Best Poultry Equipment In The World

Best Poultry Equipment In The World – Southeast Asia’s Largest Poultry Factory Opens in Vietnam CP Foods has opened an export-only poultry production facility in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, government officials, CP Vietnam employees and company partners.

Best Poultry Equipment In The World

CPV Food Binh Phuoc complex consisting of feed hall, hatchery, farms, slaughterhouse and processing plant can produce and process up to 50 million chickens per year and 100 million chickens per year in the first phase (2019 – 2023). year of the second period, until 2023.

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CP Vietnam has invested $250 million in this project to raise Vietnam’s livestock standards, paving the way for the country to become a global food producer. Today the complex produces high quality poultry products for local consumption and export to other world markets, such as Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Montry Suvanposi, President of CP Vietnam, said the project aims to help Vietnam become a world-class poultry exporter. These efforts are in line with the government’s policy to seek to become a food producer with an internationally recognized standard.

He added that the products from this complex can be traced back to the raw material of origin, assuring consumers that the products are made from a sustainable chicken production chain with a high animal content.

The first line of the poultry complex is located in 6 districts of Binh Phuoc, including Dong Soai, Binh Long, Dong Phu, Chong Thanh, Hon Quan and Bu Dang. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) recognized these areas as the first “disease-free zones” in the country. Local farmers have also benefited from the project, which has created more than 3,000 jobs.

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“We bring our poultry farming expertise from Thailand along with the latest industrial technology to this complex in Binh Phuoc province. The project will produce high quality poultry products with sustainable and advanced a process that meets world-class standards and can be exported anywhere in the world,” he said.

© 2000 – 2022 – Global Ag Media. All rights reserved | No part of this site may be reproduced without permission. The HFrame Layer battery cage system can be 3–8 layers depending on the height of the customer’s chicken coop. The surface of the wire cage is hot-dip galvanized, the material of other parts is hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, strong construction and long service life. HFrame Layer Battery Cage System is ISO9001:2008 certified, with scientific design and efficient working process, as well as stable structure and careful installation maintenance. This system is very popular in indoor facilities for large poultry farms around the world.

FAQ: 1. Q: What products do you have? A: We offer all kinds of poultry farming equipment, such as chicken cages, automatic feeding and feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure removal system, control system temperature, etc. 2. Q: How many days will you deliver the products when I order? Answer: Depending on the required quantity, within 15 working days or 50 working days. 3. Q: How to install the cages when you get them? A: If you want to install the cage yourself, we will provide you with an installation manual. If you need a professional engineer, we will send you our engineer who can speak English fluently. 4.Q: Can you offer free sample? A: Yes, we can provide free sample to the customer to pay the shipping cost. 5. Q: Can you tell me the details of the cells? and how to get cells? Answer: Contact Jim for detailed answers.

Our goal is to make your farm easier and more efficient. You can visit our factory at any time.

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Hot Products in China Products in China Manufacturers/Suppliers China Wholesale Price Wholesale Sites Industry Sites Regional Channels Product Index Mobile Site When the Hooks Drove broiler farm near Ely, England was planned, the goal was to build the farm under in the flag ship. “It has to be the best in its class,” said owner Dominic Parker. Layout, automation and ventilation are designed with efficiency in mind. “This is our ticket to the future.”

Broiler production in the UK has increased in recent years. Old farms from the 1970s with 40-80,000 birds are still operating and many new operations are also coming online. In recent years, many farms with 300,000 to 500,000 chickens have been built, especially near processing plants, to preserve the so-called chicken mile, the distance between the farm and the slaughterhouse. Approximately 20 million birds are processed each week and Hooks Drove Poultry can meet some of this demand. A farm with 520,000 birds in 8 identical houses can run the CPU efficiently because it is built to be as efficient as possible. Owner Dominic Parker: “We operate on a contract basis where the processor covers all aspects of feed, daily chicks, trapping and veterinary services. This gives us the opportunity to concentrate as much as can be done in the processes that take place inside the farm. Making it as cheap as possible is the way forward.”

When you reach Hooks Drive, in the lowlands of East Anglia, the size of the farm is overwhelming. Almost the entire territory is occupied by 8 large birdhouses. Each of them is 21 meters wide and 104 meters long. One feature that sets them apart from most other British houses is the number of intake (28) and exhaust (22) pipes mounted on the roof. “This is an integral part of the Danish DACS ventilation system,” says Robin Spooner of BPS Poultry Equipment. From inception to design; ventilation, heating and automation must be efficient. Spooner: “Of the total economic investment, only 3-4% is made up of ventilation equipment. However, it covers most of the daily expenses. So it makes sense to buy the best and most efficient equipment available.”

Top 50 Poultry Farming Tips, Ideas, And Techniques

The 28 vents and 22 hoods create a “microclimate” at bird level with the ability to push fresh air into the flock instead of venting their heads.

However, it was not easy to convince the owner of the Parker farm. “Before investing in anything other than the basics, I want to make sure the system works on its own,” Parker said. He ventured around Europe and discovered that a similar system was operating in Romania. “I want to see heavy chickens in a hot climate. What I saw there really opened my eyes. Even in suboptimal rearing conditions, the system, which includes not only ventilation, but also heating and monitoring of all other critical parameters from CO2 and humidity to feeding and water consumption, produces really high quality broilers.

The central element of the DACS system is the so-called ACS computer interface. It controls climate, feed and water parameters with basic settings, but has the option to run farm-specific programs. The system displays all the data every minute and links it to “big data” on demand so the farm owner and manager can compare barns, cows and even other farms. Spooner: “So we can talk about our daily work. Animal husbandry and human intelligence are important, but they are backed up by hard data. “

Hooks Drove farm manager Jamie pays particular attention to relative humidity. This can be done through the Add-air system, which heats the outside air and dehumidifies it, from 91% outside to 64% inside that day.

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“This system allows us to keep the beds dry all the time. Which has a beneficial effect on the birds, prevents pododermatitis and burns on the heel joint. The dry beds can be sold profitably in a institution that works on biomass.” The main ventilation is done through roof vents and hoods. The special design of the crown of the inlets mixes outside air with hot air high in the house and thus saves energy. In very hot weather, the system can ventilate from the top, to the gaps between the birds, directing the air flow downwards, creating 20×20 meter climatic zones under each entrance. Spooner: “The system essentially eliminates the tunnel ventilation fans that only ventilate the birds. However, as a supplement, we installed two Magfans at the opposite end of the house. This gives us maximum ability in all circumstances.”

With feed, poultry and veterinary services contracted to the processor, all the difference is made on the farm. Parker: “We have an agreement with our processor to show all the results of our production, like all other farms. With our set of 56 farms we can compare our position. As said, started We have our farm with the main goal of being at the highest percentage. And since 2014, this facility has provided exactly what we set out to do.” The European Production Factor (EPF)

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