Best Private High Schools In Adelaide

Best Private High Schools In Adelaide – Adelaide is fortunate to have some independent, private and Catholic schools. Whether you are looking for all boys, all girls or students, you are sure to find a private school in Adelaide that suits your child – after all, where Sending your child to school is a big decision!

Some private schools in Adelaide offer classes from reception to year 12 (or some even from birth with an early learning center on site), some are primary schools only and some it’s only high school. You will find private schools in Adelaide that specialize in special education, have the best programs or can support your child through special education.

Best Private High Schools In Adelaide

Maybe you live in South Australia and want to send your child to a private school in Adelaide? We have too! Above all, everyone wants to send their children to a school where they will be supported, encouraged and supported in their education. See below for some of our private schools in Adelaide.

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As Adelaide’s only Catholic co-educational IB school from Reception to Year 12, we define success through academic excellence as well as every student’s confidence, breadth of the ability and participation in building their future.

In our nursery, students become knowledgeable, caring and compassionate lifelong learners. This is done by instilling strong beliefs and values ​​in order to make our students go up, reliable and social.

From Welcome to Year 5 we introduce learning inquiry through our IB First Years Programme, followed by Year 6 to Year 10 students studying our IB Middle Years Programme. It provides a strong academic foundation for all students.

In high school, early childhood education is good and gives students confidence and motivation to succeed, and students are also encouraged to discover, explore, play , create and express themselves.

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St Columba College SA is a joint Anglican and Catholic school at Andrews Farm known for its excellent academic results and focus on student wellbeing from Reception to Year 12 .

In the new year, the university has completed a new and renovated project under the leadership of President Ms. Leanne Carr.

To discover more, join them on a College tour. Booking is essential, please visit the website to secure your place:

Blackfriars is an independent Catholic school run by Dominican friars, committed to providing a quality education – academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual – that is unique to children in need. help.

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We develop young people who seek truth in life, walk with confidence and purpose and are inspired by the four pillars of Dominican life – Prayer, Education, Community and Services.

Our vision is to make a difference in the education of boys by providing a transformative, dynamic and impactful learning community that helps students engage with confidence and succeed as men of justice in a rapidly changing world. Blackfriars is a member of the International Student Council (IBSC), an international not-for-profit organization of single-sex schools dedicated to the education of students and the professional development of their teachers. As a member of IBSC, Blackfriars is committed to supporting students as they explore their values, build a foundation for responsible decision-making and explore their own means. Blackfriars encourages students to learn to build relationships, enjoy a variety of experiences and leave their home to find their place in the world.

Our popular monthly Headmaster’s tours are a great way to experience Blackfriars on a typical school day. In the summer we also offer the convenience of evening Principal Tours as well as morning tours.

Visit our website to get a quote on our next trip or to learn more about our unique approach to Dominican education.

Glenelg Primary School

Independence day and progression for students from ELC to Year 12. As one of Australia’s leading youth schools, we are committed to providing the best education for boys, with a special education and adapted to their special needs.

Quality teaching and learning outcomes are essential to a unique education at Prince Alfred College. We encourage learning through inquiry and research because we know children learn best by doing. Supporting our boys in their academic pursuits is a wide range of activities where we encourage each boy to find his passion.

Providing pastoral care in all aspects of school life is vital to our focus on educating and caring for all children. PAC is a welcoming home for all young men where they are encouraged to achieve their best as valued and respected members of our school.

It is said that every journey begins with a step. At Loreto College, that step is to develop young women and girls who are strong, passionate and confident.

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Loreto is a girls’ and boarding school in the south-east of Adelaide and supports students aged from Early Years to Year 12. The building The school’s belief in the importance of education honors Loreto’s 400-year-old world tradition of empowering girls and young people. women to develop positive qualities so that they can make a positive difference to their world. Research shows that the benefits of educating all girls include challenging gender stereotypes, improving leadership and building a confident voice. Loreto’s reputation for academic and athletic excellence attests to this achievement.

Book our September and October trips now and see how Loreto can give your daughter the start she deserves.

I am a mother of 2 daughters and also a 4 legged ratbag dog named Rudy. I work at home with my family balancing work/school with lots of beach time, walking, biking, skates, scooters and surfing. We love the outdoors. Our favorite places to stay in Adelaide are the Adelaide Hills and Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Your child’s school will shape his academic and social skills, and can also determine his overall health. Because every child has different learning needs and personalities, it is important to find a school that will prepare them for success. If you live in Adelaide, here are some of the best private schools for your children.

Pembroke School is a private school located in the Adelaide suburb of Kensington Park. The non-denominational school, which serves students from high school to year 12, is known for its broad and inclusive education. Offering South Australian International Baccalaureate and Certificate of Education routes to Year 12, students have the opportunity to participate in successful sporting opportunities, international speaking tours, school exchanges Aboriginal and outdoor education tours in Australia and overseas.

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Established over 127 years ago, Walford Anglican School for Girls provides private education for girls from pre-nursery to Year 12. The school is recognized for its consistently high academic achievements and leadership quality of student health, leadership and care. Girls have the opportunity to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, which include foreign language exchanges, sports competitions, theater productions and community service.

Prince Alfred’s College has been one of Adelaide’s leading youth institutions since it was founded in 1869. With an educational philosophy that supports every child’s learning, the school about learning through discovery and doing. With the support of pastoral care, Prince Alfred College offers many opportunities for co-curricular activities to encourage young people to learn new skills, to be competitive, to build relationships. connect and find their place in the world. With an area of ​​9.8 hectares, the main school on Kent Road provides education for boys from Early Years to Year 12.

Established in 1884, Wilderness School is Adelaide’s oldest private girls’ school. Providing education in a non-denominational environment for girls from pre-K to Year 12, The Wilderness School provides a strong environment for girls to pursue their passion, imagination thinking and creating a lifelong love of learning. With purpose built research laboratories, music facilities, an art gallery and a graduate center with a school library, fireplace, Year 12 community room and multimedia and production studio, students are given everything they need to succeed.

St Peter’s College is a private Anglican school and day school for boys in Adelaide. Since 1847, the school has provided education from pre-school to year 12 and focuses on the values ​​of truth, respect and service. The school’s famous alumni include an impressive list of Nobel Prize winners, Australian Prime Ministers and Rhodes Scholars. Located on 32 hectares of beautiful grounds, students have access to modern facilities, including seven ovals, a hockey pitch, 10 tennis courts and a sports center with the swimming pool and gymnasium. The school also has an outdoor school outside Adelaide.

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If you live outside of Adelaide, you may also be interested in our articles on the best private schools in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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