Best Resorts In Valle De Guadalupe

Best Resorts In Valle De Guadalupe – I was surprised to learn that one of the largest and most modern resorts in Valle de Guadalupe is located just a few hundred meters from Highway 3 in the small town of San Antonio de Las Minas. But this was not the only surprise. My family and I have stayed at many hotels, B&Bs and B&Bs in the Baja California wine country, and the Maglén Resort was one of our best experiences.

According to the general manager of Cuellar Maglén, José Luis Cárdenas, “we currently have 50 rooms in the Guadalupe Valley and we are on track to reach a total of 80 in the future. But we want our guests to feel comfortable, not as in a large hotel Maglén Resort also organizes parties and weddings and can accommodate up to 600 guests.

Best Resorts In Valle De Guadalupe

All rooms at the Maglén resort are elegantly decorated and do not skimp on comfort. The pillows are of the highest quality, and the bed linen is soft and comfortable. The master suite has a fully equipped kitchen and most rooms have private outdoor terraces. The resort premises are divided into three separate properties, all within walking distance of each other.

Valle De Guadalupe: Baja California’s Surprising Wine (and Food) Destination

Villas Maglén is on a gentle hill with a winding path that leads to the six stone villas. The property includes a swimming pool, a wine cave (more on that later) and a Ha’Che restaurant. “Our restaurants use all local ingredients and some herbs from our gardens,” said Maglén Resort Sales and Marketing Director Daniela Duarte. “At Ha’Chen we have delicious Mexican coffee, salads, steaks and burgers.”

Tesela has fourteen single rooms and two large studios. The blocks are made of wood and brick and look a bit like the hills of the Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel to the north. All units are oriented to overlook the valley and designed with glass walls to ‘bring the outdoors in’. There is also a common terrace with comfortable chairs to watch the sunset over the western ridge.

El Encinal rooms and studios are nestled in the branches of live oaks that welcome the warm Guadalupe summer. “We build around the landscape and respect the existing roads and old trees,” says Cardenas. “We recycle gray water to support our landscape, which is mostly low-water plants.” It is important because of the lack of water in the region. El Encinal also has a leisure pool and the main restaurant of the Cantera Resort

Full disclosure: I was invited to stay an extra night at Maglén Resort with the understanding that I would post a review of Cantera – the resort’s flagship restaurant – but only if I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the service and most importantly the food . I am happy to report that we had a wonderful dining experience at Cantera and enjoyed everything about our stay at Maglén Resort.

Experiencing Baja’s Wine Country At Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe

Chef Joel Quintana of Ensenada is the executive chef of Cantera. I have described the restaurant’s cuisine as classic Baja Mediterranean cuisine, which is a fusion of Mexican, European and Asian cooking techniques and recipes using the freshest local produce.

For starters, we tried the bluefin tuna toast, topped with ruby ​​red citrus-pickled ahi cubes, avocado dip, thinly sliced ​​cucumber and pickled red onion. Clams and mussels from a local aquaculture farm steamed with butter, white wine and garlic were also a hit.

Ahiya makes its second appearance on the menu as a main course, lightly seared on a wood-fired grill, perfectly seasoned and served in a light Asian soy sauce. Not only was this dish a favorite, it made it into my Top 10 Gringo’s Choice Awards for 2017.

The wonderful meal was accompanied by a chilled bottle of Maglén French Colombard from the resort’s wine label. The property has a small vineyard and also offers Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Dolcetto, Syrah and Nebbiolo. Wine is only sold in the resort’s restaurants and can also be tasted in the Las Villas wine cave.

The 5 Best Valle De Guadalupe Luxury Hotels Of 2022 (with Prices)

Maglén Resort has everything you need for a comfortable and unforgettable vacation in the Guadalupe Valley. The central location is convenient for visiting the famous wineries and restaurants of the area. Singles are $235-$270 per night, large studios are $270-$290, and master suites are $550.

This is advertising. We enjoyed our stay at Maglén Resort so much that we wanted to introduce our friends visiting the Vallee to this amazing place. Gringo from Mexico is partnering with Maglén Resort to offer our readers a discount. Use coupon code GRINGO for a FREE reservation by calling 1-855-765-4484 or online at and you will save $17-$40 per night, depending on room type. One of my favorite things about Mexico’s wine region is how innovative it is. When I was looking for a place to stay, I found so many interesting accommodation options that I didn’t have enough time to try them all. Read on to discover 4 unique Valle de Guadalupe hotels and vacation rentals in Baja California, from eco-lofts to air-conditioned glamping tents to stellar bubble hotels.


Arre Lulu Baja is a renovated 30′ Silver Streak trailer and is my top choice for unique Valle de Guadalupe hotels in Baja. Charisse and Tony designed the room and did an incredible job making sure every detail was perfect (not to mention Instagrammable!). On the property you will find barbecue, Wi-Fi, many lounges, ice boxes and beautiful panoramic views of the valley. Arre Lulu Baja captures the atmosphere of the region so beautifully that you will never want to leave.

El Cielo Resort From $46. Guadalupe Hotel Deals & Reviews

Arre Lulu Baja makes reservations on Airbnb. For reservations and information, click here. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, click below to get $40 off your first stay!

As you walk down La Ruta del Vino, you may notice a cluster of small houses on the hill. This is Encuentro Guadalupe, a modern eco-friendly hotel.

Encuentro Guadalupe’s ecological lofts were designed to be suspended from the slope so as not to interrupt the natural landscape. The lofts are minimalist yet modern and all have a private terrace to enjoy the view.

Encuentro Guadalupe offers a guests-only pool and private bar near the lofts, as well as a full restaurant and hillside winery.

Dream Hotel Group Announces Plans To Bring Five Star Luxury Hotel To Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico

Located between vineyards and the Pacific Ocean, Cuatro Cuatros covers 144 hectares where guests can relax and get back to nature. There are 14 luxury glamp tents on site, each with its own mini terrace in front.

This is the kind of camping I go down to, with air conditioning, mini bar and a real bed 🙂 .

On the other hand, you can go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and ziplining in Cuatro Cuatros. There is a restaurant and one of my favorite sunset bars at the top of the hill with the best view of the coast.

Although Cuatro Cuatros is a little further away than other hotels in Valle de Guadalupe, it is only 25 minutes from the wineries. They also make their own wine, so you can also do a tasting here.

These Are The Best 5 Accommodations In Valle De Guadalupe According To Tripadvisor

One of the design favorites of all Valle de Guadalupe hotels, Hotel Campera Burbuja is located in the middle of vineyards.

The bubbles were designed in France with the highest quality materials, and there are 10 of them on site. Each room has a private bathroom, a king-size bed and luxury toiletries. They are also air-conditioned and heated, but currently do not have Wi-Fi.

Campera Hotel Bubuja accepts all Airbnb bookings and if you’ve never booked through Airbnb before, use my referral code and get $40 off your first trip! HERE

Note. This is not a sponsored post. Some links may be affiliate, which means I may receive a small commission (free to you). Valle de Guadalupe has been on our radar lately for its unique hotels, great restaurants and endless wineries. Just 45 minutes from Ensenada or 2 hours south of San Diego, Valle de Guadalupe is an easy drive (yours or a car) and stays warm year-round. Go in August for the Grape Harvest Festival, October for warm days and cool nights, or January through February for cooler temperatures and smaller crowds.

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The 22 lofts of the Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe transport you to the heart of the Guadalupe Valley. The view of the mountains and vineyards is perfectly combined with this modern and minimalist building. Enjoy a glass of wine as Encuentro Guadalupe takes you back to the basics of nature.

Relax in Bruma, a hotel in harmony with nature. Visit a winery built around a 300-year-old oak by Mexican architect Alejandro D’Acosta, the winery’s renowned designer.

Finca La Carrodilla garden, four cows, six

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