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Best Plastic Surgery In Colombia – Colombian TV host Jessica Cediel talks about her surgery history. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

“Mother, wife, daughter, citizen. Your life is more than beauty.” That was the message last month from Dilian Francisca Toro, governor of Valle del Cauca province in southern Colombia, which includes the city of Cali. He made his request in a televised address following the death of a young woman following routine plastic surgery.

Best Plastic Surgery In Colombia

On September 11, Miss Gladys Gallego Obando, 35 years old, was the ninth woman to die after cutting in the city this year, the newspaper El País Cali reported.

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As many Colombian women try to change their bodies, bull riders grow up, cutting corners and killing women. This is a really dark and flat page.

The Medplastic clinic where Gallego Obando underwent surgery has been closed by health authorities. A spokesman for the governor said during the inspection, a day after the violence, that health and safety procedures were not in place.

“Because life is our priority, we will continue to close all medical devices that do not meet (safety standards),” said Toro. “In addition, we will continue to promote the need for those seeking plastic surgery to find an accredited clinic.”

He led a campaign to make people aware of the dangers of illegal clinics given to expensive but risky businesses. The motto is “Don’t pay for your life and your beauty”.

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Julieth Gòngora moved from the small town of Mariquita to the city of Medellín to work in the beauty industry for a company producing natural hair products. “The pressure to look good leads to self-doubt,” he said, adding that people are prohibited from conforming to the ideal body image. Current stars of popular Colombian television shows;

The use of plastic surgery is known, but little is said about it. Jessica Cediel is a Colombian model and host of a singing talent show.

She has 3.6 million followers on Instagram and is one of the few who has struggled with her history and plastic surgery.

However, Gòngora said that it is not only TV shows that lead people to surgery, but also the financial power of the business. “Every time you go to a football game, there are ads for plastic surgery,” he said.

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Members of the immigrant community go to secret detention centers where doctors inject them with chemicals.

To change their appearance on small items, Colombians are turning to a more dangerous option, “car garages.” A few days before Gallego Obando died in the intensive care unit of the King David Clinic in Cali, two women died in Medellín.

Yaneth Tordecilla Vásquez, 31, is a lawyer in the city of Turbo. She received injections at a local beauty salon in mid-August to increase the size of her waist. Something went wrong and he got sick, and he died in Medellín on September 9, Hernán Rovira Moreno, Turbo’s health secretary, told El Colombiano. The investigation into her death is ongoing, and authorities are appealing for information about the clinic she visited.

Alba Yanet Zapata Sepúlveda, 50, arrived at a hospital in Antioquia, north of Medellin, at midnight complaining of severe pain. He spent 23 days in intensive care before dying. The medical secretary could not confirm whether it was liposuction or a tummy tuck. A lawyer for the clinic that performed the surgery said it met the accepted standards and was performed by a qualified surgeon.

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Since the beginning of 2016, 20 women have died after cosmetic procedures in Medellín, according to city council member Bernardo Alejandro Guerra Hoyos. The numbers are very high, but they do not reflect the number of people who have suffered but survived the violence. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Isaps) estimated that Colombia has the 11th highest demand for plastic surgery in the world, with half a million procedures performed in 2016.

There is currently no government agency on the number of cosmetic businesses in Colombia, let alone the number that has fallen.

Guerra Hoyos raised the issue of illegal surgery. He called for data collection to show the trend and criticized the health department for not stopping the company from selling the product. She also collected evidence and provided a platform for women who had survived the legal cosmetic industry to discuss their experiences.

Their stories reveal many public health disasters. Yuly Alexandra Pineda was the victim of the abuse, and the doctor gave her her car and machine in her damaged hospital. However, Guerra Hoyos said that these clinics benefit people from different backgrounds.

Dr Camilo Reyes

Journalist Lorena Beltrán launched the Safe Surgery Now (CirugíaSeguraYA) campaign last year, calling on the Colombian parliament to improve plastic surgery regulations in the country. An act recorded in 2014 inspired people to fight more against the use of jewelry. He sees two different problems in the business in Colombia: Although there is a visible threat from “car garages,” licensees can be in trouble.

. A doctor who carried out a “fast” plastic surgery course in Brazil told an Al Jazeera article last year that was taught in Portuguese.

Another doctor, who had attended a trauma course in Brazil, seriously injured Beltrán. Her breasts lost the taste, and her bowels were damaged by the surgery, so she could no longer nurse. His scars were featured on the front page of El Espectador in 2016 to highlight the dangers of the industry. She was reconstructed by a specialist surgeon and her scars disappeared.

These unethical doctors hurt not only women but also men and trans people. “Many times, because of their socioeconomic status, members of the trans community go to clean clinics, instead of people who are not doctors.

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Efforts to introduce the Safe Plastic Surgery Act stalled in 2016, but could soon become law. other regulations; A new bill requiring stricter training requirements for medical doctors has passed one of the four steps it needs to become law. There is another discussion in the parliament.

Until women like Gladys Gallego Obando die, activists will continue to fight for safe abortion. “Here, the problem is the lack of government, law and conference and monitoring of diseases,” said Beltrán. “Not for stupidity.” Kurt Hollander took to the streets of Cali to capture the physical evidence of plastic surgery’s impact on the city’s aesthetics and culture.

Colombia Cali, the capital of the state of Valle del Cauca, is home to hundreds of doctors. More people travel to Colombia for business, mostly to Cali, than anywhere else in the world, and with billions of dollars in annual revenue, the city is known as Colombia’s ‘Silicon Valley’. And foreigners are not the only ones who continue this business. Colombia ranks third in the world for the number of surgeries per capita, and women in Cali spend most of their income on drugs and procedures to change and build. again in their body.

Most women in Colombia, and especially in Cali, the third largest and most ethnically mixed city, have black or indigenous blood running through their veins. Although, TV shows, The images of women published in advertisements and on the pages of beauty magazines are high. thin, Appearance Usually fair-skinned and blonde women. The distance between real women and ideals of beauty is a business that collects millions every year by providing an opportunity for a serious cultural reform.

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In Kali, Almost all major hospitals offer plastic and cosmetic surgery, and most surgeries are covered by insurance. Refinement is a common trend among young women for their quinceañera parties, when their parents want them to have big hips. They are given new breasts or noses. Winning female contestants on reality shows and pageants are often awarded prizes that include surgical procedures offered by plastic surgery clinics. Famous actors, celebrities and creatives often stream their cuts live on social media, attracting a large audience. Model Andrea Valdiri gave her 7.3 million Instagram followers $20 tickets to see the surgery. The ticket site crashed after receiving more than 500,000 hits in the first 10 minutes.

“In Cali, top surgeons are considered sculptors, aesthetic experts who can beautify a woman with a special work.”

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