Best Restaurants In Medina Saudi Arabia

Best Restaurants In Medina Saudi Arabia – If you are a fan of Indian food; Do not hesitate to visit Hyderabad House which offers quality food at very affordable prices. The restaurant is simply decorated, but the dishes and service of this restaurant are of the highest quality. The restaurant has a dining room on the ground floor and a family corner on the first floor, with its own entrance at the rear of the building. Sauce or rice (Biryani, Fried). Appetizers Soups/salads and desserts also await you. Hyderabad House is located in Al Difaa District on Imam Al Bukharee Road, next to Carrefour.

Remove it Manchurian chicken is very tasty, Prawn noodles are quite good. The butter chicken eats a little more cardamom. Disappointing are the gulaab jammoons for R20. Some lotions received 2 small balls while the remaining liquid was poured into the bag. The delivery was very fast.

Best Restaurants In Medina Saudi Arabia

It’s delicious I recommend you try it. But the dish needs more spices, Especially the chicken (naan 5/3.5 but still good).

Hyderabad House Indian Restaurant

If you want to go quietly with your family, the taste is good and the service is good.

The quality is good, but not the quality. The price is very limited. Also, Hyderabadi Biryani is different from Hyderabadi; Its taste is different from Hyderabadi. I thought of 2 Biryani but tried and stopped at just one Biryani. Overall, my experience was not as good as I expected…

The best Indian restaurant in Medina. Despite the high prices, overall it was a great experience.

The Welcome Saudi website requires cookies to provide all of its functionality. When using our website; You accept our terms of use and cookies policy. Details The Moghul Room offers classic and contemporary North Indian cuisine. Located a few meters from the Prophet’s Mosque, on the lobby level of the Oberoi Hotel in Medina. (Peace be with you). The Moghul Room offers exquisite Indian cuisine with breathtaking views of the Prophet’s Mosque Square.

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Their chefs will delight you with Tandoori and Curry specialties. The restaurant consists of two large rooms. In the largest of them, you can see from your table how the chef prepares the food by hand in the tandoor ovens. Another section has a large window overlooking Al Masjid Al Nabawi. This restaurant is dedicated to sharing food with your family and friends. There is also a prominent dining room. Sala Moghul is a restaurant that will delight lovers of good Indian cuisine.

10/10 butter chicken Prawn curry (can’t remember the exact name) was the best dish on the ‘thali menu’. This restaurant is expensive for family dining, but worth it for solo dining. I want to go again My wife wants to go again. Those two dishes made me feel like a Mughal emperor. Those Mughal emperors were very fond of their food. Cheers to the CHEF!

The best restaurant in town.

The Welcome Saudi website requires cookies to provide all of its functionality. When using our website; You accept our terms of use and cookies policy. More information A restaurant at Al Hijrah Walk; And even the Medina is a must-see when it comes to Arabic/shameful cuisine. Ver Dan Lounge is located on the third floor of a building on Al Abbas Ibn Ubadah Street in Al Qaswa District, next to Tamimi Markets.

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It is hummus, mutabbal or baba ghanouj; For salads (tabula, fatoush…) and main courses; Grilled meat. Grilled like shish tawook. The restaurant has fruit juices on its menu. Desserts are also amazing as they offer cheese cakes and other Oum Ali.

To enter the restaurant; You have to take the elevator to the top floor. The restaurant consists of a large interior space with several rooms, one of which has a beautiful view of Al Hijrah promenade. A decoration beyond the wooden elements, simply magnificent. The only downside is the music, which is loud and blurs the stability of the food.

Nice place to eat. good people advanced menus; assembly parts; Very relaxed atmosphere and very fresh and varied food. Take time to dine here as it offers a full dining experience.

Nice place to visit!! I thank Samar for the good food….your service is very good 👍…he even helped me to choose new dishes in a very cool hotel… Samar very nice 💞💞💞

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This cozy restaurant leaves the best impressions. hospitable hosts; delicious dishes; Beautiful presentation. An extensive list of savory dishes and surprising desserts. I recommend it to everyone. I would like to come back here again and again. It was a great experience. The atmosphere is very pleasant and charming. Food and service. The staff (ASMA) in particular are very knowledgeable and make great recommendations.

Beiruti Restaurant; I’m sure it’s the best restaurant in the Medina. It has been more than 3 years since our visit to the Medina, but lunch, No dinner or restaurant is complete without having both. The restaurant also needs a little expansion. The food is fresh and delicious, and the cleanliness is very good. The hospitality of the staff is also very good.

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