Best Resorts In Cyprus For Families

Best Resorts In Cyprus For Families – Located in the Mediterranean between Europe and the Middle East, the Republic of Cyprus is a divided island. If you are considering visiting the island for the first time and know a little about its history over the past 50 years; Understandably, you may be a little nervous about where to stay in Cyprus. Don’t stay.

Visitors from both sides of the divide are welcome with open arms and hopefully by the end of this blog you will have created a compilation of the best places to stay in Cyprus that suit your unique needs for holidays.

Best Resorts In Cyprus For Families

In the south and east of the island you will find long sandy beaches, while in the north the beaches are rocky inlets and beaches.

Four Seasons Limassol, Cyprus For A 5 * Family Holiday

The island has two lower mountains; It has the Troodos Mountains to the south and the Kyrenia Range to the north.

Cyprus’s mild Mediterranean climate and fertile soil lends itself to vineyards, olive trees It provides ideal growing conditions for wheat fields and carob trees.

Watermelons in the valley. Filled with melons and Cypriot potatoes, the mountains are covered with pines and pines. reeds, It is covered with oak and cedar trees.

Since the late 1970s, Cyprus has become a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over Europe, particularly from Britain, and has a growing foreign community. So here’s our pick of the 12 most popular places to live in Cyprus.

The Best Hotels In Cyprus

Limassol or Lemesos as it is now known as the second largest city on the island is a popular tourist destination. It is also a hub for Cyprus’ growing participation in the world of international trade.

In addition to its five beautiful beaches, Limassol has fishing boats and local harbors; There is also a renovated old harbor area and a marina that has increased the number of charter and private yachts and cruise ships.

With a wide range of beaches and local attractions, Limassol is a great place for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach and explore the area.

The seafront is always a good place to start, and along the front you’ll find bars and restaurants, as well as plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available at special prices.

Family Hotels In Girne, Cyprus

At the end of your tannery, you can walk down the Molos Promenade to the Old Port and Limassol Marina.

Limassol is a beautiful mix of ancient and modern, bustling with locals and tourists visiting their resorts.

Shopping through a small window; For sightseeing and souvenir hunting, head to the Old Town and visit Limassol Castle. narrow streets, high-rise buildings and cafes; Several cafes and restaurants add to the cool atmosphere of the area.

For souvenirs and holiday souvenirs, head to Anexartisias Street or Ayios Andreas Street in the Old Town.

Adults Only Hotels

Another area with narrow streets. They are home to some of the most famous British brands such as Lidl and Debenhams or Cypriot brands such as Orphanidies and Sklavenitis. You can also find some American-style shopping malls outside the city.

To keep the kids entertained, there’s the Fasouri Watermania water park on the outskirts of the city and the zoo next to the city park.

In the evening, you can enjoy a quiet dinner with drinks on the rooftop restaurant or join the party crowd.

Limassol is quiet and peaceful, with karaoke bars and live music mostly located around the port/marina area. There is plenty to choose from with lots of busy and lively nightlife.

Star Hotel In Limassol, Cyprus

For those who love February and March, it’s Limassol Carnival time. September is the time for the Limassol Summer Festival, and for the oil rigs; October is the time for the popular Cyprus Rally.

Ancient temples, City tours to mosques and other places of interest are available throughout the year.

If you think Limassol is the best place to live in Cyprus. It has apartments and villas for yourself; There are many mid-range and all-inclusive hotels.

Located in the south of Cyprus, the busy and vibrant port city of Larnaca is the third largest city on the island and has Larnaca International Airport on its tip.

Cyprus Holidays: Enjoying The Island’s Mesmerising Mix Of Ancient And Modern… Without The Russians

Visitors can visit ancient temples, ancient temples, Ancient history can be found in mosques and old city sites, but it will be difficult to tell the old and the new.

It’s likely that Siberia’s traditional bar and restaurant industry will clash with the modern age. A mix of tall concrete hotels and apartments spread along the beach.

A town with two beaches, Finikoudes beach is centrally located and stretches 500 meters along the coast. Many beds and umbrellas; It’s safe for all ages, with great water sports and plenty of options in the shallows on shore.

There are many beach bars in the beach area, but the palm groves above the beach are full of shops, pubs, restaurants, Full of hotels and apartments.

Luxury Hotels In Paphos, Cyprus

Mackenzie Beach near the end of Larnaca Airport. A popular beach for young people, the usual beds and umbrellas; water sports, There are cycling schools and bars and restaurants.

In the evening, Local pubs and restaurants are busy with families and couples. Both beaches have European Blue Flags for hygiene.

Located in the city center away from the beach, St. Lazarus Square and St. The Church of Lazarus, built in 900 AD, is one of the island’s most important Byzantine monuments.

St. Lazarus takes his honor every year eight days before Easter. The church also has the Larnaca Church.

Where To Stay In Cyprus 2022 [for Couples, Families, Young & Which Month]

At the heart of the city is the medieval castle of Larnaca, built in the 12th century and used by the British as a prison and execution site until 1948.

If you love nature and bird watching, take a pencil trip to Larnaca Salt Lake and its collection of birds and other bird species.

While there, You can visit the Hala Sultan Teqe Mosque, which was revered by Greek and Turkish Cypriot Muslims and was built between 1760-1817.

If Larnaca sounds like your place to stay in Cyprus, it has hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, There are many types of accommodation, including budget restaurants and luxury hotels and villas.

Luxury Cyprus Holidays 2022/2023

Located on the southwest coast of Cyprus, Paphos is home to the island’s second largest international airport and is a popular holiday destination in Cyprus with visitors from all over Europe.

With the longest coastline of any region in Cyprus, Paphos has many small beaches to explore. Most carry the EU blue flag for cleanliness.

200 meters from the town of Vrisoudia; It is a 10-minute walk from the port. Another interesting beach is Petra tou Romiou, which can be said to be the beach visited by the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

If you want to escape the crowds, Police Beach is a quiet beach near the campground and the town of the same name. The commercial beaches of Coral Beach are a 10-minute walk from the north.

Columbia Beach Resort

Ancient history legends, It has everything for lovers of archeology and Paphos culture. The city has been the capital of Cyprus for over 600 years and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Points of interest include Paphos Archaeological Park, a collection of mausoleums and magnificent castles; It consists of five large Roman houses with several walled floors.

When you walk through the park, you will see Roman castles and markets. You will see the amazingly modern Paphos lighthouses.

The port is full of shops, coffee shops, coffee shops, There are plenty of bars and restaurants and you can de-stress with a cold drink under the hot Mediterranean sun.

Luxury Family Holidays Europe

In 2017, Paphos became the European Capital of Culture. Like the old towns across the island, they create their own unique atmosphere, and Paphos is no different.

Shops in high-traffic areas businesses, Full of Cypriot bars and restaurants, souvenirs for the family, You can spend a few relaxing hours looking for souvenirs and gifts.

Paphos is one of the best places to stay in Cyprus if you love the history and archeology of the Middle East, with hotels to suit every budget, inns and guesthouses. There is a wide selection of apartments and houses.

Only 12 km from the center of Paphos and still in Paphos, Coral Bay is a popular destination for 18-30 people and young families. Coral Beach is a Blue Flag; A long sandy beach and shallow water, close to most lodges.

Luxury & 5 Star Hotels In North Cyprus

There are several access points on the beach front, and the beach has day beds and umbrellas; Lifeguards in the summer; beach shops Equipped with restaurants and bars. It is also a good choice for water sports equipment.

Coralia Beach is a few hundred meters along the main road. Smaller beaches and rocks that resemble both coral and coral reefs can be very busy in the summer.


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