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Best Psychic In Houston – Tarot cards are part of the psychic’s arsenal. In a report by several local psychics, reporter Pete Holley found that some psychics put more effort into their readings than others.

A Houston lawyer who says she paid a psychic $3,200 after a woman allegedly failed her “love ritual” is suing in state district court.

Best Psychic In Houston

On December 16, Michael J. Busby Jr. of The Psychic Love Magic Center filed a lawsuit against Melena Thorne aka Christine Mitchell and other named defendants.

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According to the plaintiffs’ complaint, Busby visited Thorne on Dec. 4 for a $30 tarot reading.

After reading the petition, Thorne proposed a ritual to “unite husband and wife” and sold it to Busby for $500.

Part of the ritual involved the “chakras” or spiritual power centers in the body that required the use of special lights.

Busby paid Thorne $2,700 for the lamp, which was placed in a box. Thorne allegedly told Busby that he would empty the money and return it within four hours, along with dolls to represent a man and a woman.

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At five o’clock in the evening the box containing the money was given to Thorne. The complaint says Busby was returned 10 days later, rather than on Dec. 6, when the case was filed.

Thorne said through his mother-in-law, Sunny and Christine Nicholas, that no money was deposited into the box.

Busby’s petition says more than 100 people have been cheated out of their families or businesses in the past four years.

He claims the business in the 3700 block of Bellaire Avenue is not registered with the Secretary of State.

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The petition asks the court to reclassify the case, including any oral or written agreements made or entered into with the Texas defendants.

In a series of so-called “questions” attached to the petition, Busby asked Thorne to describe the family and “trace 150 generations where you inherited mental abilities.”

He also asked to identify the rating system used to rate as a five star psychic and if there is a five star rating.

Busby is seeking damages in excess of $1 million and a permanent injunction against the defendant. How many people can say that they will leave the party? Now your guests can! Book a psychic to offer readings at your event: birthdays, theme parties and all social gatherings. Choose your favorite retailers in the Houston, TX area.

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