Best Restaurants In Leicestershire

Best Restaurants In Leicestershire – Businesses from cafes to caterers in Leicestershire have been named in the final round of this year’s British Food Awards. Now in its seventh year, the awards aim to recognize the best in the food industry, from restaurants, chefs and servers to specialists and suppliers.

Organized by marketing agency Creative Oceanic, the awards have 23 categories, most of which are divided into regional sections. The shortlisted companies have been chosen following a public vote and 14 Leicestershire companies will be among the best in the country.

Best Restaurants In Leicestershire

The winners will be announced at a black tie ceremony in Manchester on Monday 6 June. Awards include Restaurant of the Year, Mexican Business of the Year, Retail Bakery of the Year and Global Food of the Year.

Barnacles Restaurant & Bar Bistro

A spokesperson for The Food Awards England said: “England offers a wide variety of dining destinations from around the world. The finalists have been selected to bring authentic recipes and unique dishes to their kitchens, creating memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike.

“There is no doubt that there are excellent professionals across the country who know how to provide good service, delicious food and meet the expectations of their diners. These are the professionals we want to recognize at The Food Awards England in 2022.

“We would like to warmly welcome all the finalists. We look forward to welcoming all our guests and celebrating the winners with them.”

Alongside Leicestershire finalists The Olive Branch in Clipsham, Rutland is also in the running for Gastropub of the Year (Midlands).

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Gastropub & Country Pub Leicestershire

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The Leicester City defender has been unable to play for Brendan Rodgers’ side in the Premier League this season and plans to keep the free transfer, which is based in the former NatWest Bank building in St Maarten. steaks, grills, burgers, fresh fish and delicious desserts in a fantastic setting in the heart of Leicester. Add to that a great wine selection and a cocktail list full of classics and we know we have the perfect mix. We have breakfast every weekend from 9-11:30am. Why not try our set menu? Three-course set lunch menu for £13.95 Monday to Saturday 12-5pm Our Prime Set menu is the perfect mid-week menu offering 12 close-up 3-course meals for £19.95 Monday to Friday. Why not try our delicious Sunday Roast set menu available until 4pm with 2 courses from £16.95 and 3 courses from £19.95.

All steaks: with choice of 1 side, served with tomatoes and mushrooms (includes steak frites); is the approximate weight before cooking

This steak has a longer cooking time. All steaks: with choice of 1 side, served with tomatoes and mushrooms (includes steak frites); is the approximate weight before cooking

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All gratings have a one-way capability; If Classic Grill is not on the menu, ask your server and we will do our best to accommodate your request

All burgers come with a choice of one side; If Classic Grill is not on the menu, ask your server and we will do our best to accommodate your request

Copyright © 2022, Inc. 1 Montgomery St Ste 700, San Francisco CA 94104 – All rights reserved. Because the hobby of eating out and trying new foods is one of the most enjoyable things… 99% of you will definitely agree. A good pub, whether it’s Chinese or Indian, I love it – I’d say the more variety the better!

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to support restaurants, especially small independent businesses that really need our help. So today I want to share with you some of the best local restaurants in the Leicestershire area. From one dish to another, here are my top four picks. I have tried to choose four different eateries to suit all your tastes…

Muddy Eats At Fourwards, Earl Shilton, Leics

If you live in the Loughborough area I’m sure you already know about the pool but it’s one of the coolest Chinese/Japanese restaurants out there so I have to include it – think Wagamama but tastier.

I have been eating here for years and after countless visits the service and food quality has always been excellent. In fact, when our family has a special occasion like a birthday, we always choose to eat here because we know we will get 10/10 service.

The extensive menu includes classic Chinese small plates/appetizers, noodle dishes, rice/curry dishes, sushi, taram sum and miso. My favorite orders are: Shrimp Sesame Toast, Garlic May (pictured above), Spring Rolls, and Chicken Katsu Curry. I also can’t recommend enough: the chicken cha han, the spicy pork cutlet, the chicken yaki soba, and the beef ho with black bean sauce – ALL great!!!

It is worth noting that it has the best atmosphere, especially when celebrating a party, it is always bright and energetic. After blocking, they do everything they can to keep you safe. It is the most organized and sterile experience I have ever had. All in all, a must visit, even if it means a little travel for you!

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Next up is The Mops & Greyhound in Great Glen, Leicester. I went for the first time a few weeks ago and was very impressed. This is a classic good pub set up well in a cozy village pub setting.

I ordered both starters and main course with wine… of course. Olives, balsamic, olive oil and bread to start, followed by steak on a bun, triple cooked chips and chilli sauce. There are so many interesting sounds on the menu that it’s really hard to choose for someone like me who is indecisive. I have to say I’m very glad I chose the steak with chili sauce because the sauce is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s still thick, but it’s so pretty.

The Mops & Greyhound has an outdoor bar and a good size garden which looks great if you come on a sunny day, but if the weather is British the outdoor restaurant and bar seating is very comfortable. I can’t wait to go back and try the tapas next time. It’s definitely one of those pubs you can go to again and again.

Now it’s not a restaurant with a nice interior and a small cafe, but the afternoon tea they offer is amazing! from me

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Of all the afternoon teas I’ve tried (quite a few to be honest), this one is a million miles ahead of them all, including Harvey Nicks. I can assure you that everything tastes as good as it looks, the mini tarts (bottom layer), cheese slices and cupcakes are very tasty.

They also offer an afternoon tea style breakfast with croissants, granola bowls and amazing looking fruit which is definitely on my to try list. If you’re in a hurry, I recommend the amazing hot chocolate with all the critters.

I can’t mention the beautiful shop, it really is like walking into a girl’s heaven. Everywhere you turn photo opportunities and staff

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