Best Restaurants In Menton France

Best Restaurants In Menton France – MENTON, France – When you’re invited to dinner at the best restaurant in the world, you live up to certain expectations. (And when you’re invited by American Express Travel, those expectations are high.) Some are rooted in reality: That is, the dishes will be expertly prepared with fifteen courses, and the wine pairing will be better than any of them. our predecessors It is a little more ancient: the dining room will be gilded in gold, the waiters will wear white tuxedos and the table will be filled with only the best foli gras and caviar.

Located on the shores of the French Riviera and featured in San Pellegrino’s list of the world’s 50 best restaurants this year, the sunny Mirazur restaurant lived up to none of those expectations. Simply put, as one of the American Express By Invitation Only events for Platinum Credit Cards, the meal that I and a few other journalists enjoyed was a breath of fresh air.

Best Restaurants In Menton France

Given the genius behind the operation, this should come as no surprise. Mauro Colagreco (born in Argentina, of Italian descent, lives and works in France, married to a Brazilian) is all about breaking with tradition. He is the first non-French chef to win three Michelin stars in France. Close to many restaurants around the world, he runs a daily Neapolitan pizzeria called Pecora Negra next to the pier in Menton, where Mirazur is located, and was not far from opening a specialty bread bakery.

Is Mirazur Really The Best Restaurant In France?

All very serious. But the best thing about him is that he is one of the most likely chefs you will ever meet.

He and his wife Julia spent the afternoon at Tenuta Selvadolce, on the Italian border of Bordghiera. Colagreco’s favorite wine has the beginning of a longing story: Aris Blancardi, an old vet, did not use vinification (who did not drink wine) to save him, who would decorate his family’s farm and get rid of the wine. turns a dying flower farm into a biodynamic vineyard. The infinity of Lake Blancardi overlooking the ocean and the Fiat vintage, natural wines, thirty-month wines, Sardinian goat cheeses and focaccia that Blancardi’s wife had bought from the bakery for this event.

Later that day in Mirazur, not more than a few hundred meters across the border, the scene was equally idyllic. As the name suggests, the jewel case in the restaurant, clad in yellow wood and minimal white furniture, is literally a window to the Mediterranean Sea. His surroundings were just as amazing, now he happily strolled out onto the back patio where we ate fresh pesto and pastries.

(the result of a cooking class under Colagreco that started in the evening) and a stunning vegetable garden surrounded by Belgian countryside, as well as the chef’s house, which provides much of the restaurant’s menu.

Best Things To Do In Menton

After working with legendary French chefs such as Colagreco, Alain Passard and Alain Ducasse, he settled on this first farm in 2006 (when it was cheap rent). Since then, he has developed his own culinary style, inspired by many cultures, surrounded by trepidation and the freedom to work outside the boundaries of classic French gastronomy. (The chef seems to be a stranger to these advantages in France.) Each Mirazur dish is a unique interpretation of the surrounding lands and seas. Literally. Every day, Colagreco devises a new menu that’s available, an approach that both delights guests and no doubt drives the kitchen staff crazy (guess with pain or joy, depending on the day).

On the night of our dinner, the waiters dressed in Miwok’s signature Argentinian toga from Champagne, to pair perfectly with crispy potato mille feuille, puffed with sticks, scattered with pineapple and caper bottarga and garnished with radicchio caviar. caviar FLOWER After we were seated, we started our dinner with a bowl of philosophy with a simple seasoned bread, accompanied by a poem by Pablo Neruda.

What followed was so honest: courgettes from an expertly prepared garden over prawns near San Remo, from a mushroom tart in tender season, scallops in a rich and comforting pesto, like a restrained salt and herb bed. mac and cheese and fresh lobster with sudachi and trout roe from the Roya Valley just north of Menton. The table was simple in its delights: a fig leaf granita over a fig panna cotta, served on a sprig of spiced rosemary ice cream, and on a very sweet table, almost a carpet of Peruvian chocolate.

Perhaps it was because our group dined at the incredible opulence of the Ducasses, the three-Michelin-starred Le Louis XV in Monaco. A traditional example of gilded, French haute cuisine that lasts forever and makes me feel like a brick.

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Or maybe the next stop on our journey was the former world’s best restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain, a house, garden and pool believed to be run by the larger-than-life Roca brothers. Colagreco belongs to the Amex Global food collection of world-class chefs, where theatrical dishes are created but the ingredients are almost unknown. (Yes, it was a big trip that American Express invited Fathom to join them).

This is a restaurant where every ingredient in a dish is easily recognizable. Where the concept of food is expressed, the environment is taken to the next level. And the light on one’s feet coming out of the banquet, it’s amazing how the chef managed to impress without any sensory overload. The dining experience is not a great crowd of geese and caviar, but for those who appreciate finesse, incredibly fresh ingredients and a view from hell, it is an inexplicable stop to add to a trip along the Cote d’Azur.

How to get Mirazur Located on the eastern edge of Menton in southern France. Menton is a beautiful town, colorful hills, beautiful shingle beach, fishing port, tons of old world classy atmosphere. It is one of the sunniest places in France and worth spending some time here. Fly into Nice airport and take a bus, train, taxi (about $100) or your car to get there.

Where to stay in Monaco, an American Express Frontier Hotels and Resorts, was half an hour away. As with most places with wonderful, wonderful, little things, this place is at its best. Everyone who lives here drives a Rolls Royce. The lobby is dark and mysterious, covered in exotic plants and smelling of amber. The hotel is home to one of three Datchy spas in the world, a restaurant by Joël Robuchon and a swimming pool designed by Karl Lagerfeld. If you’re taking a once in a lifetime trip to the French Riviera, this is the place to stay (or better yet, Chèvre d’Or near ze), but if you’d rather stay here. The accommodation is basic (and the food is great), on the beach there are many Airbnbs to choose from.

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We make every effort to ensure that the information in our articles is correct at the time of publication. But the world moves fast, and even I check every moment before we go. Casa Fuego in Mendon, France offers great views and delicious food Credits: Matteo carassale

Food may be a moment on the lips, but the tastes, aromas, flavor combinations and textures – like Proust’s madeleines – are stored in our memory for years. A bite of pesto takes me straight to the Piazzetta in Portofino and I look out over the harbor to its elegant docks. The spicy smell of truffles takes me to Piedmont, sitting among red vines under a clear autumn blue sky. I can almost hear the Lisbon trams screeching as I eat the grilled fish. All these layers of food evoke happy memories and sensual nostalgia.

As the world’s best chefs celebrate after this month’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony, we’ve hand-picked food-focused travelers and planned and planned itineraries and holiday weekends based on the winners. Some restaurants are really worth the trip.

Of course, not all restaurants are creamy. Waiting lists and price points are big hurdles – but those willing to partake in culinary adventures will be rewarded with just the right dishes that make it onto the radar. Many respected chefs have opened more affordable spin-off restaurants in beautiful locations where you can sample distinct flavors and appreciate their skills. And great chefs like Franco Pepe can turn an inexpensive slice of pizza into a gourmet experience.

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A Michelin-starred Auberge with pink walls and green shutters nestled among the ornate rolling hills of Beaujolais

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