Best Resorts In Lonavala

Best Resorts In Lonavala – Lonavala is the perfect vacation spot for all the people living in the nearby metro cities. Picturesque valleys, lush green hills, adventure activities, historical sites and the best resort (read more) RTS – Giridham has it all! Here is a collection of stylish resorts in Lonavala to make the most of your trip.

The Green Velvet Resort in Lonavala is a paradise in the middle of nature. Surrounded on three sides by mountains and the clear waters of Lake Pauna, this farm is a haven that resembles an old British village. The eco-friendly resort offers cottages and villas with all amenities, including swimming pool, play area, WI-FI and garden. The perfect scenery at the top of the resort is the view you need in a mountain resort. Imagine having a cup of hot cocoa with your family in the background and you won’t be able to resist!

Best Resorts In Lonavala

Set in a forested setting, The Machan offers luxurious treehouses overlooking a lush green valley, sparkling waterfalls and crystal clear streams. The houses, perched on canopies, have glass walls, wooden roofs and views (read more) to keep an eye on the beautiful surroundings; There is an outdoor bathroom with rain effect shower to enjoy the best of the eco resort. Hiking and cycling tours help you immerse yourself in the solitude of the forest! From minibars to safes, it has all the amenities you need.

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Hospitality and luxury at its best, this five star resort in Lonavala is primarily known for its amenities. Nestled amidst the Sahyadari Mountains, it is a colonial-style apartment complex (read more) rs. Royalty redefined, you can banish all your worries while enjoying the comfort and elegance of the place. To overcome the mundanity of indoors, Rhythm offers an outdoor pool for your entertainment along with an elevated outdoor pool with panoramic views.

Nestled in the scenic hills of Lonavla, Misty Meadows is a mid-scale resort that offers a stay with spectacular views. This resort in Lonavala helps you rejuvenate and recharge amidst lush greenery (read more). It has all the modern facilities, including a swimming pool, an exciting bar and fine cuisine. The tranquility of the complex is unmatched. This is a great resort for a vacation with friends.

The rural resort in Lonavala is a perfect combination of pleasure and natural surroundings. The amenities on offer, including bedrooms, jacuzzis and dining, are nothing short of luxurious. (read more) Green and lush, you can stroll around the sprawling resort, have a picnic, or immerse yourself in the tranquility of the interior.

Nestled in the lap of the beautiful Western Ghats, Hilton Shillim Estate is the jewel in the crown of Lonavla, close to pristine nature. Providing a safe haven for mind and body, retreats (read more) include spas, mediation and wellness facilities to escape the chaos of the city. The surrounding landscape is of gigantic heights with massive vegetation that gives a calming effect to anyone living here.

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Della Resorts is your little paradise. This five-star resort offers royal treatment with elegant rooms and facilities. Luxury and nature blended together, it is designed to give you (read more) the best vacation experiences in the state. Della Resort is filled with candles and floral arrangements along its corridors and surrounded by the high peaks of the mountain resort. It was nothing less than a royal escape. Along with amenities like a lounge, pool, and gym, Highlight certainly offers flying fox and ATV adventures in its Adventure Zone.

Duke’s Retreat, a picturesque resort in Lonavala perched on a cliff, is known for its scenic beauty. From the elegant rooms of the lodge (read more), you can enjoy the view of the Western Ghats, with its lush vegetation. There are some exceptional villas with elegant decor, especially for families. A spa, pool, landscaped grounds and play areas add to the excitement of Duke’s Retreat.

Ambi Valley is nothing less than a lush city with multiple views. It offers a variety of accommodation, from cabins to rustic Spanish villas and luxury Australian apartments. With exquisite interiors, this is the most luxurious stay in Lonavla (read more) K. Ambi Valley has everything from a spa to a golf course, without compromising on amenities. It also caters to different taste buds by housing multiple cuisines. The beautiful coastal scenery and mountain views are perfect for photo shoots. You’ll find Instagram-worthy photos here!

Breaking the traditional idea of ​​vacation, DATA is a camp-based military resort where you can enjoy adventure activities. Located in a beautiful camping complex, you can camp, bond with family (read more), hone your leadership and adventure skills with trained military professionals. From driving in military vehicles to dining in regimental themed restaurants, you’ll experience a relaxed military experience. The environment is so far from normal life that you are sure to have fun!

Top Resorts (rs 501 To Rs 1000) In Lonavala

Driving through hills covered with lush vegetation, one reaches Farias just to escape the most elegant haven of Lonavla. Gives off a royal glow that instantly puts you in wake-up mode (read more) e. Perfect for a spectacular getaway, you’ll love enjoying the water park and pool on the estate. The rooms and suites are; You don’t want to go home. Grassy areas for picnicking, rolling hills for visual enjoyment, it has everything you need for a family vacation.

A new addition to the Meritas clan, this resort in Lonavala offers ultimate tranquility and comfort. If you are on a spiritual tour of the Narayani Dham temple, the complex is nearby. You can (read more) turn your holy visit into a magnificent stay here. Resembling a remote English colony, this is a beautiful Arcadian complex with elegant interiors, a swimming pool and a play area. It is ideal for a family holiday. The well-lit resort glows at night, promising a relaxing and exciting holiday.

With a large plot, powerful facilities and a complex full of plants, Villa San Lorenzo is a very relaxing and refreshing place. It has family rooms, leisure areas and a large garden (read more) with palm trees, making it an ideal place for a family picnic. You can relax under the tree with a book. Villa San Lorenzo is perfect for an outdoor lawn party while you eat aromatic snacks from the outdoor grill and have a little karaoke night in the company of your loved ones.

Fazlani Nature’s Nest is a unique resort in Lonavla that offers a therapeutic retreat. With a magnificent view of the Maval Taluka Lake, well-kept garden space, an amphitheater and a stable, (read more) it ensures a natural and refreshing environment. You can live in luxury country apartments overlooking the lake, relax with an Ayurvedic spa session or run or cycle the walking paths. The farm fresh food dishes are worth it! This is one of the best detox and wellness centers you can find.

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Piccadilly is a boutique luxury resort at an affordable price. Cool enough to have your own little party, it has a cozy atmosphere that allows you to spend quality time with your acquaintances (read more) away from the commercial bustle. You can spend time on the grass, enjoy a nice swim, relax in the royal spaces and have a fun stay. The highlight is its own amusement park, which makes the rides suitable for children. You can embrace the child in you with water rides!

Staying on the top deck is like floating among the clouds. Situated on the highest peak of Lonavla, the USP of the exquisite resort is the nature of mother nature. Overlooking vast expanses of greenery (read more), one sees the towering peaks of Lonavla, carpeted with green carpets of rich vegetation and the iconic landmark of the hill station, the Rajmachi Fort. You can enjoy magnificent sunsets, enjoy jungle safaris and relax from your luxury room.

Offering you the ultimate holiday experience, this Lonavala resort is a beautiful getaway surrounded by panoramic views of the hills. The resort’s charm lies in the comfortable surroundings of its royal rooms with balconies (read more) where you can host your own little tea party. The open-air Glass Cafe comes alive at night with an old-school feel with chandelier lighting, another highlight of your stay at Avian.

A short distance from the markets of Lonavla, Strand Resort is close to the hustle and bustle but offers beautiful countryside views and experiences. Along with the hilly scenery, enjoy the local lifestyle in the hill station near (read more) the resort. The newly renovated space has an improved interior, prepared

Upper Deck Resort

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