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Best Psychic In San Francisco – Texas native Marcus Soriano started exploring the world of fine art photography a year and a half ago, but even before that, the 22-year-old creator produced three series of images collected from different cities in the United States. These pictures tell many different stories, but perhaps one more interesting than their name.

It was difficult for Marcus to shoot. He flew to San Francisco to shoot a series of photos and planned to spend only two days in the city. But after spending the first night exploring San Francisco nightlife with a group he met at the hotel and then spending the next day on the beach, he didn’t have much time left to work on his project.

Best Psychic In San Francisco

“When I finally got back to my room, I went out to take pictures – this one was taken a few blocks from the hotel at 3 in the morning,” Marcus admitted. “I was actually walking around the city, looking for a shot, but something went wrong with my glasses.”

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He took about 25 pictures of the wreckage before returning to the hotel to change his glasses. He also took a tripod, as it was midnight last night and he was running out of time to draw.

“I tend to make a thin triangle when I have a triangle, so I’m lazy when I’m shooting the handle,” Marks said. “I remember when I was stressed and tired, I got into trouble and wasted time.”

With the right tools in hand, Marcus wanders the streets until he comes across an intriguing sight – a neon sign glowing in the window of a second-floor apartment. Marcus took the picture from his camera.

“I love how the weather sign takes up all the windows. It’s clean — like San Francisco,” he said. “I remember cutting it so that the upper left corner of the yellow window and the upper right corner meet.

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This photo was taken using Marcus’ Nikon D7100 with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm lens, zoomed in all the way. The setting is set to ISO 800, f/1.8 aperture and 1/90 second.

“I rarely go over 100, unless I have a triple and no choice, but even then I never go over 800,” Marks said. “That’s where I draw the line.”

To enhance the image, Marcus used some of his own presets, adjusting white patches and highlights. These presets contain most of the usual post-processing steps, including detailing, lens adjustments and basic white balance adjustments.

“This preliminary plan is heavy on saturation and efficiency,” he added. “In the ‘before’ picture, you can see how dull the walls are and how lifeless the colors are, there are so many oranges and yellows hidden in them that when they are brought out, the whole atmosphere changes and the opportunity for a story.” Got it.”

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And, the pictures aren’t just a story – they accompany a poem he wrote in San Francisco. This poem, based on the visit of a fortune teller who tells him only what he wants to hear, is the origin of its title.

“I had the idea to go to the fortune teller and say, ‘No tricks, just say everything will happen,'” he said. “In the poem, I told the narrator of my doubts about becoming an artist and asking about the future.

I wanted to be like, ‘It’s not going to sound like heaven, but maybe this fortune teller will,’ story. I like that summary.”

Marcus’ Instagram feed is full of dramatic and provocative images featuring bright neon colors, such as this series from San Francisco. His work can also be seen on his website.

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