Best Plumbers In Peoria Az

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Carlin Shaffer was an expert in all aspects of his work. Upon arrival he was attentive and attentive to our concerns. He advised us on pricing and explained all options in detail. He did the work we agreed on at the price he quoted. And he has a great sense of humor too!

Best Plumbers In Peoria Az

I really liked the text messages that let me know when a group of plumbers were on their way. I also really appreciated Carlin’s knowledge and expertise and timely advice. Carlin listened to my concerns and answered all my questions with respect and honesty.

Peoria Az Plumbers

Joe is very professional and good at what he does. I had a guess and changed two accounts in less than 30 minutes. Much faster response time than when I called Plumber Guy. I will use this company for all my plumbing needs. thank you joe

Brian was professional, personable and knowledgeable. He replaced the shower cartridges in our 2 bathrooms which were difficult to operate and close. I was relieved that he was in and out in less than an hour and they were all brand new. He also gave us some tips on how we can better service our hot water heater. I highly recommend Guy and Brian of Plummer. Also, he was referred to me by 2 other neighbors who were very satisfied.

Brian showed up after another spoiler lied and scammed me out of $979.00. Brian was direct, honest and professional. He and his assistant are highly recommended.

The Plumber Guy team is second to none. They are punctual, knowledgeable and fair. They respond to all calls quickly and do a great job on time. Best Plumbers in the Valley!

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Carlin arrived on time, was polite, did my job as requested and was done on time. We couldn’t ask for more from the experts.

Not only did Brian do a great job, he had a great sense of humor, listened to us, explained and happy customers standing on the side of the road, calm and kind! Thanks Brian Waite.

I can’t be more clear today than last survey. I really trust you guys, knowing that any work that needs to be done will be done professionally on time and most importantly it will always be done as the job was done the first time. Vicky Bouchard 10/3/2020

Thanks to Brian from Plumber Guy, our problem was quickly resolved. Tree roots in underground pipes caused water to back up into our house. Brian responded within half an hour and resolved our issue. We appreciated his understanding of the situation, his humor, his response to all 500 of our questions, showing us the area covered by the camera and his excellent work. Thanks Brian. I highly recommend Plumber Boy.

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I was very impressed with how quickly they responded to my plumbing issue. Brian was professional and courteous with his work. He was able to diagnose what was going on and fix it. I highly recommend Plumber Boy.

Efficient, clean and fun. Ian and Carlin were great to work with, they involved me in every decision. But in the future he will buy more at prices. The price was too high.

Roman arrived on time, checked and explained that I had probably fixed the problem before he arrived. We didn’t get any results so I suggested you leave it alone. Very nice, stylish, very professional. I was just as happy as the last time I used a plumber’s boy

Be tested on time. Repairs were made before the technology arrived but were verified by experts. Roman Lopez played well.

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The experts are all on call and looking at the problems we have had in our home. Give us a good estimate so that we are ready to call you to solve your problems. Great to work with.

Carlin was our service technician…very professional, very knowledgeable, very clean and installed….easy to meet with company, get updates via email and recommended articles

Jeremy was patient in explaining all the parts involved in installing the humidifier and very friendly throughout. He came on schedule which was perfect for my work day schedule. You have done a great job

Alex M came to our house around one in the morning! A woman called from their office and asked if we would do it. It felt good to me! Well, Alex is here. We showed him our problem, a slow drip, probably from a sprinkler system repair. He told us that he did not make a sprinkler. He took pictures of the soil…it was slowly coming off keeping the soil moist in that area, even all summer, it just baked our yard! He didn’t say anything so I asked if we would pay him to come here. “I didn’t do anything, I blame you for it,” he says. We have used plumber boy many times. 1) They, most of the time, arrive about 15 minutes early, but there is always a phone call asking if it is ok. 2) They did a job for us that wasn’t as expensive as other quotes. So we don’t bother getting quotes from other plumbers. 3) Alex was the epitome of honesty! What’s not to like? They do an amazing job at a really good price. I recommend them all the time, for anything plumbing related! They are great people to have with me! Vicky Bouchard

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2 Wall mounted toilets (mostly in Sun City, AZ) need to be installed. Toilets are easily installed on the floor, with cheap wall installation and carpentry work. Derek put everything into it and did a great job. Plumber Guy has used it in the past and will use it in the future.

Jeremy was friendly, provided accurate information and a professional opinion. I admired his style and insight! He was very respectful of his time and my home and was able to provide a detailed quote and list of needs.

Jeremy is the best. From start to finish he explained every step and in what time we should do it. He was a good teacher and had a good sense of humor. The price was great!

From the initial assessment of our needs to the completion of the renovation, Jeremy covered all the bases from the materials needed to the time to install the dryer. He is above all a good teacher and the best part was the final payoff. He is a good boy with a funny mind.

Who Is The Best Plumber In The West Valley

Jeremy B. did a great job fixing our leak problem. He was great to talk to and very knowledgeable in solving our problem. I would highly recommend him and his company.

Technician Joe G replaced my water heater. He went above and beyond what was required of him. thank you

Carlin is “the only plumber” we will ever use! A true asset to this company and the plumbing industry!

PRV – Pressure Relief Valves … Today the health of our home has improved significantly with the installation of a PRV, with the water pressure approaching 100 it was only a matter of time before it dropped and all over the house. Found letters turned into explosions. Water hazard!!! With the pressure reduced we as our pipes breathed a sigh of relief!!! No more drips, no more messing with settings when they are and no more worrying when we’re gone!!! Carlin the plumber that came was professional, knowledgeable, licensed and friendly! The job was completed on time with no fuss and we couldn’t be happier with the service start to finish!!!

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Brian and James were a pleasure to work with. We were off the main line. They emerged after a while and saw where the water had come from. They arranged the letter in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend them.

Quick response. Excellent service. great price 100% satisfaction throughout the process. As a business owner, I can recommend Roman Lopez to anyone with plumbing problems.

Specifically, it was a shower valve replacement. It’s not easy, but the Plumber Boy “boys” have been at my house from time to time, they show professional style and work experience, and they wear masks. Thanks to everyone for the extra effort to make this update a success.

Carlin did a great job designing my bathroom. The job required three visits and was always as promised.

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I requested a free estimate to replace my hot water heater and they gave me an estimate that was $1100 more than the next highest estimate.

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