Best Resorts In Hvar Croatia

Best Resorts In Hvar Croatia – The first thing you see when you arrive at Maslina, a new island on the Croatian island of Hvar, is the check-in desk. A large piece of rough white stone weighing 12 tons was cut. The hotel was built around the nearby island of Brac and was transported by private boat.

These words almost sound like a place that takes itself as a haven of mental comfort. Nothing is richer than that. Really organic and elemental, all natural materials, terracotta, glass, wood and local stone – and it looks great in the Adriatic Sea.

Best Resorts In Hvar Croatia

I like to use ‘comfort memory’, which ignores modernity, the definition of comfort, natural beauty when slowing down and appreciating time and place and what is actually a hidden part of health. It’s not a spa, but there are meditation or movement classes every morning, and the spa follows the Croatian tradition of using medicinal plants, most of which are grown in the hotel’s natural garden.

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Of course, if you’re just refreshing your mind and sanity on the water (or staying in a nice little hotel by the sea, as is often the case for me), there are many ways to do that. With a dedicated pebbly beach (which will have a small beach in the near future), there are hidden places to sit and litter nets between the rocks, facing the white sea of ​​Maslinica Bay.

Many of the 50 rooms also have sea views, and some have private pools. But the main pools are very welcoming, whether you go for a walk or a light lunch next to them. There are beautiful views of the sea between the hotel and the sea. (Yes, guests see them until they see a beautiful living room and I believe they start to set the mood).

The rooms also have very comfortable natural linens and towels, well-appointed kitchen utensils and private balconies. They’re less than 450 square feet (from the author’s cliché, “My apartment is bigger”) and have plenty of space for couples who want to enjoy Maslina’s romantic side. They grow up to five rooms, for families or groups of friends.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the olive tree is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. Of course, homemade oil is great. In addition, the cuisine is led by Michelin-star chef Gouloumès (Le Candille in Mougins, France) and artfully incorporates local and seasonal ingredients. Special dishes include sea bass with tomatoes, clams and gnocchi pasta and 28-hour marinated lamb with roasted carrots, peaches and cinnamon. It is not surprising that the Relais & Châteaux hotel met less than a year after its opening.

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The lunch menu at the pool is less complicated—a Caesar salad, a beef or tuna burger, a chicken roll—but still carefully prepared. (The local bar was closed when I visited.) Breakfast was delicious, with dishes like a maslina omelet with herbs, tomatoes and Hvar goat cheese, and scrambled eggs with Croatian black truffles and mascarpone. . .

The food is good and the dinner menu is enough to see you through a few nights at the hotel, but in nearby towns like Stari Grad and Jelsa, there are many typical restaurants, seafood and typical bistros called konoba, and you have to go out. (Incidentally, their style is also called maslina – unrelated – in the mountains above Jelsa, where the host family has snacks and barbecue, the hotel is warm, and the views are dreamy).

Also worth a visit is Stari Grad, a five-minute walk or beautiful coastal walk from Maslina. (Like Hvar Town, a long island crossing, especially if you’re interested in exploring the nightlife.) The town, whose name translates to “Old Town,” is one of the oldest in the world. The history, spanning 2,400 years, is marked by Greek, Roman, Venetian and other influences. International archaeologists are now working on small excavations across the city to uncover some of this history.

On the surface, there’s still a lot to see – so much so that it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many medieval designs and they are beautifully preserved. Box, a cobbled street, with restaurants, shops selling local products and a timeless Mediterranean exhibition, is Bougainvillea.

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The guide told me that Stari Grad is a great city for lovers. I asked why. There are only two stairs in the whole city, he replied, so it’s safe for those who have their heads in the clouds and don’t watch where they’re going. Podstine Hotel offers beautiful sea views and a romantic spa and is within walking distance. from the main port | Thanks to Hotel Podstine

From a wedding cake to a rustic stone house, these are the best hotels in Hvar – perfect for a culture trip.

Arguably Croatia’s most famous island – and certainly one of the most accessible, with ferries from Split and Dubrovnik – Hvar is loved for its clear waters and long beaches. Islanders tend to stay close to the beautiful neoclassical port, while the more adventurous jump on the couch and escape to olive groves and lavender, staying in glam hotels, bed and breakfasts or a glass of wine. Spa hotels are common along the coast.

Wedding cake in an ivory building, beneath an impressive mountain castle, Elizabeth Palace Hotel in the town of Hvar stands over the beautiful old harbor like a watchtower. Guests come here for the sea view, the edge decor, the high level and the feeling that everything works like clockwork, whether it’s a drink on the stone patio with vines, a meal on the balcony or a sunken chair. with light at Sodashi Spa.

The Top Faqs About Hvar

This rustic hotel is attached to Hvar’s Old Town hotel, its beautiful stone rooms and wooden ceilings are elegantly decorated in white, light and brown colors. The cavernous restaurant hosts guests serving fish soup and truffle pasta, while the private terraces have a relaxing atmosphere. Stop by the friendly receptionist at the guesthouse for recommendations on the port’s bars and authentic cafes.

A beautiful sea view and a beach club decorated with red sandals are the glamor factor of this boutique hotel in Hvar, a 25-minute drive from the main port. This is where you come to jump, drink local wine and eat on the water; The rooms are decorated in festive pastel colors with wall art, so the focus is on the sea view balconies and the view of the blue water to the south. Don’t miss the romantic spa where you can book private evenings with bowls of fruit and champagne.

A plastic building transformed this old school beach hotel into a modern hotel with a popular theme. Orson Welles and Sean Connery were here back in the day – now it’s Tom Cruise and Kevin Spacey. Without a pool or gym, the hotel’s large harbor and glamorous decor go hand-in-hand – pictures of Anita Ekberg and Brigitte Bardot line the room walls, and the rooftop is known as the ‘BB Club’.

Hvar’s best hotel, this luxurious four-star hotel is a gem. The upstairs bar, all with a beautiful garden terrace and panoramic view, is luxurious even by Hvar standards. As for the spa, expect Thai massages, mud and gentle ocean waves. Lavender is the color of choice for the rooms, a decorative accent to the area’s most popular flowering plant.

Hotel Amfora Hvar

From a 14th-century palace, the former home of the aristocratic Gazzar family, Villa Nora is the latest model to open in Hvar two years ago. Close to the great restaurants of Hvar town, the hotel couldn’t be better located – but many choose it for its historic atmosphere in addition to its modern decor. Here you can dine where the 16th century poet Marin Gazarović wrote his poems and relax after a long day at the beach and enjoy the modern day.

Stari Grad is located near Spalato in the heritage Villa Apollon, which once belonged to the famous Croatian archaeologist and historian Don Šime Lubi. Consisting of six private bathrooms, a wine bar and a restaurant, this converted villa exudes refined elegance and offers all the expected features such as air conditioning, wifi and cable TV. The decorative theme is reminiscent of the ancient Greeks, whose ancient settlements here gave the island of Hvar its name. Originally a popular sister restaurant, Apollo still maintains excellent cuisine, with an emphasis on quality Dalmatian cuisine.

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