Best Private Schools In Ottawa

Best Private Schools In Ottawa – Amelia Nugent at the campus day center, St. Michael [GL1] is a Grade 12 student at Collegiate College and counts basketball legend Steve Nash and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney as alumni. Chad Hipolito/The Globe and Mail

Finding the best private school for your child is like house hunting – sorting through many details to find the best option.

Best Private Schools In Ottawa

With over 1,700 private schools across Canada, where do you start your search? Teachers say the first rule is to focus on finding what’s best for your child.

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For Canadian Doug Nugent and his wife Becky Mortimer, who have lived in California for two decades, the search for a new private school for their son began after Amelia told her she was ready. Change at the end of the year. . Grade 10. He has been attending a private school in San Francisco since kindergarten.

Mr. Nugent, a business and technology management consultant, said he was excited about the idea of ​​graduating high school abroad while reading the newspaper from his father’s boarding school in Ontario.

Amelia Nugent speaks to her classmates at the Quad Campus in Victoria, B.C. Chad Hipolito/The Globe and Mail on September 14, 2020.

“My husband and I grew up in the Toronto area and thought Amelia should go to school in Ontario, but that’s a long way from [San Francisco]. So we started looking at [Canada’s] West Coast,” Mr. Nugent recalled by phone.

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After spending time at three schools in British Columbia, Amelia moved to St. Enrolled in 11th grade at Michael University School [GL1]. He is now 17, in his final year at a private school. In the year Founded in 1971 through the merger of two schools, the school counts basketball great Steve Nash and Alberta premier Jason Kenney among its alumni.

“At the end of the day, Amelia felt that every Michael belonged to him at St. … He was well-washed, very busy … and developed a lot of critical thinking [skills],” says Mr. Nugent.

Getting a feel for campus culture is a big part of figuring out if a school is right for a child, says Theo Salgado of Vervesmith Independent Education Consultants in Toronto.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, trips are often held infrequently, although schools carefully organize private trips.

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Mr. Salgado said that parents should also pay attention to how children learn, given that they are gifted with physical and emotional challenges.

“Sometimes families who are thinking about going to public or private school have a child with special needs and feel they are not getting the support they need in public school.”

She encourages families to list their priorities, such as location, cost, school environment, religion, teaching style, or a specific academic or athletic program.

To narrow down the choices, eliminate what doesn’t suit the child, says educational consultant Janyce Lastman, who founded the Tutoring Group in Toronto in 1979.

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Amelia, St. Chad Hipolito says he was successful with Michaels because he pushed him to be the best he could be and develop his strength

If you are looking at a co-educational or single-sex private school, there are a few things to consider. For example, if your daughter doesn’t do well socially, she may have trouble at an all-girls school, but boys who don’t like attention may not be good for sex, and gays, ma’am. . says Lassman.

Research shows that parents can choose single-sex schools.

“If a child excels in many areas, it doesn’t matter if it’s the same gender or mixed,” Ms. Lastman said.

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Choosing the right school is often based on what is found during the application process, which is often difficult in private schools.

For example, St. At Michael University, applicants submit a report card, references and comments. They also complete math and other tests, and parents and their children participate in interviews together and separately, said Kevin Meaney, the school’s admissions officer.

Amelia Nugent from St. Michael was successful because “he is committed to helping children, whoever they are, to be the best they can be and to develop their strengths,” his father says. “When I asked him what he likes most, he said that everyone there is supportive and if you screw up, it’s an opportunity to learn.”

When deciding on a school, Ms. Lastman says, “If you weigh all the factors and make a good choice, the best thing you can do is prepare for change. Don’t look back, look forward.

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What should I ask before enrolling my child in a private school? Ten questions experts encourage families to ask themselves, schools and others

Although this year’s special circumstances add a few questions to the list of things parents need to know before choosing a private or private school, there are many other factors to consider.

You should ask some important questions with Patty McDonald, Executive Director of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), the national accrediting organization for independent schools and an education consultant. Elaine Danson.

Others may want a school with higher academic standards or want to develop their child’s interests or talents, such as athletics, STEM, art, or others.

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Ms MacDonald said some parents want their children to face and grow socially and emotionally and become good people.

Ms. MacDonald advises families to start as early as the fall before the intended school year.

Some families choose to spend more time preparing their child, such as tutoring them, taking entrance exams or practicing for interviews.

According to CAIS, the average daily tuition fee in Canada in 2018-19 was about $21,000, with regional and individual variations. (Boarding school average: $52,000.) CAIS says mandatory fees are about $800.

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Ask prospective schools if fees include: application fees; Registration fees; after-school tutoring, childcare or extracurricular activities; your book technology; art, music, sports or science materials; uniform road trip; Bus or food. Funding may be available, so check with the school.

But Ms. Danson suggests that the upper limit is four. The application process can be difficult for your child and can cost upwards of $200 per application.

There is no right answer, because research has shown mixed results in favor of one or the other.

These often focus on traditional methods, providing strong academic preparation for university courses. Some may offer Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas that meet international standards and can give your child postsecondary credit.

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There are many different approaches, but they often focus on learning through questioning and inquiry, discovery and creativity. Examples include Montessori and Waldorf schools, especially in the early years.

If your child is comfortable taking traditional tests and being guided by a teacher in a formal setting, especially if they are doing well academically, you may want to consider a traditional school that offers AP or IB programs.

If your child chooses to study according to his or her interests rather than what his or her classmates are doing, or to follow a particular academic program, you may want to think about continuing school.

Private schools have a board that oversees the school’s mission and operations, while private schools may not. Ms. Danson said the permit would add another layer of oversight. If the school isn’t listed, ask why it’s not accepted and ask where you can go if you’re having trouble getting it resolved.

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When it comes to teachers, Ms. Danson said, she usually looks for majors taught by state-certified teachers.

In addition to the size of the group, there may be differences between employees. Ms. Macdonald, for example, said one school might have a staff of 20 classrooms to support the teacher, while another might have a classroom of 16 people and a teacher.

To find out if your child feels at home at school, ask what your ideal student looks like.

Find out what facilities and equipment are available, such as a gym, library, playground, music room or art studio, as well as educational and social and emotional supports.

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Ask about co-curricular programs, including what is offered, lunch and after-school programs, clubs, community service opportunities, and how often these occur and what they cost.

Ask how the school addresses social and behavioral problems such as bullying. Also ask how you handle a child who is not meeting academic expectations.

“Question yourself, you and your child’s ability to live independently,” says Ms. MacDonald. Anyone wondering if their child can handle homesickness should wait until 11th or 12th grade.

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