend Naomi for dinner. So we decided to go to the Ugly Duckling Winery on West Swan Street. I’m a huge fan of their food and pies. (Especially the pie!)

The adventure led us to order a $15 glass of white wine with two cheeses, bread and a few crackers. It goes well with our wines and is a great meal for 2.

Lamont’s Swan Valley

We went for dinner at Mandoon Estate if we had more time. We’d love to try Wild Swan, but unfortunately our flight is only a few hours away. So we have wine, appetizers and pizza at the Homestead Brewery (also open for breakfast and lunch).

It’s a lot of food. We are full of carbohydrates! He was washed with a foam bottle and red. Perfect ending to a good day and an hour later I was crying on my way to the airport when we left Swan Valley 🙁 I have a lot of good memories with me.

The question is, if you had to choose three farms and/or restaurants in the Swan Valley for breakfast and dinner. what will you choose Leave a comment below…

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Oakover Wines Restaurant

Our little spoiler… I’m very selfish I quit writing this a long time ago. ‘Cause I might stumble upon the secrets of the Swan Valley Fillaudeau’s café is located at the Pinelli Estate vineyard in the Swan Valley. Manu, the French chef behind the wonderful food and his wife Jasmine…

Sunday for me Just being lazy at home, doing housework, reading and resting. I know, I know I’m starting to say this. But it’s good to start your work week with a clean and tidy home! But last week I lost…

The Ugly Duckling 2014 The Ugly Duckling Chardonnay is the best of the Swan Valley. It’s a small gate off West Swan Street and overlooks the vineyards. Open for live music on weekends and make the best pies.

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