Best Pools In North Carolina

Best Pools In North Carolina – Take a splash at Skinny Dip Falls, Sliding Rock, or many other natural swimming pools in North Carolina. You are guaranteed to feel like a child again.

One of the few things that will make you feel like a kid again is a swimming pool. It usually doesn’t take much effort to get into a natural oasis, so these pools wash away all the troubles on a hot day.

Best Pools In North Carolina

There are dozens of these natural reservoirs in North Carolina. The most famous – Sliding Rock and Skinny Falls are often located at the foot of the mountain cascade. But there are hidden pools in our coastal and central areas that are refreshing to escape from.

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Choose a soul from several rentals near the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and follow the Deep Creek Trail for less than a mile, choosing to be relaxed and lazy or wild and elegant on your way. The upper whitewater section ends in a wide, deep swimming hole, while the lower, smoother section ends in a parking lot.

The Wilson Creek site serves as a drainage channel for the massive Grandfather Mountain; That alone should provide enough water. Add to that the rugged terrain at the foot of the Blue Mountains and there are numerous waterfalls, many ending in deep pools. One of the larger and more accessible pools is at Hunt-Fish Falls, 0.75 miles from Milepost FS 464. Even on the hottest days, this pool is cool on the surface – just dive in 3 or 4 feet. really for diving. Loose stone slabs with a good effect enable quick drying and heating.

The real joy of Sliding Rock is to stand in the spectator area where this smooth rock slide opens into a small pool and watch the cool swimmers marvel at it. He basically goes into a 7 foot deep pool with a smile and a toothy look on his face. Located on the upper reaches of the Davidson River (rent a tube and float a few miles down the river), it’s a must. Seasonal, hot water, lifeguard. There is a small entrance fee.

N.C. between the Blue Ridge Parkway. Highways 276 and 215 are dotted with waterfalls and pools, the most famous of which is Skinny Dip Falls. While the name may be part of the appeal, you won’t be disappointed after walking 20 minutes to find appropriately dressed swimmers. You’ll also meander through the southern Appalachian forests, stopping every now and then to form a trickling pond where you’ll find the Yellowstone Soul, a high mountain stream. This is another attempt at a checklist of natural swimming holes in North Carolina.

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Nowadays, the names of many swimming holes in North Carolina are creatively self-explanatory (and caution is advised). Butt Falls is a natural swimming pool that can be seen directly from the road and there is a parking lot nearby. The cobblestone-lined water flows from the Kullasaja River. After swimming, dry off on a hike to see Bridal Veil Falls, Dry Falls, or High Falls.

Maybe something like a tub or swim spa? There: Carolina Hemlocks Resort is located along the South Tow River and has a number of spectacular dive sites that flow from the Black Mountains. It is also the highest mountain range in the East, reaching 6,700 feet. Head to the Carolina Hemlocks Campground, home to more than 30 campsites, where you’ll find plenty of accommodations, as well as plenty of options.

You have to walk a mile to get to this hole, but it’s a nice walk through the high mountains and rocks of the area known as Yosemite of the East. It’s worth the payoff: Schoolhouse Falls is a spectacular water curtain that plunges 20 feet into a luxurious pool with a sandy beach at the end. You can appreciate the gentle slope facing the cold water. A low-level hike is possible behind the falls as the Tukasegee River flows.

In the Sunburst pool, drink cold water that flows from the mountains around the river. With two swimming pools – one beachy and shallow and the other 6-7 feet deep – everyone in the family can have fun here. Go out early in the morning or late in the day to swim when it’s less crowded.

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It’s a destination for residents of the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas when they want a short mountain getaway but don’t have time to drive. Although the park’s elevation is less than 3,000 feet, it is still 1,500 feet above the surrounding landscape. That elevation, along with the many rocky outcrops, gives this central air a Blue Ridge feel. In the middle of it all is a 12-acre lake with a beach, diving board and hot tub. They are as cold as the water in a lake, and thanks to the quality of the mountains, they are 10 degrees colder. Open in summer. There is an entrance fee.

Add snorkeling to your experience by booking open water swims in the natural open pits along the mountain’s white sand beaches. With fresh produce on site, beer and wine for purchase, lifeguards on duty and a restaurant with rope swings, Carrigan Farms is the whole package. Tip: Nearby SpringHill Suites and TownePlace Suites offer discounted nightly rates to outdoor swimming guests.

Yes, it’s technically a cement pond. The pool itself is modern, but the spa and surrounding structures were built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corporation as part of a works-in-progress management. The gray stone architecture makes the pool feel like a throwback to summer camp in the 1940s and 1950s, when swimming was the only way to beat the heat. Part of swimming at Mount Morrow is eternal joy.

Begin your visit to Jones Lake with a 4-mile hike around the lake, where you’ll experience a variety of topography, from pine savannas to Spanish moss-covered pond cypress and scrubby wetlands. Then enjoy a swim in the mysterious, tea-colored waters of the lagoon. The tannic water gives you an eerie underground feeling when you dive, but rest assured that it is the clearest water you will ever swim in; The 224-acre Carolina Bay Lake is fed by several springs. The white sand beach is perfect for sunset. Open in summer. There is an entrance fee.

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On a hot day, you dream of diving into a mountain lake and embracing the freezing cold. But you don’t have to go to the mountains to cool off—head to Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, an 11-acre man-made lake surrounded by sandy beaches and tall hardwood forests. an escape from the mountains, especially after work, by hiking the park’s 2+ miles of trails. It’s a great place for a family vacation from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Concession stands and hot tubs can seal the deal with desert aversions. There is an entrance fee.

At Pettigrew State Park, you can plan a full day of swimming in the clear waters of Lake Phelps. At the end of the dock, it’s easy to enjoy NC’s second largest natural lake with a dedicated swimming pool, water steps and benches for non-swimmers. Want to make a weekend of it? Set up camp in the park and stay a while. Besides swimming, other interests include boating, fishing, hiking, picnicking and bird watching.

Be careful and follow all instructions and warnings posted near waterfalls and pools. The rocks around these waters are often slippery and the currents are very strong. Take care, be safe and have fun. For more tips on how to connect with nature and help preserve our state’s natural beauty, visit Outdoor NC.

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