Best Preschools In Nashville

Best Preschools In Nashville – All of our preschool teachers have a four-year degree in early childhood education, elementary education, or a related field. Our teachers regularly prioritize the assessment of student growth and development in order to provide the best form of care. We are proud to receive the honor of national accreditation through the National Commission on Accreditation of Early Childhood Care and Education Programs (NAEYC).

Gardner School of Nashville promotes learning and development through a variety of enrichment programs your child can participate in. in recreational activities in our kindergarten.

Best Preschools In Nashville

Gardner School of Nashville is much more than a traditional preschool or kindergarten. Founded in 2005, this Nashville preschool prides itself on providing child and family care services in the music city. As a private, academically focused preschool specializing in early childhood education, we serve families who want the best for their children. Our school is conveniently located in the Century City Business Park on Elm Hill Pike and directly across from South College. At our Nashville preschool, we offer year-round educational programs for full-time and part-time child care for children ages six weeks to 5 years. In addition, we offer a full package of enrichment activities and our summer camp at Camp Gardner.

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The Gardner School extends its fun educational programs beyond the traditional school year to Camp Gardner. This 10-week program continues the academically focused lessons of the school year with a more relaxed summer camp environment. With creative weekly themes, humorous community visitors, and exciting outdoor activities, Camp Gardner provides our students with fun learning opportunities throughout the year. Learn more about the Camp Gardner + program

“Where Learning Begins.” Nowhere is this statement more evident than in our kindergarten program. Gardner School teachers are committed to connecting with your baby’s unique schedule and needs from an early age. A day full of warm and nurturing interaction, movement and play, our babies have every opportunity to grow and develop confidence in a safe learning environment. Learn more about the Baby Program +

Our Pre-K program focuses on the skills your child needs to prepare for Kindergarten. Our teachers prepare our students for the academic and environmental challenges they will face in kindergarten and beyond by tailoring their curriculum and lessons to the child’s needs, fostering meaningful learning experiences through play, and building a sense of responsibility, leadership, and independence through early learning. K years. Learn more about the Pre-K+ program

With a variety of fun learning centers, our preschool program focuses on developing cognitive activities through child-initiated cooperative play. Our teachers introduce these active and enthusiastic students to a more structured curriculum and new academic concepts in language, literacy, math and science. Through a consistent daily schedule, classroom roles, meals in the Kids’ Cafe and attentive enrichment activities, our three and four year olds develop a sense of confidence and independence. Learn more about the Preschool+ program

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Your baby is growing – what an exciting time! At The Gardner School, our early childhood education program is carefully designed to foster each child’s growing independence and growing sense of self-confidence while encouraging intellectual growth, exploration, and socialization in a safe environment. Learn more about the Early Childhood + program

With so many important physical, cognitive and social milestones to reach in such a short time, our preschool curriculum for two-year-olds encourages children to learn by exploring. Our teachers create a supportive and loving environment that fosters the independence and self-confidence of these newly independent and social learners. Learn more about the Twos+ program

Through a series of advanced computer courses that include fun and interactive games, children will stimulate all areas of the brain during this developmental period of their lives, when they learn at their best.

By encouraging each child as an individual, our preschool athletes gain the confidence and personal insight to develop a love of fitness that can last into adolescence and adulthood.

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BeSmart Computers helps students become more tech-savvy with colorful and fun computer programs like BeSmart Kids, an audio and math program that combines proven learning methods with modern computer technology.

Through a variety of dance styles and techniques, students can learn at their own pace, build confidence, practice spatial awareness and strength.

Through a variety of experiential learning methods, students are introduced to the fundamentals of music. In sheet music, composition and vocal lessons, students can gain knowledge about different musical styles, instruments and composers.

Soccer enrichment courses help students learn teamwork and spatial skills to practice soccer fundamentals with their classmates.

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I have always believed that educators have one of the most important jobs because they prepare children for the world of learning. The best thing I can do is help someone’s life by teaching them how to study effectively and enjoy it!

Just sitting and talking to the kids about their day or what they did over the weekend always gives me a good laugh.

There are two parts of the day that I absolutely love!!! The arrival in the morning is the part of the day when you see the children very excited to come to school and what they will experience when they walk through the door. Center time is always meaningful to listen to the game and learn from each other. Then the day ends with them looking just as excited as they share the day’s events with their parents.

We have a close relationship with each child in our care and their families. We see each child as a unique individual with many opportunities to learn. We have an environment where children and families from different cultures feel welcome and accepted.

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We provide children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, learn and express themselves.

Elements of learning are developed in the early stages of life, and education is a lifelong process. Here we lay a solid foundation for learning for our children.

Early education is very important! Preparation from early childhood will accompany these children for many years. As they are older students, they will always incorporate these skills into the learning process.

I graduated from MTSU with a degree in child development and family science and a minor in health and nutrition. After a few years, I gained a lot of professional experience in childcare. I decided to go back to school and get a second degree. I am a graduate of communication studies with a minor in psychology.

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My love is to help others. My education classes were always my favorite in school and needless to say I excelled in them.

Their honesty and giggles are absolutely infectious, and playing with them listening to them formulate the rules is sweet.

What do you like most about working with babies under 5? Their innocence and happiness are only the most precious things.

My camaraderie with my staff. I love getting to know everyone I work with and seeing all the fun personalities. As an assistant director, I sometimes have to take a break or two, and I love going into the babies’ rooms and loving on them.

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Staff and parents were very welcoming! I have worked in many schools and I have to say that the parents here were the nicest and most welcoming I have ever met!

Autumn festival. I loved getting to know the parents and seeing all the kids playing in each room. The festival was so special and I loved all the smiles I saw on the children’s faces. It was really warm.

My love for Christ and I will try to be better every day with him in mind. I also try to be a good role model for those around me both inside and outside of school.

To me, this means that the preschool years are the years when we get all our basic knowledge. It forms the basis of many social, interpersonal and life skills.

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Major! At this age, they are like a sponge! This is the time in their life when they absorb all the knowledge.

What would you say to new parents who are nervous about leaving their baby in care for the first time?

I want to tell them that it is completely normal to feel this way. It shows how much you love and care for the little one. But even though I was there for such a short time, I already saw a lot of love, care and laughter from both teachers and students. These teachers truly love their classroom and are passionate about teaching and caring for your children. These kids are in good hands! We invite everyone to stop by anytime. We also have an app

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