Best Restaurants In Bradford

Best Restaurants In Bradford – If you’re like us and travel a lot, you know how hard it can be to find completely halal places to eat, from halal restaurants to halal fast food, especially if you prefer to eat alone. hands are surprised. with slaughter, no risk of cross-contamination, completely alcohol-free and questionable methods such as the absence of mechanical slaughter. Alhamdulillah, your prayers have been answered…

IceStone Gelato is a halal dessert restaurant with a selection of ice cream, hot puddings, cakes, drinks and desserts. Icestone Gelato was first born in Bradford, the heart of Yorkshire. They currently have several franchises spread across the UK including Bradford, Batley, Birmingham, Manchester and their newest branch in Liverpool. The menu is almost the same in all branches (menu images are below to save the order). IceStone specializes in…

Best Restaurants In Bradford

Hold your horses guys! Marco and Karl have arrived in BRADFORD! So you northerners who want something other than curry, look no further. I am very happy to share our experience with you and tell you all about it because I love this place. Marco & Carl Bradford is a non-alcoholic, fuss-free halal restaurant based in the Leisure Exchange area of ​​Bradford city center with an extensive menu carefully selected…

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The time has finally come. Heavenly Sweets have now arrived in Bradford and the name says it all and it’s certainly true. We just attended their V.I.P (thanks for the offer) launch and loved it, so I had to jump in and share the details with you. Heavenly Desserts has long been a favorite of mine, so when I found out there was one opening in Bradford, it was decided on the desserts…

If anyone needs a curry fix, Bradford is the first place to visit Fo’Sho. It was called the curry capital of Great Britain. Who thinks of going to the center of Bradford for afternoon tea with jam scones? Now you definitely can and I have found the right niche for you that is relatively new and everyone is talking about as we speak so let’s go for it!…

I’m sure the name gave it away, but to confirm, Howdy’s is a western themed restaurant, tastefully decorated. The place isn’t that big, but they managed to fit a few seats in without it being overcrowded. Hello is a refreshing change due to the unique nature of the place. The restaurant has unique Wild West themed features on every wall, such as fake guns. I recommend booking in advance if you want this place. The place…

Another HOT dish is @shimlasbradford’s Chilli Chicken Tikka Masala 🌶️ It’s insanely hot, not for the faint hearted, but you know what? Absolutely delicious and flavorful, the chicken tikka is cooked to perfection from scratch and combined with a hot masala base to deliver an endless amount of flavor. This is my favorite dish when I visit. Served with soft buttery naan. Personally one of my favorite places to eat in Bradford. Alhamdulillah @shimlasbradford has a prayer room on top. Plus, the chicken and meat are @hmc_uk certified, so with the butcher in hand, make sure everything tastes great! #HFGBradford #ShimlasBradford #HFGPrayerRoom A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Oct 2, 2018 at 1:44pm PDT

Inside The Fast Food Workers’ Rebellion At A Mcdonald’s In Bradford, Pa.

I recommend it whenever you want something other than a curry in Bradford. It’s a roasted chicken parmesan with a vegetable topping like bell pepper, sweet corn, onion, and melted cheddar cheese. Served with rice and cream sauce and salad. It was really good and different from my usual options. In the back we have Blazin’ Peri Peri pizzas baked in a wood oven. How delicious does that look? It’s Woody Joe @hmc_uk certified by @woodyjoesbfd so you can be sure everything on the menu is prepared Zabiha and alhamdulillah #HFGBradford #WoodyJoes Jun 201 A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro). 11:26 AM PDT

Boneless Chicken Haray from @dhesigrill Bradford. It is made fresh to order so can take up to 30/40 minutes and consists of chicken breast cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and Desi spices. One of my favorite things to order from their menu is the grilled food. Defo a must try when you go. The meat is cooked fresh, you can see that it really falls off the bone and melts in your mouth like butter. They are @hmc_uk certified so it’s not just hype. Alhamdulillah, they also offer prayer and ablution, which is great for your journey. #HFGBradford #HFGPrayerRoom #DhesiGrill A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Oct 2018 at 1:10pm PST on Feb 16, 2018

How would you like a steak? On the Stones 😉 Here we have prime rib (bottom right) and fillet steak (top left) cooked for 28 days, then served @moghulsotr on a hot stone in Keighley. beurre noisette sauce and coriander sauce 😋 All meat is from a source that won’t surprise you during the meal. #HFGSteak #moghulsotr #moghulsontherocks #HFGBradford A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Nov 8, 2018 at 1:41pm PST

Deconstructed cheesecake from @moghulsotr in Keighley 🍰. The cheesecake has the perfect texture of cream and foam, and the biscuit adds a subtle crunch. Jam 🍯 impressed with its sharp and sour taste. What a beautiful and bright looking dessert! It was beautiful ♥️ Be sure to try their steaks, famous for their unique method of preparation on hot 🔥 stones. Alhamdulillah, all meat and chicken comes from the not too surprising source Mongolians On The Rocks. #HFGBradford #HFGDessert #moghulsontherocks A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Jan 5, 2019 at 1:45pm PST.

The 30 Best Restaurants In Bradford, West Yorkshire

Here’s a Medium Rare 💗 filet mignon from @toros_manchester served with vegetables, fries and paprika sauce. 🐄 Which part do you like? @torossteakhouse was fully @hmc_uk certified when we ate. #HFGManchester #HFGSteak #torossteakhouse Also available in the following cities #HFGLeicester #HFGBirmingham #HFGBolton #HFGLondon #HFGBradford A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Jun 29, 2018

Yesterday we decided to visit @pearls_tearoom & Pâtisserie in Bradford which opened last week. The place looked absolutely amazing. Definitely insta-goals ❤️ Even better, all the food is halal and doesn’t look expensive. So here we have a fresh cod fillet in a crispy batter, served with boiled peas, tartar sauce and home-made double-fried thick-cut chips. The batter was really light and complemented the haddock very well. Double Fried chips were a big hit. Fortunately, the food was not greasy despite being fried. Service could be better but it was full and just opened so I can check it out now and definitely visit again. 😋 More pictures will follow. Chicken and meat products were delivered at lunchtime for an unsurprising source. #HFGBradford #HFGBrunch #PearlsTeaRoom A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Oct 2018 on Jan 14 at 7:42am PST

Now we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and check out this spread from @pearls_tearoom of Bradford Two Eggs Benedict followed by a lovely glass of full English breakfast ☕ the perfect way to start the day 😋 See what you want to know about this dish more? are there any tasty options? In pearls? Check out the full review on the website, you won’t be disappointed 😉 (link in bio) All chickens and meats are handmade from a zabih supplier who doesn’t disappoint during the meal (even the sausages) and the pearls Alhamdulilah are always amazing! questions about where it comes from. #HFGBradford #HFGBrunch #pearlstearoom A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) on Oct 2018 at 2:14am PDT on Nov 3, 2018

Breakfast at Pearls Tea Room Bradford. Here are the California Eggs, which are toasted muffins on a bed of avocado topped with salsa, two poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce and topped with fresh dill. I would have preferred more avocado because the flavor of the salsa overpowered the avocado so I couldn’t taste much of it. Also, if you like your eggs runny as much as I do, tell the staff because mine doesn’t. On the back, we have a 3-egg omelette with spinach and cheese. @pearls_tearoom has a wide selection of breakfast options so I’ll definitely be back to try more of the menu when they get their chicken and meat from a no-nonsense supplier. #HFGBradford #HFGBrunch #Pearlstearoom A post shared by Halal Food Gastronomy (@halalfoodgastro) in January

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