Best Resort In Croatia For Couples

Best Resort In Croatia For Couples – A few years ago I had the chance to visit Croatia during a trip to the Balkans. As soon as I entered this beautiful country, I was enchanted by its unique landscape and the hidden gems I discovered.

Rocky mountains and hills proudly protected the sea, creating a unique landscape. Traveling along the coast in Croatia, we come across many hidden beaches that are overlooked by tourists, as well as more famous beaches that are close to popular tourist attractions.

Best Resort In Croatia For Couples

In this article I will share with you the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. I will divide them into the following categories – famous beaches in Croatia, hidden beaches in Croatia and sandy beaches in Croatia. They are here!

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If you don’t mind crowds, you’ll love these places. Surrounded by amazing views and crystal clear water, these are the best beaches in Croatia.

These places are well known to tourists and can be quite crowded. But if you are a morning person, you can avoid the crowds. Wake up early in the morning and enjoy these beaches without hundreds of people around you.

I also recommend planning your holiday in Croatia outside the peak season (summer) if possible. Try to visit in early fall or late spring, when the temperatures are still perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but the crowds are gone.

When you think of Dubrovnik, the mind immediately goes to the picturesque city walls. But what if you could spend time on the beach with a beautiful view of the old town? Banje Beach is located a few minutes east of PločeGate and offers a unique combination of views while swimming or sunbathing!

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This distinctive feature makes it one of the most popular beaches in Croatia, combined with its small size makes it a popular destination. To make the most of your trip, visit during the shoulder season – the weather is still nice and the crowds are gone!

Zlatni Rat, located on the southern coast of Brac, one of the best islands in the country, is famous for its beautiful white pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is one of the most picturesque beaches in Croatia and a popular destination for tourists.

Called the Golden Horn because of its unique shape, this small strip of land flows into the legally protected surrounding sea, guaranteeing a clean environment and a unique tropical vacation. The beach is surrounded by a pine forest, which is divided into two parts by a sandy beach. Less than 2 km from Bol, easily accessible by car or 20 minutes walk to the beach.

Stiniva Beach on the Croatian island of Vis is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, unique and peaceful beaches I have ever seen! It has been named the best beach in Europe, and again for a reason, you see!

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Stiniva is a beautiful beach with white pebbles, lined with high stone rocks. Its inaccessibility is its selling point! The ideal and easiest way to reach Stiniva Beach is by boat (you can book your tour here). It is also accessible on foot, but the path is quite steep and demanding. Tourists and locals go to the beach in the summer. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to enjoy the uncrowded beach.

Brelais is a town in Croatia on the Makarska Riviera, known for its many beautiful beaches. The most famous beach is Punta Rata with its famous view of the Brela rock.

). FORBES magazine chose it as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Next to it is Podrace beach, my favorite, small and comfortable.

Although the area is known for its beautiful beaches, it’s not so crowded that you can’t lay down a towel, and there are always more hidden beaches just a few steps away. The nearest major city is Split, which is only 50 km away, making it an easy day trip.

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I cannot talk about the best beaches in Croatia without mentioning the famous beach Zrce. If you go partying, you know why this beach is the talk of the town. With many beach bars and music festivals, Zrce Beach is the place to be if you want to party.

This pebble beach was the highlight of my trip to Croatia. I hopped from one beach bar to another and had the time of my life! You can also rent jet skis here, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can even go bungee jumping. The island of Pag is full of unique places and is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia.

Join a day tour from Split to the amazing Pakleni Islands. These small islands have some of the cleanest beaches in Croatia, ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Be sure to bring your snorkel gear and check out the marine life!

If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend that you hire a private boat from Hvar and explore these beaches at your own pace. You will find some pretty amazing nudist beaches on Jerolim Island. If you prefer to wear a bathing suit, go to Carpe Diem Beach.

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Offering an amazing view, Makarska beach is one of the best beaches in Croatia. There are many beaches on the Makarska Riviera, but this is one of the most popular beaches loved by tourists from all over the world.

Located in Makarska, this beach is close to many restaurants, shops and hotels. The water is crystal clear, perfect for swimming and if you feel the sun is too harsh, you can rent a sunbed.

Croatia has many unique beaches along the coast and 1250 islands. You can find a beautiful beach near Vela Plaza Baška on the island of Krk. Vela Plaza aka Big Beach is a 1,800 meter long pebbly beach that has been used for tourism since 1908 and is Blue Flag certified, representing quality, safety and environment.

Here, along with swimming, you can rent stand-up paddleboards, umbrellas or sunbeds. There are also showers on the beach and if you get hungry you will find several bars and restaurants.

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Primosten is one of the most beautiful seaside towns to visit in Croatia. Located on the Adriatic coast between Trogir and Šibenik, Primosten has many beautiful beaches, of which Mala Raduča is undoubtedly the most beautiful and popular.

Most beaches in Croatia are pebbly, and Mala Raduja is no different, so you’ll need water shoes to protect your feet. The beach is absolutely stunning, with very gentle slopes and many places to rest under umbrellas that you can rent. As the beach is close to the gates of the old city, the beach offers a beautiful view of the city.

The best thing about Mala Raduka is that it is located on Primosten’s promenade, with easy access to cafes and restaurants. You can drive or take a bus here.

One of the unique Croatian beaches, Uvala Lapad beach is located very close to Dubrovnik. You can easily reach the city on foot or by bus. It is a beautiful beach with pebbles and sand that is very popular with both locals and tourists.

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You will find many restaurants, hotels and bars nearby. There are also showers and other beach facilities on the beach, which will make your life easier and the trip more pleasant. Uvala Lapad beach is also a popular place to watch the sunset, so don’t forget to keep your camera at home!

Don’t hesitate to go on a kayak tour while in Dubrovnik. Explore the old city walls and admire them from a unique perspective!

Hula Hula has been made famous by Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Prince Harry and is considered one of the 100 best beaches in the world. With its incredible atmosphere, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic and the backdrop of Hvar, this beach should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

Located on the island of Hvar, just 15 minutes from the port of Hvar, this beach is home to the famous Hula Hula Beach Bar. Here you will find sunbeds for rent (hint: make a reservation before your visit). The drinks are great, the food is delicious and the sunset perfect with clean and appropriate music.

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If you are looking for unusual beaches in Croatia, you are in the right place. These beaches are hidden gems on earth and you won’t have to worry about the crowds when you visit them.

They can be a little tricky to get to, but the views are worth it! Bring your bathing suit, snorkel gear and jump right into the water! These are the most beautiful hidden beaches in Croatia.

This amazing pebble beach is a short drive from Makarska. Nestled between high cliffs, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and Europe, and the good news is that Nugal Beach is not crowded.

You’ll have to climb a rocky path to get to it, but it’s worth the effort. You will be rewarded with crystal clear water that is perfect for swimming! The rest

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